May 25, 2024

Paul Haarman’s ‘The Shift Economy’ Radio Show with Ann Sieg as Special Guest

Paul Haarman has become a bit of a Renegade in the financial planning community and has a few arrows in his back to prove it. (Can I say I relate?)

Hopefully you already know who Paul Haarman is. If not, here’s a brief introduction…

Paul is one of the most uniquely successful entrepreneurs you’ll meet. He’s also an incredibly gifted leader.

Paul Haarman is the gentleman in the middle. Mike Dillard to his left. This picture is from our meet up last December in Austin, Texas.

He’s one of the featured trainers inside The Elevation Group and will be going in depth on some of the most amazing and empowering concepts I’ve ever heard, and that I believe you’ll ever hear if you choose to attend The Great Wealth Transfer Conference.

Paul teaches an amazing strategy called “Infinite Banking,” which is like taking the concepts of You Inc and personal branding that revolutionized the network marketing industry and applying it to your investing.

He teaches you how to BE the bank with what he calls the “Bank of You” and the “Family Empowered Bank.”

Anyway, Paul likes to tell it like it is, cut to the chase and give information that empowers people to make well informed educated decisions. That’s EXACTLY how I prefer to work with people as well.

‘The Shift Economy’ Show

Paul has a radio show called ‘The Shift Economy.’ This radio show discusses about how everything – from businesses, to communities, to families, to education – will be completely changed by the coming Wealth Transfer and the unraveling of the global currency system.

Today you can listen to ‘The Shift Economy’ radio show (see below).

Paul had me as a guest last Saturday.

We originally intended to do the Shift Economy radio show with Mike Dillard back in December. I flew to Austin to do that recording with Mike. But as bad luck would have it … there was a basketball game being aired that went into over time, and we didn’t never got to broadcast our show.

Then last Saturday… sure enough… same story. The basketball game being aired before we were to go on went into overtime again!

But not so long that we couldn’t pull off a 40 minute broadcast. And that’s what you have here today.

Be sure to listen to our 40 minute call and that way you’ll better understand the common thread between me, Mike and Paul.

As Mike said in the broadcast, The Elevation Group is about an Education Revolution.

That’s why I’ve also put together The Great Wealth Transfer Conference coming up April 9 & 10 and will be hosted in Austin, TX.

You’ll be hearing more about The Great Wealth Transfer Conference in the coming weeks. Today, I just wanted to give you access to my guest spot on Paul’s ‘The Shift Economy’ Show.

Mike Dillard smiling for the camera before The Shift Economy radio show was supposed to start.

I also wanted to introduce my friend Paul Haarman.

Paul (along with Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group) are providing financial education that NO ONE else is willing to give you.

Yes, I do mean that with all seriousness. Paul is telling all what the financial planners are refusing to tell you. And that’s because they’ve got their industry to protect.

He is 100% committed to the vision of The Elevation Group, and to bring this message to the masses and we’re helping him and Mike Dillard spread the word.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Interested in Learning More to Become Financially Educated Beyond What Your Financial Planner is Telling You?

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group is worth a look because it is wise to be prepared. The Elevation Group will prepare you to take what will inevitably be a major financial collapse, and profit from it. Learn more here

You can take part in the ultimate Elevation Group experience by attending our two day conference with Mike Dillard, Paul Haarman, Mark Hoverson and other leaders this April 9 & 10 in Austin, Texas. Learn more here

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