July 18, 2024

The Leaders’ Circle Challenge

 Inspiration is Great, but Implementation is What Will Pay the Bills

Nothing can take the place of action.

No amount of dreams or goals – by themselves – will ever get you to where you want to be. They are completely meaningless if you don’t take action.

As we all know there’s a big difference between telling people what they want to hear, and telling people what they need to hear.

There is a lot of information that’s being “dumbed-down.”

What do I mean by that?

If the book, membership site, ebook, or home study program you’ve got is any good, you’ll probably have more to act on than you can actually get done this week, this month, or possibly this year.

So here’s a little piece of advice.

You can’t do a whole project. But you can only do your next action on that project.

The next action is critical if you want to move forward on anything complex.

Implementation (execution) is a series of many, many little things. You mustn’t neglect little things because you’re looking for big results.

Bring yourself into the experience

Here is Your Opportunity to Get Into Action with The Leaders’ Circle

Watch this video to get detailed instructions about how to participate in our first Leaders’ Circle Challenge.


Quick Summary of The Leaders’ Circle Challenge

  • The “This is Me” video should be completed and posted no later than Saturday, February 5th.
  • 3-5 minute video that tells about Who you are.
  • Incorporate different scenes. Share your background and interests.
  • Integrate one key concept you learned from The Talent Code (if it applies, not a must).
  • When you’re finished, post your video to your Youtube channel first. Then you’ll be able to easily post it to both of these locations on Facebook: (1) The Leaders’ Circle and (2) Social Media Buzz with Video.
  • The main thing is to get out into the community, and show people who you are!
  • Why Participate with The Leaders’ Circle Challenge?

  • Use the content you create from this challenge as a quality piece of content for your blog and/or Facebook (or some other location i.e. a lead capture page). Either way, this will be a useful piece of content for you to use for your personal business.
  • This demonstrates community participation. It doesn’t matter what community you decide you’d like to be a part of, online or offline, you’re required to participate in order to gain exposure and recognition.
  • This is an opportunity to network. Building out a network is essential for any person/business.
  • You will receive rapid feedback, comments, support, insights from your peers and experts alike. This makes you better!
  • You will sharpen your competency to organize your thoughts deliver on communicating Who You Are. In the online world of  branding and marketing, there aren’t many skills more important.
  • Our Goals for The Leaders’ Circle Challenge

    If you want a more complete understanding of our intentions with The Leaders’ Circle, be sure to read How You Can Make Your Online Education Pay Off with The Leaders’ Circle. There are too many to make a list with, but I will name a top few.

  • We want to develop your talent. We want to get you into action.
  • We want to build more and more relationships which extend beyond building buying cycles (because we’re darn good at building buying cycles).  We feel more comes with relationships than what typically comes from a single sale. Our goal is two-fold: (1) build more relationships, and (2) deepen the relationships we already have.
  • We want to help you develop content with The Leaders’ Circle serving as a built-in critique mechanism which will help lead you toward new discoveries which you can expand upon to create more opportunities for yourself.
  • We want to kick-off and share this community with similar goal-minded people who support collaboration in a supportive environment.

    Communicate Your Leadership!

    Do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments area or at our Leaders’ Circle Facebook page. We’re here to serve you, and help you develop your leadership.

  • About Ann Sieg

    Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


    1. Here we go!

      This seems like a short deadline, with my parents here visiting from the States, but hey, I’m not complaining.

      It is a motivation to get it done.

      Thank you,

    2. So the title of this post really hit home with me! “Inspiration is Great, but Implementation is What Will Pay the Bills”

      I’ve been implementing like crazy but not making the income I want yet. I’m not expecting overnight miracles, but I’m ready for my work to be monetized more than it is right now. I’m fully aware that I will be compensated on the amount of value I bring to others and that’s been my focus for the last six months. I’m seeing small spurts of income coming in here and there, but nothing I would call significant and not enough to reach my goal of replacing my husband’s income.

      I know that I need to keep going and feedback will be helpful to know that I’m doing the right things and putting my emphasis in the right areas to make my goals happen.

      Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this group and for the challenge. I’m excited to see what everyone creates, and I’ll be starting my project today. :)

      Thank you Ann,


    3. Hi Ann,
      Okay, we are in! Look forward to composing an interesting video. It sounding like fun already just thinking about it!


    4. I’m in on this challenge! I would love to know one thing Ann, what is the Talent code and where can I find it to read it?

      Thanks for the fun, Kim Jensen

    5. Hi Martin,

      Actually you’re already well on your way with the video you just posted. You don’t have to make it all fancy dancy complicated. Some times simple is the best. We suggested 2 or 3 different scenes but it’s not necessary. Mostly it’s to speak from the heart who you are and what you’re about. You’re already great at that!

      Plus I love Heather’s suggestion. Why not incorporate your family while they’re there. I sure wish I could have my family in my video. But there up in the cold Northland for now.

      Heather, I’ll look forward to seeing your video. About the progress is that it does take time especially to replace another family member’s income, like your husband’s. My desire to retire my husband through MLM started in November of 2002. It wasn’t until September of 2006 that we formed 80/20 Marketing with our son Isaiah and that was the same month we convinced him to quit his job so he could come home and work with me.

      I have to say he is by no means “retired.” But definitely retired from the windshield repair business that was hurting his back. He now happily works from home with me. We work hard but love what we do as a family and with our 80/20 team.

      Heather, steady persistence over time developing one skill after another will pay off. I look at Didi who is an immigrant from Bulgaria. She has lived here I believe 5 years now. Her tenacity to stick with it and develop herself is paying off. But behind that was a lot of very hard work.

      You have all the makings to do the same. You’ve got grace, poise, excellent communication skills, persistence and a really great attitude. I see great things ahead for you!


    6. Looking forward to completing this challenge. What a great way to take action with a deadline looming. Excited to watch the videos and share with others who I am.


      • Hi Matt,

        Welcome to the Challenge. We’ll have more information for you very shortly to give you a leg up on this.

        Look forward to meeting you in video. It’ll be fun!


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