August 16, 2022

Coach Curt’s Comments: The MLMer’s 4 Letter Word

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson here…

Here’s the #1 key to success in network marketing that is rarely emphasized in the industry.

The vast majority of us were first drawn to this industry because it was presented to us as something anyone could do – easily – in a part time way getting started.

Depending on how quick a learner you are, you discovered that it takes more than a few days, weeks, months, or years. It takes a significant amount of WORK to make money in this industry.

WORK! is that four letter word.

This is net-WORK-ing. It is NOT?

And yet, it’s the following activities that dominant most people’s business. Are you guilty of any of these things:

  • Net-WAIT-ing,
  • net-WANT-ing,
  • net-WISH-ing,
  • net-WATCH-ing,
  • net-WILL-ing,
  • and especially net-WHINE-ing.

If you want to go to WORK as a net-WORK-er, than like any other labor, you must do it with gusto. You must get really good at what you do. Sure, the competition can be fierce just like any industry, but the pay off in MLM is almost always better.

Here Are This Week’s “Coach Curt’s Comments.” Listen Below.


What To Do Next

Obviously, get to work.

But work smart.

That’s why I recommend Ann’s free Attraction Marketing primer book called The Attraction Marketers Manifesto.

It’s a definitive guide to rapidly growing and/or protecting an MLM organization. It will teach you how to buil “YOU” and become an instant leader in your company. Plus over 133 ideas about how to attract endless prospects that are pre-sold and eager to talk with you about your business.

With this free ebook, you can go anywhere, join any company and become successful (with the appropriate amount of work to back up the concepts that you will learn).

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About Curt Johnson

Curt is Renegade System Director of Coaching. He's helping people -every day- apply all the newest and fast changing internet tools to build their businesses.


  1. Curt is great to work with. He doesn’t pull any punches…he tells it like it is and that is exactly what we all need to hear.

    He has helped me tremendously in moving my business forward. We are all blessed to have Coach Curt as the Director of Coaching!

    ~ Marsha

  2. Thanks Curt for your enthusiasm, honesty, and being a great example as a #1 Net WORKER!

    It has been my privilege to be “learning to know you” first hand at RAW 4 and look forward to all you offer and share.

  3. I literally had a BIG, BIG, BIG smile in my face while reading this Coach Curt!

  4. Curt totally tells it like it is. This is very timely. I’m including it in a book I’m writing right now!

  5. Excellent post Curt, great stuff to share with my fellow net-W-ing Swedes. I’ve met all the W’s! 😉

  6. Rick Canale says:

    There is nothing closer to the truth then what Curt johnson wrote with complete, absolute honesty.

    It is refreshing to see that truth over hype is emerging in the business. Working is what makes our lives productive and this country strong.

    It really is just a matter of doing it the hard way (old fashion, traditional tactics and strategies alone) or use a smarter, more leveraged method to make it more simple.

  7. THe Call last Thursday with curt and Hale was out of sight. I really appreciate both of you., I’m reading Ann’s two books, The Rebnegade Network Marketer and Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, as we speak. Outstanding.
    Best wishes,
    G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

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