July 17, 2024

Free Webinar – Thursday, March 3rd at 9pm EST

TOPIC: Using Facebook as a List Building Tool
to Unearth Invisible Monetization Streams

How many times have you heard this before…

“Yeah he/she has a lot of Facebook friends, but are
they making any money?”

Is having a big list of friends really like having
an email list?

This Thursday at 9pm EST (6 PT) we’re hosting a free
webinar where you’ll find out how to turn your
network into money… while annoying people less and
creating more loyal fans:


You’ll learn…

*How to uncover up to 300% in hidden revenue right now
from your social media network
without adding any more
friends or creating any more content

*SEO for Facebook: How to decipher Facebook’s algorithm
so that the right updates get shown to the right people
at the right time

*How to prevent people from ignoring you and have the
real people on your list fixated on our messages

*The shotgun approach vs the sniper approach: The
ultimate way for the little guy to capitalize on
trends in social media and the economy

*These techniques are equally powerful whether your
list is huge or you only have a few hundred
(you may
even find it more profitable to have less friends…)

*And a lot more…


The internet is just getting started.

Social media is big, but…

So is the competition.

Did you know there has been more content created in
the past 48 hours than all of human history combined?

Over 30 billion pieces of content every month on
Facebook alone.

Millions of new people who never would have considered
a business before are going to be flooding online in
the coming years.

But frankly, this also means the level of spam is going
to skyrocket (nothing personal – we’ve all been there).

Which means you’re going to have to be smarter to have
your product stand out and not get lumped in with the

If you’ve ever felt like you’re running around on
social media, commenting and updating just to “keep

You need to be on this webinar.

You’ll be learning how to turn vague concepts like “buzz,”
“branding,” “engagement,” and “online presence” into
measurable marketing activities.

I’ve learned a lot of things after years of email list-
building that have helped me get huge amounts of leverage
from little changes.

Often very small tweaks or adjustments to the way I
conducted my email campaigns that would help me make,
for example, $30,000 from a promotion, when in the past
I only would have made $10,000 and I would have worked
a lot harder to do it.

I’m not talking about learning how to write more enticing
emails or a difference in the size of my list.

I’m talking about little things that sometimes would
just take an extra 10 minutes to do and that I could have
been doing all along.

Things that, when I realized them, it just made me shake
my head at how much I had been missing out on before.

Eric is going to be teaching one of these techniques on
Thursday that is the equivalent of a somewhat “advanced”
email marketing strategy that even a lot of people with
big lists don’t do – but its super simple to implement on
Facebook and can help you uncover money that you should
be making right now but might not be.


In the interest of full disclosure, we’re also going to
be making a bonus offer at the end for people who attend
The Great Wealth Transfer Conference (you don’t want to
miss this if you’re planning on coming)

We’ll also be giving more details on the full lineup of
speakers and the agenda for the weekend.

But even if you have no plans to attend the event,
you’ll want to be on this webinar if you’re using
social media to generate leads.

You’re probably sitting on top of a stream of traffic
and sales and may not even realize it.

Register here before it fills up:


To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

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