October 29, 2020

Salesmanship is the finest of all arts

I firmly believe sales is the transfer of energy. It is the total belief beyond 100% of a shadow of a doubt that what you have to offer will change people’s lives. If you don’t believe this then you shouldn’t be selling your product or service. But if you do truly believe (and know with […]

An Insider’s Look At Ann Sieg’s New Evergreen “Mini-Launch” System

Ann Sieg Professional

An Insider’s Look At Ann Sieg’s New Evergreen “Mini-Launch” System

Efficient Marketing Vs. Effective Marketing

Would you rather be efficient or effective? Here’s the difference between being an efficient network marketer versus being an effective network marketer.

Ann Sieg’s Merry Christmas Message 2011


Ann Sieg’s Merry Christmas Message 2011

Two Types Of Internet Network Marketers, Which Type Best Describes You?

Reflect on this, and post a comment with your thoughts. Which are you?

Ann Sieg’s Self-Empowered Business Model For Network Marketers

Ann Sieg describes the Self-Empowered business model for Network Marketers. Watch her video to learn how you can implement this model into your MLM.

Ann Sieg Answers, “What Would I Do If I Were Brand New To Online Marketing”

I was recently asked, “What would I do if I were coming online for the very first time ever?” and also… “What would I do if my upline were teaching a particular method that was working for he or she but it wasn’t the method that I was comfortable with i.e. the worn and tired method of pitching your deal to anyone and everyone?” I shot this quick video with my answers.

How To Become A Customer-Focused Network Marketer

This mindshift occurs when you stop thinking as much about your company, and think more about your prospect. This is what’s called becoming “customer-centric.” Think like your prospect. Because they’re not thinking about all of these features of your company. Watch this short video to learn what this looks like and how to get started.

Ann Sieg Answers, “Will Attraction Marketing Cause Trouble With My Upline?”

I’ve often been asked with regard to implementing attraction marketing, “But Ann, what about my upline? What about my company? I might get in trouble for this attraction marketing stuff… This might make me unpopular.” I beg to differ. Watch the video below to find out why.

Why Bother To Learn Attraction Marketing?

Why put so much effort into attraction marketing? After all, it IS a learned skill that can take awhile to grasp. Not only is it about results, it’s also about “emotional satisfaction.” When you do attraction marketing correctly, it helps to sift and sort the prospects for you via all of your marketing pieces. This […]

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