April 21, 2024

How to Get Your Videos Online Faster and Avoid Frustration with this Simple Three Step Video Production Process

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In the first post in this video series, Ann took us through getting up the nerve to put ourselves “out there.”  Then Eric Walker wrote about how to prepare your ideas before getting in front of the Camera.

Now it’s my turn as the Renegade’s resident tech guy to add to this series.

Many of you are visual learners. So I’ve created this training video that walks you through a step by step description of the video production process. This will be especially helpful if it’s your first time making video, and posting it online. Watch it now.


The steps laid out in the video can be summarized in three short steps:

  1. Shooting of the Video (Production)
  2. Editting of the Video (Post Production)
  3. Sharing of the Video (Distribution)

Some of the software programs and tools mentioned in the video include:

The video production process can be a daunting task if it’s your first attempt. But with each additional video you make, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier.

What are your video production (and distribution) questions?

If you have any advice or want to share a video you’ve made, or have questions to ask, please do so in the comments below!


About Justin Gehring

Justin Gehring is the President of JR Computer Associates, Inc. and a Web Developer at 80/20 Marketing, Inc. He specializes in web application development with a single goal: making the complex seem simple.


  1. Hey Justin,

    You have always been my #1 Tech Coach for how long now? It must span a good eight years.

    You have always been the consummate teacher showing me patiently (it takes a bit with me) and intelligently (as only you can do) how to use technology.

    Honestly I’m going to go so far as to say I must even impress my own boys in this department as a result of all your coaching and mentoring.

    Here tonight I’m taking a series of videos one of my boys took on my camera and converting them to mp4s so that he can have them for his own use. Plus I can edit like nobody’s business.

    Much credit to you, Justin.

    I am super grateful not only to have your coding intelligence contributing to the entire web of all things “Ann Sieg” but also for your great teaching wisdom.

    Thanks for yet another great piece of tech training content.

    You’re the Master.


  2. Hey Justin,

    This was a nice intro for people who want to get into video.

    If I am not mistaken, the video above is actually hosted on YouTube, right? I would like to know what player you are using on this site here that opens the video in a new, larger pop-up. I would like to be able to list a series of videos with thumbnail images, and when the visitor selects a specific video to watch, it will open in a larger pop-up like this.


    Lane Romero-Reiss

  3. Thanks Justin! I will check it out. I’m curious what you’ve found to be drawbacks which made you decide to do a straight video embed on the page.

    My motivation for using the plugin is the sizing issue. There are times I want a smaller video window for posting purposes, but I don’t want to force the viewer to watch the video in a 50×50 window.

    • Hi Lane,

      For those times when you want to embed it as a 50×50 square, it’s PERFECT… The issue we’ve noticed though (and just haven’t had time to correct), is that high def videos don’t load into their high def player… So if you shoot widescreen HD video, the popup will still launch the standard old school youtube player… Where as, if we embed the video directly, we are able to make use of the HD player.

      Not always a huge deal, and it worked out find for this post, and one of our previous ones… And it would work great for little video clips in the sidebar, but we felt the ability to have the high definition content playback and not just the low resolution stuff was also important at times..

      The best part is though, we can choose which we want to use when we want to use it.

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