August 17, 2022

Why People Don’t Want What You’re Selling

So you’ve got this great product (or service) that would be just perfect to help someone with (fill in the problem). Your heart’s in the right place, but I’ve got news for you:

People Don’t Want What You’re lack of understanding clientSelling.

(What the heck! Did she just say that?)


Marketing isn’t about what you think people need, it’s about understanding what people really want and finding a way to deliver it…that’s where the magic happens.


How do you know what people really want?

Be a super sleuth like Sherlock Holmes! (Okay that was more fun that saying ‘do your market research’) Start by investigating online locations where people hangout…frequently… in relatively high numbers.

Take Facebook groups, for instance. Find one related to your topic and ask to join. Participate. Ask questions. Offer an opinion. Stimulate conversation. Observe. Learn.

There’s a reason hoards of people congregate on a particular website, blog, forum, or social media platform – there’s some sort of payoff or value they’re getting as a result. So what is it?

You’ll need to become the bug on the wall and find out what their currency is AND be thinking about how you can position yourself to do it better. You have to take it a step further than your typical competitors.


See, if you’re in the weight loss niche and you visit a forum where people are discussing losing weight, it would seem obvious that the payoff is finding reliable advice, tips and products (solutions) for losing weight.

Trouble is, most (if not all) of your run-of-the-mill competitors think that too. They’re pitching their product thinking that it’s the logical ‘helpful” thing to do. (If you’re doing that yourself, STOP!)

Your customer really doesn’t want what you’re selling. Nobody wants to have 12 bottles of The Ultimate Fat Melting Juice taking up space in their fridge. Would you?

Nobody wants to spend an hour a week for 6 weeks on the phone discussing skinny recipes and weight loss goals with you. Your product or service may do a fine job of helping them lose weight, but it’s a tool, a means to an end.

What they REALLY want is to feel normal. They want to be able to wear trendy clothes, to enjoy shopping for clothes, to be able to ride a bike, play with their kids and travel…all without feeling self-conscious about how they look.

Read between the lines. What they’re really after is a result – what that product or service CAN DO FOR THEM.  It’s all about a feeling, a state of mind…the payoff.

Ah – light bulb moment, right?


When you focus on why they want what they want, and you speak to that, you can put a wedge in between yourself and all the other guys. It requires some thought and a little finesse, but trust me, most of your competitors are not doing that.

Position yourself as anything but run-of-the-mill. Find a way to zero in on the end result they desire. Establish a connection with your market using words that make them feel, not by pitching your product.

If you go the extra step and really get to the heart of the matter, it will be obvious to your market that YOU are the one who ‘gets it’…you really understand them. And when you’re the obvious choice, it’s not much of a choice anymore!


To learn how you can communicate more effectively with your audience and become a better marketer, go here.

About Eryn McCormick

Eryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She's a woman on a mission to "inform, inspire and ignite" people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their own skills, talents and abilities to start an online business. Eryn believes learning and earning should be fun and works hard at helping her readers do so too! With her background in teaching and coaching, Eryn has a knack for breaking things down so they're less intimidating, simple to understand and easy to implement in your own business. Check out more from Eryn using the links below.


  1. Kim Brillon says:

    Loved the article Eryn, makes total sense, now time for me to turn into a “super sleuth” :-)

  2. I really enjoy the way your think and the way you write Eryn. It’s about walking in someone else’s moccasins. Make it a no-brainer to walk in your direction! :-)

  3. Hi Eryn,

    Thank you for posting this very interesting article.
    You know we’re in the Sales and Marketing Business regardless of the spin that we put on what we do.

    This week I was reading that according to a recent study in a typical Sales Presentation of 60 minutes, the Salesperson talked 80% of the time. Can you believe, for 48 minutes the Salesperson was running their mouth. How in the world can we help a person with a solution if we don’t even know what the problem is. The only way to determine that is to LISTEN. How can you listen if we’re running our mouth for 48 minutes. That’s a good question. Try learning anything if you’re talking. For me I’m adamant on becoming a better listener in 2014. People are hurting and want us to hear them.

    Have a good day,
    For me, any day is a great one, on the right side of the grass !
    I’d rather be Over The Hill than Under The Hill ;>) ;>)

    Best wishes, G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

  4. This really hit the nail on the head. I am the weight loss for mom niche so I absolutely appreciated your example :) I have so many ideas running through my head now on how to stand out in a very saturated niche!

    • Amber, glad it hit home. One thing to remember is that yes, lots of people are in the weightloss niche and have heard a lot of things…but they haven’t heard from YOU. Different people resonate with different people and there’s a group out there waiting to hear from your take on things. Good luck!

  5. al miranda says:

    I really loved your COMENT why people dont want what your salling you had to listend

  6. Hi Erin,

    this post is a wealth of information! I think the one reason many newbies and even those who have been in network marketing a while dive in and start pitching their business is because they haven’t been trained. Some don’t even want to be trained because they think they know what to do. Just like we have to have training during orientation for our “job”, it’s the same when you break into this wonderful world of network marketing. Patience is one of the keys and that’s another reason many NWMers start pitching right away, they aren’t being patient enough so they can listen and pick up on what the prospect is actually saying, their wants and needs. Getting the skills training (there’s plenty out here) and reading informative blogs such as yours, we’ll have better prepared NWMers in business.

  7. Brilliant Article Eryn, Struck home with my online business and endeavours. Thank you so much!

  8. Lots of people get into the internet marketing make money, that’s basically the thought pattern not with the deep intent of helping others, or a way to give back. As you said they have not been trained.

    • Agreed Ruthella –
      we all want to make money in our businesses, but there’s a right way and a wrong way. What Ann SIeg teaches using permission based (Attraction marketing) is hands down the best way.

  9. Excellent article Eryn. You really got to “the heart of the matter” about marketing. By following the advice you talk about in this article we won’t have to waste our time using unproductive sales pitching techniques. It’s about shifting our mindset from one of “pitching our deal” to “providing a solution” that our prospects are seeking.

    Thank you.

  10. You’re right on the money, Eryn. “People buy with emotion and justify with logic.” (Not sure who said that first but it’s spot on for most buyers.) If we don’t show how we relate to people’s feelings, then they’ll search for somebody else who does.

    You’re also wise to suggest that we speak to the BENEFITS rather than to the FEATURES of our offer. Yes, the features are important (first class seat on a first class airline would be nice), but it’s the destination that really matters (Aruba!).

    Glad to see your contribution to The Renegade Blog. We’re fortunate to have you!


  11. People really DON’T want what you are selling, UNLESS it will solve THIER problem/s. You may think you have the best widget in the world, but until you indentify your market and explain to your potential customers how YOUR widget WILL solve their problem/s (actual or perceived), you will not be successful.

  12. Great post Eryn, thank you so much :-)

  13. Good content!

  14. I really enjoyed this article. You’ve broken down the essence of keyword and niche market research into an easily understood form, very nice work!

  15. Eryn – Great article! You really hit the nail on the head! Help them see that what you offer will get them what they really want — those good ole benefits.

  16. I have a massage business that is faltering and I don’t know why. People say it’s the best massage ever, but they don’t come back. Even when I ask them when they would like to reschedule they put me off. What would be a great suggestion for me as I would love to see them back each month at least.
    Sincerely, Suzanne Burt

    • Thanks for sharing Suzanne. There are any number of reasons are person may or may not come back as a repeat customer…some not even under your control. You just never know what’s going on in someone’s life that factors into their decision to continue doing business with you. You can’t take it personal. That being said, you can focus on the things that you DO have the ability to control e.g.. price, quality of service, and relationship with your client. Loyal repeat customers typically come back when they perceive high value based on how they feel as a result of their experience relative to the price they paid for it. (In your case, massage service.) Your prices may or may not have much wiggle room to change, especially if they’re in line with your industry. I would concentrate more on what you can DO have the power to control, and that is to look for ways to extend and enhance the experience, for example any bonus offers, 2-for-1 specials or package deals. Look for ways to extend your reach beyond the physical session – for example on social media…in your email campaigns etc. ALl of these things fall under the marketing umbrella. If you’re not currently a member of Ann SIeg’s DMC, you really should consider it as an investment in your business. I feel confident that it’s an investment you would not regret and what you get in return will blow your mind. It could be just the thing to start your business in a new direction toward success! Best wishes!

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