September 21, 2023

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I’ll never forget my first upline. We were at her kitchen table while she pointed to the rocks in her backyard. You lift up a hundred rocks until you get your “ACE” she said. The star player who’s going to blow it out of the water for you. Just keep hunting and pecking. That’s the mindset many of you are trained upon – go through 100 “no’s” to get a “yes”. Look … you don’t have to be the manual filter that lifts up the proverbial rocks until you get the “Ace.” There’s a more strategical way. Learn about it here

Is Getting Over the Initial Fear of Doing Online Video Worth the Effort?

Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg answers the question “Is Getting Over the Initial Fear of Doing Online Video Worth the Effort?” 2 minute video explains how the initial struggle is worth the effort because it helps you be a more effective communicator capable of telling people who you are.

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