July 17, 2024

DMC Star of the Week – Jahnan Derso

jahnan_dersoJahnan Derso is a self care revolutionary. She’s been in the healing arts world for 15 years now. She believes the art of nurturing one’s self is the key to being able to take care of everyone else.

Jahnan has a wealth of experience in this area and more. She has traveled across the country and around the globe. She grew up in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. At 22, she ventured across the United States to go massage school at Heartwood Institute, a healing arts, whole foods and permaculture school.

She found she had a gift not only to heal herself, but also something to offer others.

She went on to practice the healing arts in Kauai, Hawaii and the West Coast. She traveled from Tibet to Belize to Kenya to Ethiopia to study with the indigenous elders and found herself immersed in self-care practices that not only empowered her health, but were tools she could share with others. Beyond Bodywork Therapies, she became a Vegan Personal Chef, Herbalist, Nanny, Women’s Group Leader, Curriculum Designer, Singer/Songwriter, Peace Scientist, Wife and Mother.

Two years after the home-birth of her son, she knew she was ready to share all the tips she had picked up along the way, but how? She created her website, Hibiscus Healing, then sought after a way to market her site, her products and ultimately herself.

That’s when she consulted her long time friend, Courtney Sullivan, and joined Daily Marketing Coach.

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Here’s What Brought Jahnan To DMC

What brought me to DMC (in Jahnan’s words):

As my son turned 2 I was ready to bring my online presence to the world. I wanted to stay home to raise my son and plan on homeschooling a growing family. Right now my baby is my business. I birthed my online presence in Sept. 2013. So I’ve been in DMC for 6 and half months now. When my close friend Courtney Sullivan heard I was ready to work online, she immediately said don’t waste your time with anything else, if you want to succeed join DMC. The Pinterest Webinar brought me into the funnel. I was already fascinated to learn about this social platform. And within a week I was a lifetime Inner Circle Member.

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  1. More information on growing my online business ,as well as how your group would benefit me.

  2. I loved hearing the story behind Hibiscus Healing! Watching Jahnan grow in DMC has been such a blessing. This is a sweet beginning to a long and wonderful story. It really illustrates the power of community.

    • I got the back the story about how you two became friends. Cool stuff. Thank you Courtney for bringing Jahnan into our community. You two are forces to be reckoned with.

  3. Thanks, Jahnan, for sharing your story and starting my day out with your sparkling presence. I’ve had the pleasure of using some of your products (specifically created for me, I might add!) and they are marvelous!
    You inspire me with your focus and creativity ,and ability to see the big picture, then implement the tools to reach your goals. It makes my vision clearer and my intention stronger. Thank you, Ann, for providing DMC and such a fantastic, heart-felt community.

  4. Jahnan – what a remarkable story. I am humbled and energized by your goals and what you’ve accomplished so far. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. WOW! Our quiet Night Owl has hit the big time! Way to go Jahnan!!! Oh Hale Yes!

  6. It’s all here! And you won’t outgrow DMC, ever probably. 😉 I’m like you Jahnan, fast learner, fast implementer and fast outgrowing things. Here at DMC I feel like I can be sure there is always more to come!

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