June 14, 2024

Give Me 2 Minutes at Office Max and I’ll Give You this 7 Figure Lesson About Marketing to Women

What do major retailers know about increasing profits that you don’t?

I’m talking about big companies like Ford, Mercedes Benz, Allstate Insurance, Whole Foods and Office Max.

What they all know and understand is something I figured out a little over a year ago when I dug into some deep market research.

It should have been an obvious fact but until I saw the numbers I didn’t realize just how big an impact this is having not only on the culture but especially my profits.

Knowing this kind of information and then catering to the needs of this particular audience can boost your profits big time.

Discover How a Simple Personal Shopping Excursion to Office Max Turned Out to Be a Reaffirming Lesson on What the Major Retailers are Doing to Capitalize from this Huge Market Shift.

Be sure to turn up your volume.

Now Here’s What You Need to Know in Order to Begin Tapping into this Super Profitable Market Shift

By the way — when you are aware of how to market to women … even if you sell male orientated products … you capture all the other buyers by default. I can’t say this formula would work the other way around. No matter how small or large you accommodate this shift into your marketing, your profits will go up.

The Ten Top Rules to Remember About Women Consumers
(source Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan)

  1. Women buy or influence the purchases of most consumer products.
  2. Gender is the most powerful determinant of how a person views the world and everything in it. It’s more powerful than age, income, race, or geography.
  3. Women’s brain structures and hormone levels are different from men’s and women are raised in an unseen gender culture that shapes their priorities and world views in ways that can be imperceptible to men.
  4. Female culture should be studied with the same focus that entering a foreign market requires. Mastering female culture is the key to success for companies that depend on women consumers.
  5. The person who makes a sales transaction isn’t necessarily the decision maker. Even if the woman of the house does not earn a paycheck, she likely determines her household’s expenditures.
  6. Pink is not a strategy.
  7. If women make up a significant portion of your customer base, they should be represented proportionately on your management team.
  8. There are five important trends driving the world/s female population that should be considered when making long-term planning decisions for your business.
  9. Women around the world are more similar than they are different.
  10. When you please women, you tend to make your male customers happier too.

Are you seeing this big consumer shift?

The thing is it’s not going away. It’s only going to get bigger.

Learn more about how to increase your business profits by understanding how women make buying decisions .

Study my Big Shift Marketing series of videos on Facebook for much more depth on this topic:

I’d especially like it if you left a comment or two along the way. It helps me know how I can better serve you.

To Your Success,

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. I love this blog Ann! Thank you :)

  2. Ann
    Awesome, awesome post!
    Funny thing is I was glancing through some magazines at local bookstore, cannot help noticing it is pretty much “female-driven” marketing. Needless to say the “special-offer” close to the cash registers are the products (pretty small note pads with initials on in flora patterns, or recipe gift-books..etc.) I recalled your “big shift” video series listed above are GOLD! In fact, more precious than gold, because it is full of wisdom! Almost all industries, especially service and luxury brands, if you can serve well your female customers, you are set to go. I said this out of experience working in my former luxury hotel-brands. The marketing pieces in Spa, in Special Occasions Dinning experience, in amenity–all the way through high-ticket club membership promotion (the pride to bring HER children and husband into the “member-only”) recreation clubs…you name it…it is proven! Therefore, I will sharing this post, it’s brilliant! Thank you, Ann!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks so much for all the affirmations on my material. It’s so true. Serve the female buyers and you capture the male buyers by default. The auto industry definitely has that one figured out.

      Funniest thing. Just today while picking up some coffee I was looking for a lid for my cup. A gentleman who was nearby asked what I was looking for. I said, “A lid.” I was used to looking for a white lid. They were right there under my nose except they were black.

      Because he had owned a coffee shop previously he told me why the lids were black. You’re dying to know right? It’s because the female coffee drinkers don’t like their lipstick showing up on the white lids. He was quick to point out that Starbucks has the white lids. And that’s right. They’re cheaper too. So who wins out in the long run? Likely the coffee shops that cater to women.

      Thanks for sharing this post, Kelly. Love your material too! :-)


  3. Ann, what a magnificent blog. It measures up to all the other superb material you offer. Because I hold you in such high regard, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered “Why She Buys” by Bridget Brennan. I did peruse a few of the beginning pages and it promises to be an interesting and informative read. I really believe it’s a book that every male in network marketing should read.

    It has become rather apparent that businesses are catering more and more to women in their adverting. As I read your comments it dawned on me as to how many of them I’d noticed in magazines, TV and other adverts. I found your reply to Kelly very interesting with regard to the “black” coffee cup lids! I remember seeing them but thought that it was probably to differentiate a different size lid. Never in a million years would I have reasoned that it had anything to do with ladies’ lipstick!

    Ann, I’m just so thankful that I responded to a gentleman’s Tweet to me and ultimately visited his blog and immediately noticed the banner at the top of his blog which read: “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing”. What a “grabbing” headline banner! For anyone who has been in network marketing or is interested in it… it’s a banner that you just can’t overlook!

    Thank you so much.


  4. Definitely something I don’t think about enough. Reminds me of Volvo’s head rest feature to accommodate the pony tail, haha. Enjoy your day, Ann!

  5. I love the line “By the way — when you are aware of how to market to women … even if you sell male orientated products … you capture all the other buyers by default.” Hello Google+ and iPad…are you listening? [echo…echo…echo] Anne you are so spot on. It is the marketing stupid. I don’t understand why major companies still think that the only way to mass-market their products is by focusing on men. I have some ideas on the subject. In fact, recently, when Mashable published an article claiming that Google+ wasn’t as all male as pundits were claiming I retorted that just because the ratio might be 7:3 instead of 9:1 really didn’t make the point. In fact, the point is that tech companies either market to women differently or just plain not at all. I wrote an article two days ago about this very subject – http://danatanseo.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-do-facebook-new-movie-without-men.html – Mashable equated the male domination of Google+ to cookie dough versus cookies, an analogy I think might be really good.

  6. This post is very interesting Ann. Since there’s a subdomain for affiliates in the Renegade System, right after I read this post I sent it with my link to facebook and twitter so more people can see it come back to the renegade blog. The reason why more companies are targeting women buyers is because more women are starting home businesses, have money and they do the shopping so smart companies know that. Well researched.
    Thanks Ann

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