July 17, 2024

How to Get Started with The Renegade Network Marketer

Ann Sieg here … over the years I have seen SO MANY reviews of my industry changing course, The Renegade Network Marketer. Many of these Renegade Network Marketer reviews have been phenomenal, and these great people have gone onto be successful network marketers and internet network marketers in their own right. Other Renegade ebook reviews have been a poorly disguised attempt at an affiliate commission.

The Renegade Network Marketer is now five years old, and just as relevant as ever. Over the years, I have received thousands of questions from How to get started with The Renegade Network Marketer to What does The Renegade Network Marketer have to do with my MLM to How do I make money with The Renegade Network Marketer and everything in-between. Out of all of these questions, there are a few I’ve never heard asked. Questions you should be asking.

Watch this video where I answer the first question most ask me about, How do I get started?

How to Get Started with The Renegade Network Marketer

I’m going to address these frequently asked questions as well as many should ask questions that I’d like to hear more often. This will also serve as MY review of the ebook, The Renegade Network Marketer. If you have already read the book, but haven’t opened it up for quite awhile, this will be a great opportunity for you to do so. Likewise, if you’re a new student of Renegade Network Marketing, this video FAQ and SAQ series will help you get a jump start. You’re at an advantage that there is an entire legion of network marketers who’ve come before you, and now I’m answering their biggest questions.

The Central Theme of The Renegade Network Marketer

Your business needs to be centered around you so that you have complete control over it, and in order for you to make as much money as possible, you need to develop your own business assets.

Don’t worry about putting all this together at once. Nobody’s able to do that. Just add one piece at a time, little by little. Every time you do, the value of your business increases.

Learn How to Center Your Business Around You,
and Develop Your Own Business Assets.
Get Started with The Renegade Network Marketer Today

Got more questions? Thoughts or comments? Leave them below.


About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. I went to the [[edited by staff]] It will not let me on to Get the downloadss.

    Please help. Thanks Sheldon

  2. Thank You Ann! I have had some great success with using your system. I spent several weeks learning the attraction marketing methods and sveral more weeks learning how to use the internet to attract daily leads and prospects. I

    • Hi Bill,

      You’re very welcome! Glad you’re having results applying my attraction marketing methods and system into your business. Keep me posted on your progress!


  3. Mike Brown says:

    Hi Anne,

    I’ve just signed on as an independent exec for MLM company Zrii who offer a range of health and nutrition products. With the fast pace of change in technology I wonder if your offering is relevant today? I see your posts are all several years old. Can you comment on this please?

    • renegadeblogadmin says:

      Yes, the information is still very relevant. With the fast pace change in technology it can bring awareness to you at a much faster pace. With the right methodology and marketing language you can attract an audience at a much faster rate. However, if you do the wrong thing it can bring awareness to those who are “spammy” at a much quicker rate as well. The goal should always be to bring people into your marketing funnel first before you introduce your MLM products to the prospects. MLMs are shutting people down at a much faster rate today due to all the social media sites so therefore the information is still very relevant. Here is another blog post where I speak to relevancy http://www.therenegadeblog.com/two-types-of-internet-network-marketers-which-type-best-describes-you


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