April 25, 2024

One Slick Trick Professional Marketers Use That You Don’t

I have a simple question for you…

What are/were you the first to do?

But before we get to that, let’s try a simpler question:

Is it better to be the best business at something, or is it better to be the first business to do something?

How many times do you talk about the person who won silver or bronze? How about Gold?

The answer is simple… It’s better to be first.

When you are the first person do something, you inherently are the best person, the most qualified, the one attracting business – because no one else has done it. (Feel tricked at all?)

This simple fact can play a key role in making your marketing succesful.

People want to buy the best. And what is best, is normally what gets to the prospects mind first. If your first car was a Ford (and you had a good experience), you probably bought from Ford the rest of your life. In fact, you may even advocate that Ford is the best, even though you have never owned anything other than Ford.

So how can you use this in your marketing?

In network marketing, you are rarely the first person to sell the product.  It’s also highly unlikely that the product your selling is the first solution your prospect has ever seen for their problem.

If it is, you’re in luck, and odds are you will find that sale fairly easy to close because it was “exactly what they were looking for.”

But what do you do with everyone else?

When you put together your marketing, you want to position yourself to be first.

For example, let’s say your selling an Acai Berry health drink. If you simply market it as the best Acai Berry drink, you might find some success (but odds are, that’s how everyone else is marketing it as well, so if your customer is a browser, you’re just the same as everyone else).

But what if you change the marketing angle?

  • Could it be the first Acai Berry drink to come in a can? (Probably out of your control, but cool if you can say this).
  • The first Acai Berry drink to include iron? (Still out of your control, but again, very cool idea).
  • The first Acai Berry drink to include a custom diet plan tailored to the drinkers lifestyle… Now we’ve hit something. A unique add-on that is unique makes it a first.
  • Or how about the first Acai Berry provider in ______________ (insert city here). Can you make that statement for your local market? That could work too.

With a slight change in the marketing, you’ve created the imagery in your prospects mind that you are the first, best, and possibly only person to do this. And that creates attraction.

When you position yourself as the first, you have the ability to lead.

It really is a simple concept…

Nobody follows the second place guy (except maybe the third place guy).

Now that’s not to say that everyone who is first will find success. Being first can’t make up for a bad product or bad timing to the market. But if you go back and look at the history of some of the most successful companies, you’ll find that 99% of the time, it’s because they were the first ones to do something.

So what are you a leader of? What are you first at? Be sure to use that in your marketing, and if you want, share it in the comments below!

About Justin Gehring

Justin Gehring is the President of JR Computer Associates, Inc. and a Web Developer at 80/20 Marketing, Inc. He specializes in web application development with a single goal: making the complex seem simple.


  1. Justin,
    I like this concept.
    It’s a very simple twist to marketing and copywriting that can be applied by just about anyone. It just takes a little thinking on our part to come up with what it is they we are first at.

    I support this idea, and I agree that it is a great practice for marketing.

    I think it is important to think about wording and how to present it in a way that the target audience finds it respectable, and admirable.
    Sometimes putting ourselves up as “First” can sound arrogant and swag.
    We need to think about a way to present it, that leads the reader or listener on a journey, of respect and trust.

    I see that in your post. You are doing just that.

    Good stuff,


  1. […] market while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to use them.  And remember, the first one to do something in a prospects mind, is often the one that “wins” at the end of the […]

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