February 27, 2021

Merry Christmas – The Gift of Narrow Mindedness

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson here…
Wishing all a very joyful holiday season, and YES – I still say “Merry Christmas!”

In this 2 minute audio I share how narrow mindedness can actually help you in your marketing even at the risk of political incorrectness.

Learn more about our Daily Marketing Coach program here, and get coaching from me in the process.

About Curt Johnson

Curt is Renegade System Director of Coaching. He's helping people -every day- apply all the newest and fast changing internet tools to build their businesses.


  1. I believe that being authentic in who we are allows us to stand firm in our beliefs, without apology, while honoring those who believe differently. Our individual voice proclaims our message of how we can serve others and make their lives better. Being silent serves no one.

  2. It is so much more authentic a message when that message rings true from the real you. And when we are connecting with our niche and target audience, it is best to connect on the deepest level. We should be allowed to be who we are and respect others for who they are… mutual respect is a beautiful thing! I completely agree with you Curt and Merry Christmas!

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