June 20, 2024

Weekly Facebook Wrap-Up [August 1-6]


I’m trying something new this week and perhaps will continue with this. I will be posting my top Facebook posts from the previous week. These are the posts that received the most attention, comments, LIKES and those that I think are educational, entertaining or enlightening.

My Facebook Page has grown significantly (over 10,000 LIKERS and growing). Far as I can tell, nearly all of them are network marketers, which is exactly the way my team and I have designed it. When you LIKE my page, consider it your own network marketing forum for becoming a better marketer.

My main goal for The Renegade Blog is to help network marketers become better marketers.

We like to really unpack the important marketing topics that will help you move forward with marketing your business, and at this blog we have the space to do that. It’s like our classroom.

Often times, those topics, ideas and the needs that I see should be addressed get their start at my Facebook page.



Facebook has a cool tool called “Insights.” It allows me see which Facebook posts received the most feedback, impressions (impressions is basically how many eyeballs saw that particular post) and other such data.

So what I’d like to do is post each week’s most popular Facebook posts for you to peruse and comment in case you missed it the first time it was posted. My intention is to provide links to these posts at the end of each week.



I want to hear from you. Other LIKERS of my Facebook page want to hear from you. Like I noted earlier, we’ve amassed over 10,000 LIKERS at the Facebook page. And they’re all network marketers.

Get in there and network.

That means interact with others, comment, read the posts, ENGAGE! It means letting your voice be heard, and asking questions. I can guide you there, empower you and provide my own network marketing insight and experience. It doesn’t mean post your links and push your deal.



I post updates every day. It’s like my business journal of thoughts to you. I have you in mind when I write them. Often times they go no further than just me sharing the update. Other times, it might catch and several people will comment and it’ll become what started out as my original thought becomes bigger and better than what it was when I wrote it thanks to you.

I love it when that happens.

It’s like a mini-mastermind.

And sometimes, these updates and your comments and replies get taken here to The Renegade Blog for a more in-depth blog post.



I’ve collected the most popular updates this week and providing the links below. I invite you to share your voice and your thoughts with us.

Read what others are writing and the questions they are asking. Likewise, you’ll find long replies from me. These threads are pure gold, and could make a significant difference for you and the way you approach your network marketing business.

As I said above, I’ll experiement with posting the best of the best for each week. What you’ll find below are the posts that have either received a lot of feedback or have had a lot of eyeballs view them. Sometimes both.

Read the short excerpt and then click thru to read the entire update. Be sure to be logged into Facebook so you can comment too.



  • It’s NOT a “dog eat dog” world unless you’re a dog. Keep it simple … Be likable; be trustworthy, and a have a great cause. Keep reading and comment…

  • Amazing what happens when you show people the numbers. Rarely (if ever) do network marketing companies show you the real math of business (conversion rates from leads to sales). Quite revealing when you do. Anybody know their conversion rates all the way through their sales funnel? Keep reading and comment…

  • How can you care about others until you’re kind & compassionate to yourself? You can’t. So that is your first task as a business owner – learn to be kind & compassionate to yourself so that you can be kind and compassionate to your leads, prospects, customers and fellow business builders. Keep readingĀ and comment …

  • Who here has a social media plan? In other words, how are you strategically using social media (even if just one platform like Facebook here) to market your business? Is anyone seeing results with social media? Who thinks it’s over-rated? What are your thoughts about social media? Keep reading and comment…

  • At the heart of just about every solid social media plan is a blog. Yes a blog counts for social media too. We’ve put together a comprehensive “hold-you-by-the-hand” checklist for your very first 6 days of blogging. If you don’t have a blog, or have abandoned what were great intentions, Read this post now

  • Agree or disagree? The people who are still doing the grunt work of one-to-one prospecting and daily cold calling are losing their customers and prospects to those who are positioning themselves as valuable resources using the Internet (which can lead to offline meet-ups). Keep reading and comment…

  • A strong social media following is “the perfect foundation” for a recruiting people into your business. Successful recruiting will always be based in building solid relationships. Social media is a valuable tool to extend your recruiter’s reach. Here’s a cool post at The Renegade Blog that will give you an idea of how to get started (before you try to actually recruit) Keep reading and comment…

  • Does better personal health translate to better professional performance? How’s your health? Do you compromise your health by skimping on exercise and regular meals? Do you keep such a hectic schedule that it hampers your overall well-being? I can attest that health influences business performance. Wellness isn’t something to take lightly. What are you doing to keep yourself healthy and well? Keep reading and comment …

    Have a great weekend,

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