July 17, 2024

DMC Star of the Week – Myron Haluschak

Myron Haluschak is a seasoned military flight instructor, and an engineer with a major manufacturer in the USA. He’s also our Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) star of the week. 
myron haluschak

Here’s What – In Particular – Attracted Myron To DMC

What brought Myron to the Daily Marketing Coach was the fact that all the way from the age of 16 he’s been a procedure and standard operating systems type of person. We call it “SOP” around the water cooler among my 80/20 Marketing Team. Myron had found that THAT was a consistent weak link of the other Internet marketing trainers, personalities and gurus out there. They just didn’t have a strategic approach to what they do and teach to do online. But DMC did, and that was the first reason he decided to stick around with DMC and then some.

Watch Myron’s DMC “Star of the Week” interview to hear the rest


    Here are just some of the things you’ll hear Myron talk about:

  • Myron draws attention to Ann’s (and team and community) ethics, principles and values. As other gurus and Internet personalities dropped off, there was always Ann = rock solid.

  • Listen to Myron describe why he needed a very comprehensive system in place that taught marketing and a specific marketing strategy in a linear way that was easy to follow especially for beginners without a shred of marketing experience.

  • Why Myron bookends his day with logging into the Daily Marketing Coach and how that daily regimen has been beneficial to his progress.

  • The results that Myron has achieved and accomplished in his life and business as a result of DMC’s training and community.


Something Poignant That Myron Addresses Around Minute 11…

Myron learned the hard way.

In the years before Myron took the challenge of getting into and applying the lessons of Daily Marketing Coach, he admittedly was spending incoherently without any direction.

This is one thing Myron really wants to caution new people against. He says, (and I paraphrase):

Be careful how you let your guru who you are following … how you let them define the way they teach, lead, and mentor you because in itself those are three separate and unique mindsets.

What Myron found with the Daily Marketing Coach is that we’ve taken the teaching mindset; the mentoring mindset and the leadership mindset, and combined it all into one powerful community, a virtual hot bed of rising stars and leaders.

…And Myron is well on his way too!

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  1. Very Good interview, Ann and Myron. Thanks
    Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

  2. Love your direction Myron! I see big things ahed for you. :-)

  3. This is a great eye opener for those just starting out in this online marketing arena. Way too many shiny objects out there tempting folks to just keep buying and not implementing!

    Good for you Myron! Congrats. on your success!

    And I don’t believe I’ve seen or heard a bad word about Ann Sieg. It’s great to have such a wonderful reputation in such a tough market.

    All the best to you both. Thanks for sharing this great interview.

  4. Myron,

    Thanks for sharing your journey! I love how you are able to take the teachings and trainings within DMC and apply to your traditional “job” as well as your online business. You are truly an inspiration!

    Warmly, Sue

  5. Gerry Nannen says:

    Tremendous interview. Myron spoke from the heart and Ann asked the right questions to draw out the raw and powerful endorsement of DMC. All new and veteran associates should immerse themselves in this brief interview and the system that is endorsed. Now I need to do the same. Thanks for your candor!! See you in Las Vegas!

  6. Very powerful interview Myron. Thank you Ann and Myron for this. Inspiring!

  7. I know that the personal commitment to growth, accountability and being systematic in your approach to your business and life Myron is earmarking you for success.

    As always, over the years of our friendship…I deeply value who you are as a person, peer and friend.

    Believing in every success for you.

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