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Here Are 9 Lessons That Every Successful Internet Network Marketer Has Applied To Their Network Marketing Business For A Complete Transformation

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this 8 part Network Marketing Transformation series:

The importance of building your list.
It doesn’t matter if your primary business opportunity goes under tomorrow, if you have a list, you have a real asset that belongs to you. This is a huge step. You will learn how to build your list.
After you understand how and why to build your list, you’re going to need the right tools to build a list.
We teach you about email auto-responders so that you can store those names and email addresses. An auto-responder will allow you to follow up with your list even if you’re on the beach in the Bahamas.
We teach you about your ideal target market.
Hint: it doesn’t matter what you sell or market, you’re looking for people who have ALREADY forked over money to buy something similar to what you’re offering.
If you’re selling your network marketing opportunity you want to look for other network marketers or people who’ve been involved in a home business.
You’ll learn how to add value, and be a solutions provider to others.
Ultimately, this is what people are searching for – solutions to their problems. This course teaches you how to position yourself and be seen as an authority. These are practical tips that have proven to work in this industry.
You will learn how to create your own lead capture pages, and the necessary components that every capture page must have.
The ability to create your own lead capture pages is not only a valuable skill, it’s essential.
Everyone needs their own “real estate” and having a blog is a requirement if you intend to brand yourself and have your own identity.
Woven throughout the 8-part course are practical blogging tips. You can easily get your blog started just based on the information we teach you.
Finally, and this might be the biggest lesson – the biggest take away of all – and that is people join you. People join people. This course stresses the best way to lead with you. Not your MLM.

Network Marketing Transformation Series at The Renegade Blog


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