July 17, 2024

Negotiate A Deal With Yourself (part 5)

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You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

Before we get started, it might be helpful if you grabbed your calendar.

Today you learn how to negotiate a deal with yourself, and hold yourself accountable to it. This is not about instant gratification, but it has everything to do with dangling a carrot for yourself.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

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  1. Thank you for the EOD sessions. When I filled your survey this morning, little did I realized that the answers is in this EOD Sessions. It is applicable and helpful especially when I work alone in the office and the need to hold myself accountable for the given tasks. These short snippets are helpful especially when I am not able to spend longer training sessions. Thank you Ann, for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Maria!

      Glad you liked the information. I find I get so much more done when I plan my work and work my plan.

      Keep me posted on your progress!


  2. The past 12 months have been very challenging financially – have had too many chuck holes to avoid in our path. Today hit the biggest chuck hole ever! Geez! When does it stop? Anyway, I appreciated this video topic because can’t afford to waste time in victim-mode. Using the strategy you just laid out on the video could really help create a smoother path or even blaze a new trail. Much appreciated!

    • You’re very welcome, Eryn.

      Pot holes are a given. It’s preparation and consistency that helps us pop right out of them.

      Keep me posted on your progress!


  3. I love to negotiate. I hadn’t thought about the fact that I should actively negotiate with myself. Love this idea!

  4. The tension with entrepreneurs comes from being both boss and employee – it can be a tough balancing act! But negotiating with yourself is a powerful tool for accomplishing things when our accountability isn’t tied to an “outside force”.

    I practice this concept often, and it keeps me going! Thanks, Ann.

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