November 24, 2017

Leadership Quality #3 Allow Yourself To Be Put To The Test To See What You’re Made Of

What the test is may be immaterial. More so, it’s to recognize and see the wisdom in stepping up to the plate for something that is challenging to you. This helps forge out your character and mental stamina.

No one follows people who hold back and insist on remaining in their safe zone.

Shirking back from challenges can be an established pattern that you need to break free from.

It’s a lot like flexing a muscle group. If you don’t step up to challenges you become atrophied and flabby. I like to consider business to be the sport of non-athletes.

With this in mind, be aware of your opportunities to prove more and more what you’re capable of by putting yourself to the test. However small or large the test just be aware of the need to do this on an ongoing basis.

This is a requirement in leadership.

Use fear as a motivator to drive you into actions you wouldn’t normally do.

This tests your mettle and stamina and this is most definitely needed in business. Without it you can quickly become passe as your competitors who are willing to step up to the plate go flying by you.

In my video I give a couple of examples of when I allowed myself to be put to the test.

You’ll hear me talk about how to create a fire in the belly that fuels your drive and ambition.

Listen for my assignment at the end.

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. solomon elei says:

    Hi friend, this leadership tips are the best once in the whole wide world. Very much down to earth. Exactly, there is no way you will not be put to the test, if you are a leader or even generating lead for your business. It is in congruent with No Excuses Summit. As the name implies, there are no excuses to make. You have to put yourself to the test or naturally if you are a leader and you are unconscious of the fact, then naturally the people of life will put you to the test.

    Thanks a million times.

    Best wishes.

  2. Maria Wong says:

    Thanks for sharing the leadership quality #3.

    I remembered the time when someone commented about something I may not be capable of doing. At first, I did whine and complained and agreed with what was said. Later I decided to ‘pull up my socks’ and did the impossible … WAH-LA! I proved that person wrong. Despite of negative remarks, I set my mind to do the opposite. I do not allow others to set limitations on me. When Challenges come – either one succumb to it or overpower it. I like what Napoleon Hill once said “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you fail in the past….”

  3. My experience was with network marketing.

    I was told “you can’t train people until you get to the diamond pin level”
    I was told “you aren’t even a diamond”
    I had no leadership in my line of sponsorship that trained people how to build our business.
    I had no mentor.

    What did I do? I stood back and looked at myself objectively. I asked some difficult questions.
    Then I put it in gear and shifted my thinking to what I wanted to accomplish and I tore off the rear view mirror.

  4. I could feel your passion in this video and out loud in my office I said “Hell YES!!”
    I have been told so many limits in my life and I broke all those holds. When I set my
    mind to a goal I lean forward – and when people tell me what I can’t do – that if fuel
    for me to push.

    Reaching out want be easy – and it will be uncomfortable to stand on new ground, but it
    is SO worth it!

  5. Great video as usual Ann. You’re constantly arming us. I like that.
    Like you, I too moved away from home. I actually made several moves from my home town (NYC). First my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I moved cross country to San Francisco. Our next move was to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Then after 14 years, we relocated to Cape Cod, MA to be closer to our aging parents who are a 5-hr. drive away in NYC. Each move was a definite test. Collectively they have rendered us a resiliency I don’t think we would otherwise have. They also instilled a level of confidence that we could survive and even thrive anywhere. Another stretch for us (especially me) was going into business for ourselves in the V.I. and starting up our own telecommunications company, which ultimately grew to be the largest independent tel co. in the territory. Many people thought we were nuts for making the attempt and even discouraged us, but the more they discouraged us, the more fervent we were in our desire to make a go at it.
    I’m once again in that place with DMC and the brand new territory I’m traversing. I have always loved learning and am not intimidated by the process. It’s the implementation that is scary. But you know what? I’m so ready for this. At my age, I’m a little slower on the uptake, but my will to take the plunge has not wavered.

  6. Kathleen Cleary says:

    Terrific video, Ann. That fire in the belly can carry us far despite any obstacles/challenges.

    I had wanted to write a book for a long time. It became apparent it would be a biography and the subject agreed to the project. It wasn’t so much people saying I couldn’t do it but circumstances made me think it would never happen- we had just bought a retail store and were working 6 days a week, our 3 sons were all in high school approaching college, I was spending a LOT of time helping Mom care for Dad. It took a few years but I stay focused, interviewed 80 people, read through mountains of magazine and newspaper articles, visited his childhood home and got the darn thing written and published. It was ‘eye on the goal’ everyday !

    Today, I am using the same focus (success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream) and so I take daily progressive actions to get me to that dream of building a successful business. Stepping out of the comfort zone really is crucial! Thanks for your supportive leadership.

    • Congratulations on your steadfastness, Kathleen. No doubt you could have let the huge pile of obligations hold you back. But you held on tight to your vision. 80 interviews! That’s a lot of time. You’ve got a ton of learned experience and knowledge to help a lot of people who are taking care of aging parents. Great to have you in our community!

  7. Is it any wonder you are my Chief Mentor, Ann? I love how you cheer us on to become our best selves, not only as business owners but also as fully developed men and women. I had no intention, when I started out as a professional coach, of growing a business online. I thought my influence and income would be comprised 100% of coaching individual clients and speaking to local and regional groups. Now I realize how small I was thinking. With your encouragement and training, along with the solid support we receive from the rest of “The Village,” we are equipped to have a GLOBAL outreach and helped thousands and thousands of people with our messages, products, and services. Ann Sieg, I truly believe you are in this world “for such a time as this.” My challenge to myself is to cast away (“I’ll say it for what it is…”) all limiting beliefs on a daily basis so I may charge onward and upward to fulfill my destiny.

    Bless you, Ann. And thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    • Thanks for sharing, Jory. Sometimes it does “take a village” to make things happen. I’m super proud of our connection through the Daily Marketing Coach community. A HUGE congratulations on your certification! I will love having your added value and contribution into our community as a newly certified DMC trainer. Let’s take it away!

  8. David Broadstreet says:

    Thank you, Ann. This post has been a wonderful reminder that we each have our own individual path. In my earlier days I tried to fit in and do what’s acceptable. Well, phooey on that! More than ten years ago my wife and I were working for others and had very responsible positions. We were feeling the anger and frustrations of that kind of life. We got up one morning and said to each other over coffee, “life is too short, let’s find a better way”. We sold the house almost immediately, quit the jobs and got rid of most of the clutter. We bought an RV, moved a few things in and just took off. What an adventure! We volunteered with the US Forest Service in Aspen for a summer and on the coast of Oregon for six months. We even learned carpentry and built our own cabin in the mountains. We hike and bike and love to explore nature. We have never been happier…or healthier. Certainly there are some challenges along the way, but everything has challenges. Nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction of making our own way. Life for us is very good. We’ve learned that a positive attitude makes all the difference.

  9. Lana Schallock says:

    I have always been a little scared of heights ( not sure why). My mom had a older home that needed a paint job. I tried to get my husband to help paint and was told no. I said ok, guess I will have to do it. He told me that I would never climb the ladder to paint the top peak, (very steep), I just looked at him and walked away. Woke up the next day went and bought the paint. Down to the rental store to get some scaffolding, (needed two layers) to be able to climb to the very top and started the task. A month later I finished.This is the same drive/success that I remind myself I can take on challenges with my business to succeed. This success is what gives me the power to know I can do this.

  10. Ann, you truly do stoke the “fire in the belly” mentally. I have been told that my desires to building an online business “will never” happen. The reasons stated are not important, because everyone has voices of adversity, trying to take root in our mind and emotions. But as you said, it comes down to allowing them to be converted to that “fire” and to push you onward into the “uncomfortable” zone.
    When circumstances changed the opportunity for me to go to MN RAW into an area of disappointment, the voices of adversity wanted me to think they were right all along.
    BUT I SAY NO WAY! As great as RAW would have been, DMC is more than a long weekend, it is a daily… daily…daily commitment to “do the work” to “reach, press and believe” that the journey is preparing me to be the best at my “WHY”.
    Thank you for being the FIRE – Fierce – Inspiring – Relentless – Encouragement in all our live’s.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jane. I love how you found a way to make it to our February Renegade Action Workshop though all the voices of adversity told you it wasn’t going to happen.

      Keep the fire going!!

  11. Hello Ann,
    Your “fire in the belly” story reminded me of the time years ago when I was starting a challenging 12 month course for Laboratory Technologist. One of my roommates who had started the semester earlier was talking about a fellow student who had received a 4.0 grade last semester and how that was almost impossible to do. That struck a note within me and I determined I could do that as well. I can remember nights sitting in the closet until 4am studying for the next day’s test after working until 2am at a fast food restaurant, or spending the entire weekend reviewing and memorizing microbiology profiles to discover what type of bacteria was growing in our petrie dishes, while everyone else was out partying or hanging with friends. The result was I ended up with a 5.0 grade average-( I got credit for doing all the extra credit) I can tell you right now if I had not made that determination from the very first day of school I would have graduated as a B student. That would have been the easier way to go.

    So now today I’m facing a new challenge of becoming a Certified DMC+ coach by May 1. It’s keeping me up at night and focused during the day. Each time I look at the huge list of things I need to get done in order to accomplish it I shake in my knees but then knuckle down and pick one part and work on it. Slowly my list is becoming shorter and things are starting to happen. Leads are beginning to trickle in, at first it was one here or there but now it’s up to a couple a week (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot to some but it’s big for me) and I feel like the dam is almost ready to burst.

    Thank you setting the example of the type of leader that we all need to be.

    • That’s quite a story, Ruth. I had no idea you were a trained Lab Tech. Pretty interesting and more so love the example of determination.

      In marketing once you find what works “rinse and repeat” it over and over all the way to your goals. DMC certified here you come!

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