July 17, 2024

Don’t Measure Your Social Media Success With Engagement and Comments, etc.

Here’s why:


In our social media/Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions at the social media platforms, follows along, reads your emails, follows your links, etc, but they don’t outwardly engage. They could be tracking with you every step of the way, listening intently, and NEVER give any indication that they’re there.

YOU, reading this now, YOU might be a lurker.

So, don’t measure your blog by the number of comments. We don’t.

It’s mostly noise that social media marketers are measuring their success by anyway.

You may never have one person commenting, and yet have dozens buying your products/services. That’s what is important.


Try To Understand The Psychology Of The Lurkers

There are two sides of the coin for everything…

Here’s what I mean… and I’ve seen this time and again. The lurkers purchase. They come out of the woodwork IF you give them a small group.

There two distinct groups of people.

Some never interact at all. And yet they buy. Other people interact, and buy as well.

Social media marketers tend to overlook these people, yet they’re VERY important to your business. These people are often your best customers for LIFE.

It’s a myth that you need to have an audience talk back to you. There is rarely a NEED for comments.

(There’s nothing wrong with comments and engagement either. I hope you understand the finer distinction I’m making).


What Is Most Important?

Make sure you give out valuable information, and do it consistently. 

Information that informs, empowers and/or moves your readers to do something.

The truest thing you can measure is not measured by number of comments, but on implementation and/or consumption. When a customer implements what you have to offer (whether it be a blog post or a product), that’s when you know you’re truly communicating.

Do it again and again on a consistent basis, and watch what happens.

True relationships are built on consumption and implementation not on endless “engagement noise” within the social media platforms.

Note: The best of the best, DO accomplish both, but both are NOT necessary.

Start with simply delivering your best, day in and day out. People are watching even if you don’t see them.


About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. HI Eric, thanks for the continuing grass roots info; I have followed you and Anne for 4 years now and often share your content on our SpunkeBusiness FB page.

  2. Whether you should measure through engagement/comments depends on your goal. If you have a communications goal to reach your audience, engagements is definitively an important factor for success. If it’s a business one, then yes of course sales is most important.


    a communications major 😉


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