July 17, 2024

How My Family’s Imprisonment Shaped My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is far and above my favorite holiday… and no, it’s definitely not because of the food.

I’ll pass on all the turkey and the trimmings if it weren’t for this.

It’s the price my great, great grandfather paid and it’s what helped shape my legacy.

What is your legacy?

Listen for my question at the end of my video and let me know.

Thanks for your input!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Thank you Ann. YOu share your life so beautifully and give us inspiration. Yes, you are right about being free. Personal struggle to achieve not only gives us freedom but helps us to use our lives to the fullest. I have seen wonderfully gifted and talented people waste their gifts because it was easier to succumb to the handouts.

  2. Jerry Fiorentino says:


    I applauded your success and happiness. I call that Quality of Life. I agree with your ideals and hope that one day this will be the mainstream of the general populous way of life.

    Too many people have bought in on that greed is good and until these people see the errors of their way, I believe we are headed for more troubled times. Please understand that I too enjoy making money, but by limiting the expense of others. This policy has cost me in the past, but at the end of the day I can look in the mirror and know I was right and feel good about my actions.

    Please consider using this mode of communication in the future. I believe this will help convey your message.

    Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

    Jerry Fiorentino

  3. Ron Streed says:

    Hi Ann: Just a short note, to say thank you for this video. This came at a critical time for me. I’m self employed , been in networking also for 25 years. I think this is a critical time for many entrepreneurs and traditional business people, that I feel have been forgotten.
    We heard about the unemployment rate all the time, but never about businesses that are struggling, and definitely the networking businesses that don’t know what they are doing wrong.(myself for sure)
    I’m thankful for my family, my god, and finding you on the internet, with this fantastic training programs through you, that also brought me to Mike, in Feb 09, through the First List. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    May your success continue.

    Best Wishes,
    Carl Willoughby

  5. Dear Ann,
    I’m grateful for my ebooks clients, for the people who reach out and make a relationship online with me, for my f2f students locally in Miami, and for being able to explain how to live happier by learning from life conflicts.
    I appreciate what you do for us, your training programs that help me and others, and wish you a wonderful holiday season.
    With my best wishes for you and your family,


  6. Thank you Ann for taking the time to remind us to remember to be Thankful this year for all that we have.

    Your personal messages are always inspiring and thought provoking. I will be taking time this Thanksgiving to count the many blessing I have in my life and freedoms I enjoy.

    Blessings to You and the Entire Renegade Community,

  7. John Arambula, Sr. says:

    Ann,thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. I hope you don’t mind. I am going to share your video with those who form my circle of friendship. You have touched my life and comfirmed my beliefs. Entertaining good and positive thoughts with feeling create the abundant manifestation of greater good. I say this because, like you, I have been blessed in my 22 years of marriage to my friend, my partner, my love, and my wife. It’s like my wife and I are still on our honeymoon.

    One more thing I would like to say this thanksgiving day: Freedom is the most treasured right we have in America and one that must be preserved. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day and may the LORD continue blessing you and your loved ones.

    In Christ,
    John Arambula, Sr.

  8. Hi John,

    By all means feel free to forward my Thanksgiving message on to others. It fits completely into “The Go-Giver” mindset that I talk about in my video.

    As for the honeymoon with your wife I feel exactly the same about my husband. I am more in love with him than ever. He’s my best friend!

    Blessings to you,


  9. Hi, Ann

    Thanks for sharing your life. I’m blessed with a loving wife of 30 years, 2 great brothers, and 100s for real friends.

    I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

    God bless you…

  10. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring, and loving Thanksgiving message. Wishing you, Brian and the whole Sieg family a joyous holiday. Sending love and big hugs to all of you!


  11. Lynette Heitman says:

    Thanks for the video -but what was the book about? Thought you were going to tell us what your great grandfather said in regards to his imprisonment…? Happy Thanksgiving. Lynette

  12. Hi Lynette,

    I’m going to have to get back with you about the book. I had hoped to review it prior to my video but wasn’t able to find it since our move.

    Likely I’ll be talking with my mom and dad over the Thanksgiving weekend and will ask my dad about it. What I can tell you is that my great, great grandfather was imprisoned for his beliefs and it was while in prison he wrote his book. That was the refining fire, so to speak, that created a love for freedom that has been passed down through my family.

    My three boys are now the recipient of that flame and I’ve no doubt they will take my passion on to a whole new level. My eldest son is my business partner. His name is Isaiah.

    He and I have shared a mutual vision since he was fifteen years old. Part of that vision is to instill a model of ongoing self-education. My book blog is the start of that movement along with all my training on business development.

    Here is a page my son wrote just this past summer. It’s from this same blog. http://tinyurl.com/yaoqcro That will help explain our vision.

    What exciting times we live in.

    Remember. All it takes is one person to make a difference.

    My question to all of you is how about you? How will you make a difference?



  13. I appreciated listening to your story and agree with you that quality time with family is priceless. Thank you for this video!

  14. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for showing us how real you are, I`m in Canada and we just had our thanks giving last month, I am thankful that, even being so far apart in distance, that we can come together this way and share and build strength.

  15. Hi Ann.

    I loved your message on many levels. You spoke directly to my passion for helping others, my desire to become successful and my resolution to remain free.

    I’m not at all familiar with “The Go-Giver”, but I’ll give it a look.

    Many blessings to you and yours, not just this day, but every one.


  16. John Palmer says:

    Thank you Ann for a wonderful Thanksgiving gift.

    John Palmer

  17. Ann, that was very nice…hope you settle in real well into your new home. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family history. It’s very wonderful that you treasure cards and letters :) We have our Thanksgiving in October (Canada), and what I love about it are the stories…which pass on to the next generations. Thanks again!

  18. Amen to everything you said. Thanks for speaking out on truth and freedom. We will get through this Government intrusion and emerge stronger than ever as Americans and Entrepreneurs. The American Spirit cannot be defeated.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving message. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in England but I agree we should be constantly thankful for all our blessings. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife for the past 48 years and share your thoughts on a blessed marriage. Thank you again.
    God Bless.


  20. Ann
    Wonderfully put. Thanks for sharing that personal story. ThanksGiving should truly be a time of reflection for what we are thankful for and what brings purpose to our lives.
    Have a great TG.

  21. Ann,

    I’m so proud to call you my mentor. And though I won’t meet you person to person for the first time until January in Portland, I feel as though you are a friend as well.

    We’re in the business of attraction marketing. I must say that our shared values and your high moral and ethical standards are what initially attracted me to you (going all the way back to your pre-Renegade days) and what have continued the attraction these past several years.

    Thanks for a great Thanksgiving lesson. May peace and heaven-sent blessings rain down on you and your family.


  22. Hi Ann!

    Thank you for sharing about your life. I have just recently taken a series of genealogy classes and after the holidays intend to delve into my family roots. Isn’t it interesting how our past generations have such a strong effect in shaping who we are today.

    May you and your family have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving.
    ~ Dorene Pierceall

  23. Wayne McLaughlin says:

    Ann, what an uplifting and encourging message. I guess that I should have guessed that you were such a person. Thanksgiving is the holiday that I keep. The Lord has blessed me wonderfully and I thank Him every day, but at this time of the year, we can all stop and give thanks for our blessings. Hope that you have a good holiday and a good 2010. Wayne

  24. Changis HAkim says:

    Dear Ann,
    Thank you for your Thanksgiving message.
    Without freedom life would not be worth living.Without good character one can hardly be worth knowing.Without solid values one can only be swayed easily on the wrong path.
    Even God gives the freedom to choose to love Him or to reject Him and his love.
    Freedom is life and I cherish it with all my heart.
    I am grateful for our veterans who have fought for our freedoms and continue to so today in far away places like Afghanistan. I can’t help but think about our soldiers there and pray for them as the enemy will target them especially on holidays when their guard may be down, perhaps, just a bit.
    I am grateful for the many wonderful people who have come into my life and made an impact on me and tested my character and my values and enriched my life.
    My parents always taught me and my six brothers to be charitable,giving and grateful. That’s a legacy I cherish and hope I have passed it on to my daughter and son.
    As an immigrant I am grateful for this great and the opportunities it provides to all who are willing to grab the.
    I am grateful for the generosity of Americans as I have been a beneficiary of their love and kindness from my early days as a student in Memphis to this very day.

    I am also grateful for having wonderful,giving friends like Alicia Bausley and Lisa Hanfileti who I met as a result of having read your book on attraction marketing.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgivng with your family.

    Gratefully yours,

  25. Eric Walker says:

    Hi Ann,
    Happy Thanksgiving. Wow! I’m impressed with this message that you articulated so beautifully. I WILL take those quiet moments and reflect of what I’m thankful for. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and to all members of your family too.
    Eric Walker
    P.S. You are creating a great legacy.

  26. Cindy Murphy says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. As I listened to this video TWICE, it bacame clear to me that you are a true inspiration.

    Success comes in many forms and while money is important, I found success by overcoming my fears and obstacles after a major layoff to step outside of the box, learn something completely new and overcome my fear of the unknown. You have been a part of my decision making and I am looking forward to learning more from you as I walk my new path to success.

    I want to wish you a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving. Thank you again for sharing your story.

  27. I think that having a grateful spirit contributes so much to the ability to enjoy life and to have a mindset of abundance. I believe that my grateful attitude is a gift from God. It’s such a wonderful gift and I use to inspire others. I am grateful for soooo many things..for so many people…for life…for thank you cards, renegade and its many faces…and for all my renegade partners in success. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours Ann!


  28. Ann,

    I certainly appreciate your love for learning (we have spend a number of years in an educational environment), your obvious love for family, and the spirit of gratefulness reflected in this video.

    I do consider gratefulness as being one of the foundational characteristics needed for living what some may term “the successful life.” In my way of thinking, a grateful person tends to be more of giver, less of a complainer and from what I’ve seen simply operates better in the day to day business of life.

    Thank you, Ann, for sharing and may you and your family continue to enjoy the Thanksgiving season.


  29. Mats Rydén says:

    Hi Ann!
    Thanks for your video greetings. Where I am,
    Sweden, we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving.
    I appreciated seeing you and hear a bit of your
    life, sounds great. I wish all the best for you
    and your family.

  30. Ann,
    That is a timely and powerful message, especially for this season. Thank you for sharing it.

    The longer I live the more I realize the impact an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ has on my life. In hindsight, the most memorable times in my life are the ones where I was most giving and most thankful for what I had … and it didn’t matter how much I had.

    I don’t remember how much money I’ve made, or how much money I’ve lost (see, another thing to be thankful for), but I can vividly remember experiences I shared with my friends and family from many years ago.

    Listening to you talk, made me think of my own grandfather … and for an moment, I saw him clearly.
    Thanks for that.

    Michael A. Wilson

  31. We so often take for granted the people and the life we have. Stopping to smell the roses by appreciating all we do have is what Thanksgiving should be about.

    Especially important is thanking the people around you that enrich your life. Being grateful is a quality I’ve noticed in all very successful people.

  32. Milton Childress says:

    Wow Ann, It’s Hard to begin and Know where to start…SOOO here goes. I guess it is because of the kind of person that you have shown yourself to be. Even from the begining(actually thats what has held my attention for so long) Shall I just say,as the flood gates of emotions and awareness rush in with such force that finding the right words to express all that i would like to say, is more than difficult right now. To start with the question that is so profound and well placed.I can not say that the full response to it can nor should it,be sumed up in a few words or moments of reflection.So having said that It appears that, THANKS TO YOU AND WHO YOU ARE…FOR ALL My THANKS GIVINGS SHALL become daily and their reward EVERLASTING!! THANKS ANN FOR YOU BEING YOU. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY SEASONS AS WELL AND CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED,YOU AND THE FAMILY MILTON

  33. Tom Renfro says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Ann and Family,

    Thank You for the warm words and wonderful message.

    Sharing your inspiring video and words with Donna, my wife, was especially poignant: because she, having grown up a “military brat”, lost her brother (and me a friend) a few weeks ago. Clark a retired Marine (like his dad), who had served in a number of combat situations, was laid to rest with full military honors. I too, grew up as a “military brat” my dad being a “full bird” colonel in the Air Force. So, as you can imagine, the price of Freedom as never wandered far from our minds, but has been exceptionally close as of late.

    I cannot live others lives for them, the choices they make are their own, but I, like you, have always chosen to live a life of independence. Living life on our own terms, raising our children in a loving environment, filled with encouragement and accountability and having most of our lives run our own business enabling us enjoying the gifts of life. It is true that we were not always as materially as well off as some, but I wouldn’t trade those memories, ever or for anything.

    Even though the past few weeks have been hard (there have been many tears shed and I suspect that there will be more yet) there is a practice I want to share with you, a practice that Donna and I do and have done almost, every day, one we have found to be especially helpful and appropriate at this time of Thanksgiving.

    This is actually a practice that we have done for years: The last thing before we go to sleep at night; we write in a journal kept beside the bed, five things that we are grateful for that happened that day. Some days it’s harder to do than other days, sometimes I’m just grateful blue skies or clean water, but I always somehow manage to find five things. So, as often as possible, our last thought before we drift off to sleep is one of Gratitude.
    Then when we wake we re-read what we wrote the night before so that we can start our day with that feeling in our Heart and Minds. This little 2 or 3 minute practice as often sustained me throughout a day.

    Tomorrow when all the family arrives (all 12 of them, 13 if you count “sprout”, the new grand baby due in January) for the dinner I will share your video with them so when we sit down and give thanks, know that you and yours will be in our Hearts.
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Peace and Blessings,

    Tom & Donna Renfro

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you so much for sharing your end of day practice. That is outstanding.

      Yes, to fall asleep counting one’s blessings. No doubt that helps give a healthy perspective when waking up in the morning.

      Tom it’s been a huge privilege getting to know you through the Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring program. I absolutely loved having your participation in our recent “Benefits” Jam session.

      Peace to you and yours,


  34. Åse Pettersen says:

    Dear Ann!
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us in this natural way! You are shining to others and you are in the bottom of my heart.
    I found out long time ago that money is not the mainting in life. What really matters is friendship across boarders for hopefully one day have more peace in the world. That is the best inheritance we can leave for our children.
    I wish all of your family a happy thanksgiving!

  35. Great Message Ann.

    You introduced me to the world of internet marketing and marketing in general.

    I am so “Grateful” for that knowledge that you imparted to me.

    I believe in freedom. I love liberty. I cherish the ability to be self reliant, provide value to the marketplace and provide for my family.

    “Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither.”

    Keep up that great work and thanks for all of your inspiration.

  36. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for quoting our good friend Benjamin Franklin!


  37. Tom Renfro says:

    Hi Ann,

    The privilage has been mine.

    Blessings, Tom

  38. Where I am from (Peru) we don’t have a Thanksgiving day. But thanks to my wonderful (american) husband, I have the privilege to celebrate this Holiday with him and his family. I’m thankful for them, who are my family too and make feel so loved. All my family is back in my country and I’m thankful for ways to communicate with them!. Thank you Ann and all these wonderful people who surround you. I like going to sleep in gratitude too, thank God for the person who taught me that and for reminding me of passing it on to my children.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  39. Ann,
    I appreciate all the articles and insight you provide, and thank you for your Thanksgiving message.
    At the end of the day, I am thankful to my wonderful wife and friends who have stuck by me through my success and challenges.
    Enjoy the holidays,

  40. Ann,
    I really am grateful you feel this way about life and about your freedoms. Self governance is a powerful thing that most people don’t realize the importance of. Good for you, sharing this with your readers.

    I was just introduced to you and am reading your books etc.. This message just really sets me up for understanding where you are coming from. I am happy to know this.

    I am thankful for my family and strive to be free and to provide for all that I can with what God has given me.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Diana Janz says:

    Anne, I almost passed on this, but am so glad that I didn’t. What an inspiration you are!

    I recently told someone that I value my freedoms above wealth and that I would rather live on the streets and be free, than to have a lot of money, if that meant not being free to direct my life the way I choose. She looked at me like I was completely nuts, which I am, but that is another story.

    Thank you! Thank you!


  42. I have known for years, if there is something you want, Give It Away. Have a Happy ThanksGiving

  43. Jan Robberts says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks giving…a great time indeed,even for non-North Americans…Instead of once a year it should really be Thanks giving every day!!!
    You’re an inspiration and set a tremendous example of giving…Thanks for all of this!
    I’ve been in Network Marketing for many years and still wet behind the ears in the whole Renegade Experience.I know that you and all the coaches are doing an awesome job in guiding us to a better future!..and,now with Coaching Cognition there will be no stopping us.
    My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you,God bless and have a fantabulous Thanks Giving!
    Jan :-)

  44. God bless you Ann.
    Thank you for your heart-warming message.
    Maria Kuczborska

  45. Dearest Ann- thank you ever so much for sharing of yourself and your Thanksgiving message. On this eve of Thanksgiving – reminding us / and ourselves all that we are grateful for – despite the extreme challenges we have faced in this past year. Even as I type this I am awaiting news, praying that it will be all for the good…. trying to grasp what the “good” will be that will come out of it. We as a family have become stronger because of it, and are so very thankful and filled with gratitude, along with humbleness of the many blessings we have received.

    I loved hearing you tell your story – and be the reminder that I needed to hear –
    Becky C

  46. Curt Johnson says:

    Hi Ann:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Brian and the boys.

    You are high on my thanks-giving list this year. As I listened to this video, at the risk of sounding promotional, I just wanted to let readers in this thread know that you have created a venue for on-going and personal interaction and mentoring with you personally.

    After watching this video I know there will be those who desire more of your mentorship – the place (and the only place I know of) to get it is the Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program.

    It revolutionized my business, and I unashamedly promote it, even offering some of my own coaching free to go along with it for those who jump into RBMP. (If you want more of Ann – check it out.)

    I’m also so thankful for Alicia who you mention in the video. She is amazing and it has been a joy working more closely with her these last few weeks.

    One of my favorite questions I love to ask my clients that goes along with your video goes something like: “If you got to leave one message on your tombstone for those you left behind, what would it be?”

  47. It is so good to be reminded of our roots. I found out how important that they are. As I was doing the genealogies of the branches of our family and came to realize how much was passed on to me. I equate it to a garden that was tended by my ancestors and how it effects me in the present and how I am going to pass this rich heritage to my children. we are here for such a short time but the garden will be tended far into the future. So i try to sow the good seeds of relationships with meaning. I hope this makes sense. We in Canada have already celebrated Thanksgiving but to my American friends have a blessed time. ps I spent our thanksgiving in Ireland.

  48. Charles Graham says:

    Thanks Ann for the wonderful Thanksgiving message. I am happy for your new place that is in the woods and very private. I can totally relate.

    To answer the question-what am I grateful for-is always very simple for me. I am grateful for my large family and the awesome upbringing we had growing up in the river bluffs between flying cloud airport and Chaska on the Chanhassen side looking at Shakopee across the valley, with all that nature had to offer and then moving out further into the country on a small farm. We had to always work together as a family to get things done and this created a closeness that still exists today. So for me it all boils down to growing up in the great outdoors with all the activities it had to offer, working together as a family, and having that same closeness as a family still to this day.

  49. Hello Ann
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. There many things I could be thankful for. But For me I give my greatest thanks to the man how died for us so we could have a chance to live.


  50. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your warm and patriotic message of thanks, giving and freedom. Success, to me, is happiness in all areas of life, starting at home.

    Bless you Ann and please extend my well wishes to your family.

    To Your Freedom,

  51. Hi Ann!
    Many thanks for your inspiring thankgiving day message. From tone of your voice to the words you have said and the personal story you have shared I have no doubt you have a great family and you are a caring person. I don’t wonder why you are a successful person too.

    In the Philippines we don’t have TgD, but we as a family practiced this occassion day by day whether we received a blessing or shared our bleesings to others.

  52. Dearest Ann!

    Wow, what an amazing video! Thank you so much for your transparency and for your willingness to not only share your beliefs with the world but your passion in making sure that people are educated enough to enable them to have choices!

    Your heritage is so rich! I admire your desire to honor the legacy of generations before you! After seeing this video, it has become clearer why you and your teachings have always resonated with my spirit!

    My success is definitely not measured by money alone, but I do firmly believe that money enables us to do tons of good in the world! That’s the reason I do what I do to encourage, enlighten and empower entrepreneurs. Success for me boils down to this simple question which is the basis for why I founded “The Relational Marketer” – it’s the question: “Whose Life Is Now Better Because Of Yours”?

    Everyday, I well up from an overwhelming gratitude to God who has been so good to me! Even if I don’t necessarily have EVERYTHING I have, the fact is I have more than enough! I have an amazingly loving and supportive family who encourages me to act upon opportunities to be, do and give more! I am grateful for the FREEDOM to have choices, to be in this country where opportunities abound! I am grateful for having access to amazing Mentors such as yourself, and now a platform to be able to help change many people’s lives in a global sense!

    As a young girl in the Philippines, it was reading which has inspired me to realize that there is a bigger and abetter wolrd outside my little town… it ws reading that has allowed me to see the infinite possibilities of what I can become. I support our public library here in Huntington Beach and part of my vision is to be able to put a public library in many small towns in the Philippines so that many children will be given the same opportunity about reading as I have!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Brian and to your beautiful family, Ann! Yes, I look forward to seeing you again here in Huntington Beach and this time, we’ll make sure we will spend a day at the beach to have a chance to talk about more about our heritage and the legacy we pray to leave behind!

    Great Big Hugs!

    Emma 😉

  53. Hello Ann,
    thanks for this very human message. I have been an employee so far,working most of my career for multinationals – but now I have decided to have my own business – for the first time in my life. My father had a wholesale store in candy, in Brussels (I was born in Brussels and my mother tongue is Dutch) – I remember he sometimes took my sister and I to visit customers together(little grocery shops or candy shops in those days)unfortunately he died pretty young at the age of 37. My grandfather had a business too and on my mom’s side they were in the furniture business. When I first read Renegade Marketer, I thought that the time had come now to confirm that I had their genes. Without this book which was really the start to it all I would have never done it. Thank you Ann. Happy Thanksgiving.

  54. Peter Wagner says:

    Hi Ann,
    It’s been a while since I have left a comment.
    I needed to postpone my renegade studies due to a number reasons although I have been watching from a distance what has been transpiring these last 6 or 7 months.
    We dont have thanksgiving down under, although there were some kids trick or treating a little while ago.
    Thank you for being you, a truly authentic loving, giving human be-ing.
    You are yet another “succesful” person that has found her true source and has been able to give back in so many ways and to see the whole team come together with the same authenticity.
    To make a difference in this world, I beleive, we need to “Be the change we wish to see in others”
    What I am learning and seeing is the “real” successful people in life are the givers. They are truly thankful and understand that to Give is one of the most rewarding, most fulfilling of all experiences. We also need to be able to receive as we are truly worthy. So to be a giver will have a flow on effect and will alter the perceptions of all associated. People tend to hold on in fear of scarcity and spend to much time in this mode instead of realising that to be thankful for what is, (good or not so) and to move on, is like filling ones soul with light where before there was none. By allowing yourself to be thankful you have made a decision to take responsibility for your life, your feelings and every result you get.
    I’d like to leave you all with a prayer that was given me by a very dear friend which has helped me understand, accept and be thankful of some of my own situations and own them as the here and now.
    May today there be peace within.
    May you trust God you are exactly where you are meant to be.
    May you remember the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
    May you use the gifts you have received & may you pass on the love that has been given to you.
    May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
    Let this presence sink into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
    It is there for all of you !



  55. Hi Ann,

    Really appreciated your Thanksgiving message.

    It is very important for each of us to realise how much we have to be grateful for in our lives, and as I look back I appreciate so many things.

    Growing up on a farm in Jamaica with parents who taught me and gave me the values that I have today, and a wonderful sister.

    My late wife Melody Ann – 9 years as friend and then 19 years as the best wife a man could have.
    Gone but still with me.

    Three fabulous sons.

    All my very good friends.

    My health.

    My ability to choose to be happy in any given situation.

    And much, much more.

    “Give thanks” as we say in Jamaica.

    Hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving.

    Chris Aguilar.

  56. gail merkel says:

    Thank you Ann for the message you gave. You speak to what many of us believe and do and pursue in the journey of life. I will check out the book “Go Giver” and appreciate what you do and deliver in such a respectful and honoring way.

  57. Hi Everyone,

    I caught up with my dad to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving along with finding out more about the book my great, great grandfather wrote.

    Because I can’t find my copy of the book (I hate digging through stuff) he’s going to scan and email a copy of it to me.

    I can tell you the book has far more intrigue than I thought. Lots!

    My dad is coming down to visit me in January so I’m going to be interviewing him about my great, great grandfather’s book. My dad isn’t even sure how many “greats” it goes back so I’ll definitely have to get that cleared up. The name of the book would be helpful as well.

    My dad has been writing a book for some time and I asked him how that project is going for him. He’s 81 years old and yes, he too owns his own home based business. Out of my direct family of seven people five of us own our own businesses. I like that!

    But about his book he said he’s trying to get all his thoughts organized and on to paper. I suggested he use the mindmeister software I use for all my projects. If any of you haven’t tried mindmeister you should check it out. It’s just an awesome way to spill your thoughts on to virtual paper and then organize them as it suits you. It’s also got a great export tool.

    I’m pretty sure we’ve got mindmeister listed as a resource within Renegade Professional. Otherwise just Google it and you’ll be good to go.

    A big thank you to Cyndi Williams one of my 80/20 staff members for turning me on to that software.

    I’ll be sure to fill you in on more details about my Irish ancestor some time out in the future.

    Have a blessed day everyone!

  58. Dear Ann.
    I am so happy to get to know and learn from you.
    Being Jewish and Israeli, I have other holidays than you. I share with you the ideals you reflect in your blog.
    I treasure the joy of giving. The more you give, the more you get. And I am referring this to LOVE. We have 4 berth children 2 foster children and a house continuously full of gests that fell at home from the moment they first enter…
    Happy thanks given to you and your family.

  59. Claire Newell says:

    Dear Ann

    thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us. You are an inspiration to us all and I continued to be amazed and grateful by how down to earth and real you are and what wonderful knowledge I have access to in RBMP and Rpro.

    I went through a difficult period in life where I survived – went to work, came home, ate and went to bed. Now better I see things everyday that make me count my blessings. My 2 children and husband – our neighbours are going through a messy breakup and I can’t help but think how lucky I am. I live in a very peaceful beautiful rural part of NZ – I feel so fortunate and priviledged. My parents gave me and my 3 siblings a wonderful, but unusual upbringing – lots of adventure, knowledge and very little TV> They encouraged us to be our best and were there for us.

    It is so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life, to not have time for your friends and family. It is so important to step back and give thanks for what you have and remember who/what is important.

    I lived in North Carolina for 6 years and have wonderful memories of sharing Thanksgiving with various friends and their families. We don’t have the equivalent here in NZ but I wish we did.

    Thinking of you all – have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

  60. Hi Ann,

    Having spent the day with family and eaten my fill of the traditional feast, I found your video a very inspirational and fitting conclusion to the day! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this day. Thanks also to Tom & Donna Renfro for sharing their daily practice of thanksgiving.

    Of course, I’m thankful for all the things most people are thankful for… family, friends, livelihood, health, and most importantly to me, God’s amazing grace.

    You mentioned freedom in your video. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately… perhaps because I think so many of us have taken our freedoms so much for granted that we are hardly aware that they are being eroded. I am thankful for our country’s heritage of freedom. I am thankful for our founding fathers whose wisdom, patriotism and foresight laid down the foundations of government recognizing that it is God, not government, who endows us with inalienable rights. I’m thankful for dedicated leaders in government, our military and for citizens who want to preserve our way of life, endowed by God and affirmed by our Constitution. I will be thankful for the defeat of those who either unwittingly or by design seek to undermine our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I am thankful that my family and I live in this imperfect yet great country.

    I am thankful for what I’ve learned about entrepreneurship through Renegade because entrepreneurship and individual responsibility are vital in our quest to remain free.

    OK, I’m taking a deep breath and putting away my soapbox for the evening.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ann, to you and your family.

    With warm regards,

    Bob Young

  61. Hi, Ann.

    What a wonderful video. Thank you so much for sharing. You have touched the hearts of so many.

    I have joined Network Marketing in hopes to someday go through those doors of success. Yet… I already consider myself a rich man… because of the family and friends in my life. Money and Materials are nothing if you cannot share it with the people you love in the world. That is what I am thankful for.

    A Very Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

  62. cory olive says:


  63. Hi Ann

    Thank you for the video and for being part of my life! Our values and beliefs are very similar.

    In fact, I have just been putting together a presentation based on similar things that you talk about in your video.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you in person in Portland in January, along with all my Renegade soul-siblings, who I have very thankful to have had come into my life.

    To Our Substantial Lives!

    Deb Donnell

  64. Ann
    I would send you a card, but I get so busy every day that I only have time to e-mail you this.
    I am very greatful for God coming into my life when He did, I was a mess, Now I’m looking foward in succeding with the help of our Lord and Savier Jesus.
    God Bless you Ann
    From So.Cal Jeff Sanchez

  65. Robert "Bob" Bonnert says:

    Dear Ann:

    Bingo!!! My very first email to you and you hit the nail squarely on the head. Gratitude and being grateful for the blessings we have is how I start every single day of my life.

    You have given me an education over the last 6 weeks that will be ongoing and I want to thank you for coming into my life.


    Bob Bonnert

  66. Wonderful words, Ann. The feast (feasts) have been consumed, it’s now relaxation time here in the south and I just signed on and read your message. What an uplifting spirit you convey! Our lives have many parallels, one of which is your desire to live free, not beholden to anyone or any government. Another parallel is that we love to share our words. Ten years ago I retired from a long nursing career and swore to spend the rest of my life fulfilling my own desires by writing, writing, writing. It didn’t take me long to learn that writing for one’s self isn’t all that fulfilling, for if there is no one to read the words, they have no meaning. The books I have written are all in hard copy, for which I am very thankful, but recently my inclinations are toward reaching out to others, in this community and now internationally through a civic organization I’ve recently joined. Due to your enfluence. I hope to write more to raise the appreciation of personal values than just for the readers’ entertainment.
    Thank you for sharing your own story with us. Your sincerity shines through and touches the highest and best in all of us.
    May the coming days of holiday confusion remain peaceful to all of you who gather here.
    Mary Wilburn

  67. Dear Ann:

    Thank you SO much for this inspiring message!

    Although we in Canada celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, our two countires are really as one.

    GRATITUDE – I love your thoughts on this – and how it relates to our very FREEDOM.

    Many people who order their lives rightly, in all other ways, are kept in POVERTY by their “lack of gratitude”.

    Personally, I believe it is impossible to feel worry, anger, depression, fear, or any other negative emotion, in the presence of genuine GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS.

    This is because – when we’re IN that state of gratitude – we “attact” good things to us.

    We cannot be GRATEFUL and UNHAPPY at the same time! :>)

    Again, many THANKS for this – I appreciate you.

    Warmly / Peter A.

  68. Very outstanding site.
    The info here is genuinely valuable.

    I will give it to my friends.


  69. neil mengel says:

    Dear Ann,
    I don’t know who to thank for receiving your email
    and video message. I agree, and thank you. I get
    my highs (not from drugs, legal or illegal) but rather from helping others and “making a difference” I applaud your efforts, keep it up and keep me on your list. Have a blessed day.
    Neil Mengel

  70. Dear Ann:
    Thank you so much for sharing
    your inspiring thankgiving day to us.
    You have touched the hearts so many.it is a wonderful video.

  71. Hey everyone, it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that’ll probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Portage I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new at Thanksgiving?

  72. Hi Ann,

    Here in the Philippines we don’t celebrate Nov. 28 as Thanksgiving Day officially but for sure we are thankful too of the many blessings God has bestowed upon us despite the natural calamities that befell Metro Manila and the provinces of Pangasinan and Northern Luzon. I, for one, am thankful that I am included in your emails, receiving regularly information on marketing and inspirational articles and vedoes, as your latest on Thanksgiving. You are such a wonderful person and a successful entrepreneur giving inspiration and guidance to many. Yours indeed a timeless legacy for this and future generation.. New imputs in multi-level marketing may come but you have laid the groundwork for other to work on. To be frank I have yet to gain
    success of this kind of marketing, but it is not your fault, but mine. Perhsps I am just too pasive, not applying all the techniques you have generously imparted to us. At 72 I wish also to leave a legacy of my own as a realtor. May it is now quite late but I have no regrets for at least I have done to share my faith and love of God with others. Thank you and more power to you, God bless your efforts.

  73. Thank you, Ann.

    Last night, Saturday, I cooked a turkey for myself and the kids. It wasn’t our normal thanksgiving. Normally I would want a huge feast with a big gang of friends. I would have music playing and I’d set a fancy table.

    This year, it was just us–and it wasn’t even on the “right” day. Our meal was small and we ate it watching a television show we enjoy (which usually would drive me crazy).

    Nothing “looked” right about it and yet it was one of the nicest, most sweet, most meaningful Thanksgivings in a long time. It was a meal filled with love and gratitude.

    I give thanks that I have these precious moments with my family. We truly care about each other. We support each other. Both of my kids have a great sense of humor which always keeps me laughing.

    I give thanks that I have my family and that I have this time with them.

    And I give thanks that I, too, have an independent life filled with freedom.

    Thank you for your message,


  74. Sallie Greenleaf says:

    Dear Ann,
    I can’t agree with you more about the freedoms we enjoy. Rather be poor and free than “have” with strings attached. Probably comes from my New England upbringing, NH state motto: Live Free or Die.
    Your thoughts also remind me of the forward in a book that came out shortly after September 11. The book, Mornings Trumpet was written by Lewis Walton who is an attorney and the forward by his son Richard who at the time was in law school at Georgetown. Richard was eye witness to the plane’s descent just past his apartment window so close he “could have thrown a rock and hit it”. He proceeded to the Pentagon where helped to rescue injured people.

    Interestingly enough in his first year of law he entered a legal writing competition sponsored by the American Bar Association. Here is an excerpt, “The topic was the Fourth Amendment, and we were challenged to show how in an era of school violence, one could reconcile the need for secure campuses, with the privacy rights of American kids. I argued that no challenge is worth surrendering liberty, and instead of turning schools into prisons, with body searches and other invasions of a student’s privacy, we should remember that the best assurance of safe classrooms begins in a child’s living room. More specifically, it begins in front of the family television.”

    He won the national competition and his article was published in Criminal Justice magazine. Yet one month after receiving his award these very freedoms he spoke of began to be threatened as a response to 9-11.

    Now what am I grateful for? For one, I am very thankful for answered prayer, or even that I can pray and know that God is listening and wants to provide for me. You know Ann, I sent up one of those prayers about 3 years ago that was something like “I know I can do this (marketing), but I don’t know how. There has to be a way to do this better than what I’m being told. (I totally relate to Mike Klingler’s MLM experience about how not him that old school method is.) Please show me, direct me where I need to go so I can learn this.” That led me to you, and now I am involved with Coaching Cognition, I can hardly wait! So you, have been a big blessing to me.

    I am very thankful also for my family (I home schooled off and on also). No regrets when it comes to putting them first.

    Thanks for everything,
    Sallie Greenleaf

  75. JOY HAPPENS because I am grateful for many blessings!

  76. Dinah Parry-Odonkor says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for your inspirational message. l purchase your write-up for renegade network marketing, but l’ve not been able to use it because l was not able to download it the way l wanted. Could you please help. Thanks and take care.


  77. Hi Dinah,

    Email support@therenegadesystem.com and one of my customer support staff will gladly help you with that.

    Thanks for your inquiry.


  78. Dan Musselman says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for sharing your great love and successful life with us. Yes, you are absolutely right that freedom is extremely important for every one of us to pursue…

    you too have a blessed Thanksgiving,


  79. Happy Thanksgiving from my house to your house, Ann. Thank you for genuinely sharing your life. You are successful with me in so many ways. You are not selfish. You share so much to encourage and the world is hungry for this. May you continue to instill and impart your personality to your family, co-laborers, friends and even the world.

  80. Wonderful Thanksgiving message!!
    However, it seems to me that many Americans don’t realize that their freedoms are constantly disappearing. One example: examine the “Patriot Act”

  81. Thanksgiving was richer this year as I finished reading “The Go-Giver”. A worthy read. Thx.

    Thank you for your appreciation of heritage, our families past and the reminder of the richness of our family present (Our youngest of 5 is preparing to head to college…)

    Going forth with the character of a “Go-Giver” is really all we can do that has the potential of real success. All else we leave here when we are called home. The future is bright.

    Best of success,


  82. Ann you so elegantly articulated my thoughts about Thanksgiving and about self-governance. I believe what is so great about this country is that anyone can achieve their dreams if they choose. It takes a willingness to do the hard work necessary, but there are so many rags to riches stories in our country. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  83. Dear Ann,
    Thanks for the reminder about freedom and family. Success to me is what they will put on my headstone. Not that I was a good marketer or business success, but that I was a loved mom, wife, daughter, and sister. That I make a difference in their lives is paramount. It’s what drives me to keep learning and earning.
    Thanks so much for the things you do to help us all be free.

  84. Hi Ann,

    Thank you very much for sharing about your family quality time, l have learned a lot from this importance to switch off that box lots of us call entertainment and turn on the family circle engagement time learning from each family member look forward to taking action in my own family of what l have learnt from your great Thank giving video.

    thanks again Ann for sharing

  85. Hey Ann,

    As a college student, I thought it was both funny and perplexing that you said you loved learning

    (Hold on, this will make sense)

    While I think college is fascinating, I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed every single class I have taken >.<

    But when it comes to studying network marketing information, all these marketing techniques and strategies, I just can’t get enough!

    I absolutely love learning the stuff that I have “self-governance” over!

    Just wanted to let you know =]

    Thanks for sharing this video!

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