April 21, 2024

Your Network Marketing Transformation (Part 2)

continued from Your Network Marketing Transformation (Part 1)

Here is the second puzzle piece as it relates to totally transforming your network marketing business.

The common list of low-budget business building activities that most network marketers seem to gravitate towards in this industry are:

  • Buying opportunity leads
  • Posting in forums or pasting links at social networks like Facebook
  • Cold calling genealogy lists
  • Handing out business cards
  • Hosting meetings

Still think you need to do those things to make your business grow?

When most people join a network marketing business they’re told to do any one or combination of the above low-budget business building activities.

What you’ll learn today will show you a way to break free from these grueling, low leveraged activities.

Welcome to the new era of network marketing using the Internet.


First Let’s Review (and Reiterate) A Few Important Lessons We’ve Already Discussed In This Series

In an earlier lesson in this series, I shared that the easiest way to get someone to opt into your capture page was to offer them quality information. Information that will help them build their business. Not necessarily info about your MLM products or your business opportunity. Don’t try to sell your amazing product right away. Don’t try to pitch your biz opp right away either.

Your main goal is to solve the problems of others.

If you offer a specific solution to others’ problems in the form of information, they will be more than happy to exchange their contact information for what you offer.

The main psychology behind this is simple. You’re not trying to “sell” them. People HATE to be sold. So if you’re offering a solution to their problem, they don’t inherently take a defensive stance and tune you out.

Why This Works

The great thing about providing an informational solution is that you gain your prospects trust. Everyone knows that people buy from people they know, like and trust. Also, by providing useful information your prospect will view you as the expert giving you even more credibility.

So to recap…

You should now understand the importance of offering free information on a capture page. This is a means for gaining permission to deliver on the information you promised, create a relationship that positions you as an expert.
When you follow this format, one of two things, or both, happen:

  1. The lead purchases a low ticket information product, system or tool from you that will help them build their business, and/or
  2. The lead joins you in your primary business opportunity.


What Type Of Information Should You Offer Your Target Market

Consider what your target market is looking for.

If you’re targeting the network marketing crowd they’re probably looking for ways to build their downline, training, new lead generation strategies, social media tactics, etc.

Once you figure out what your target market craves, feed them. You must feed them with valuable information that solves their problems. I know this sounds so simplistic, and almost easy, and it IS once you understand the concepts and apply it.

Need more help on defining your target market? 
See this Target Market tutorial here.
Let’s talk about how this fits into your business right now.

To start, offer your prospects FREE information and get them to come to you.

You may be wondering what your prospects are really looking for. Well that is easy, give them information on how to successfully build their network marketing business (if you’re targeting people who want to build a network marketing business with other business builders).

You might be saying,
I’m new. I don’t even know –myself- how to build a successful business.

You have two options:

One, get educated.

I’m going to be blunt. If you want to succeed in this industry you’re going to have to start learning. If you’re ever going to become the leader that you know you are then you’ll need to learn new skills.

Two, leverage someone else’s information as you learn for yourself.   There are plenty of marketing systems you can tap into and leverage. We offer The Renegade System.

Let’s Discuss What This Looks Like For Your Product Customers

You should be able to grasp the following fairly easily because this is similar to your providing information for business opportunity seekers.

I’m going to use nutritional products as my example because I’m a big health nut.

Let’s say you’re selling a product aimed to help people lose weight. The thing to keep in mind is that people are searching for solutions. So give them one.

Provide a free reported called (example)
10 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Even If You’ve Tried Pills, Exercise and Dieting Before!

Now what you’ll do is “promote” the free report.

On the capture page (see this great capture pages tutorial) explain the BENEFITS the report will have for your prospect.

Once they read the report (which is free), do you think they’ll trust you as an expert on the subject if the information was extremely valuable and useful?

Of course they will. Now keep following up with them using your autoresponder follow up series.

The beauty is they will trust you more than the next guy that just tried to sell them for a quick score. Not only have you developed a customer, you’ve developed a customer who views you as the expert. This customer will probably be with you for a long time if you continue to provide value.

Not Buying It? Rather Pick Off One Prospect At A Time?

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