May 25, 2024

How To Find Your Social Media Bearings and Get Traction

If you’ve been following this beginners guide to social media, you’ll like today’s tutorial. Because today is the day you get started doing stuff. It’s your first step toward getting traction.

You will not find enjoyment and success with Social Media unless you are excited about doing it, and thrilled to be connecting with people in your target market.

Make sure that you’re participating from the perspective of connecting with people, not selling them. Talk to people about their goals, and let them know you’re interested to learn about their biggest challenges.

Why This Is Important

People can see right through insincerity.

It’s important that you represent yourself as a human. Make your business human. Make your business social. That starts by forging relationships. That process of forging relationships creates awareness, and awareness leads to more attention. More attention, if it’s positive, will lead to increased business.

How This Can Fit Into Your Plan

As you’re forging relationships, making connections, keep a close focus on creating content that meets the needs of the people that you’re connecting with.

Or, quit simply, focus on learning how to report about how you solved your own questions and problems.

This is value.

And because you’re making these relationships, people will begin to look for you, and seek you out. You want them to like what they find.

Here’s How To Get Started

Talk to people – literally.

Don’t use social media as just another mechanism to try and sell stuff. If you’re not dedicated to building the relationships behind the transactions, your social media efforts will sink.

Without question, start a blog and fill it with relevant and valuable content for the community you hope to form.

Remember – create content that meets the needs of the people that you’re connecting with (or want to).

Aim for at least two posts per week to start.

Where is your future community hanging out?

Locate them.

Then spend ten times as much time adding value to the five or so existing communities where your potential community might be hanging out – reading and connecting.

It’s not a ploy and it’s not a trick.

Do this because you’re genuinely interested and want to engage with the other community members. Those community members will appreciate your contributions and take a chance on checking out what you’re up to on your own space (like your blog).

That’s how it works.

It takes time. Be patient. Focus more on the habit of it than on results for the first 90-120 days or longer.

To Do

Locate at least 5 blogs and/or pages on Facebook that attract the community/audience that you seek to attract or be a part of. Visit these pages daily, and contribute thoughtful comments when applicable.

Start a blog. Use this tutorial to create your About Page and begin posting twice weekly.


About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


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  2. […] How To Find Your Social Media Bearings and Get Traction. […]

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