July 17, 2024

“We” is better than “I”

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson here…
When you learn this one communication skill you can literally double your results overnight. This one strategy can go a long way to annihilating your insecurities and give you a fresh hope for being the leader you want to be.

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“We” is better than “I”


Here at Daily Marketing Coach we teach you how to get going fast with a different approach to prospecting, recruiting and selling. It doesn’t have to take forever either.

If you get started on this page here I assure you that you will speak with me, and I will see you through the starting process. You’re never alone here at Daily Marketing Coach.

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About Curt Johnson

Curt is Renegade System Director of Coaching. He's helping people -every day- apply all the newest and fast changing internet tools to build their businesses.


  1. This is just fabulous! Makes complete sense. Easy lesson to hear, assimilate and then follow through on.

  2. Good Stuff, Coach

    Best Wishes, Always
    G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)
    256 430 8407 Central Time Zone

  3. makes good sense Curt thanks for sharing

  4. Love your enthusiasm, Coach Curt!

    Sweet little nugget of truth you talk about here. Thank you!

  5. Hi Curt,

    Amen! Grow a team. Grow a community. You can do so much but we can move mountains working together to benefit all. The difference is life-changing. I saw more of my potential grow by bringing some neat folks along for the ride 😉


  6. I needed to hear this today Curt. Thank you!

  7. I like this idea..Thanks!

  8. Great post, makes sense to get away from the ‘I” syndrome. I particularly liked the “battle ship” analogy


  9. There’s no “I” in “We”.


  10. This is a great video, I like the concept of “We” instead of “I”. We is so much powerful….

    Thank you

    Judith Boucher

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