July 17, 2024

Are You Afraid Of The Emotional Labor That’s Involved With Building Your Digital Based Business?

Emotional Labor of the web
I’ve reluctantly been doing some consulting with a gal local to my area.

I say “reluctantly” because I’ve sworn off consulting because I’ve yet to find a person or small business that actually has the audacity, gumption and stick-to-it-tivness to REALLY make it work.

Because let’s face it, when it comes to building a business and a presence on the digital web, it takes a year of hustle before you even begin to see the pay off – usually.

Instead, I find they want to pay an arm and a leg for a fancy website they don’t know how to use and have a Pinterest or Facebook page where they post sterile pictures that tell us nothing about their story and simply stinks of “Me, Me, Me, Me.” If there’s anything that’s worse than selfish, it’s BORING.

Let Me Tell You About Miranda, The Vintage Clothes Collector

Anyway, Miranda’s a vintage clothes collector.

This gal can find you a new wardrobe for under $250 from places like re-used and second hand clothiers, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Etsy, etc. It’s amazing. And she does so in such a way that it matches with the coolest version of “you” that you can imagine.

I didn’t want to help her until she gifted me this early 1980’s denim jacket. I love it, and based upon the response I’ve received from others, they do too.

Tell me this jacket (pictured below) isn’t totally cool. Fits me like a rock star.

(follow Riverteeth on Instagram)

Miranda Has Something To Sell, But That’s Not Enough

So she has what 90% of other people DON’T have – something specific to sell.

She needs assistance laying down all the tracks that lead back to her Etsy shop, or the booths she’ll be renting for many upcoming markets in our local area.

But there’s more than just what she will sell. There’s her story – the human interest part of it. We’ve been meeting to crack the code on her story. And I’ve assigned her several “homework” things to do. All of which she’s nailed perfectly.

The Fear Of Being Raw & Real

But, like everyone else I meet, she’s all caught up in the fear of being real. We’re about to go live with her stuff and begin putting it all “out there.” And suddenly … cold feet.

What we’ve determined, is that she’s all about establishing a presence on the web as long as there’s no emotional risk. Guess what?! It ain’t gonna happen unless there’s emotional risk. She wants to perfect this a little more, or work on that a little more.

I say “No, no, no!”

There’s No Great Time To Start, But There‚Äôs A Chance You’re Late.”

Here’s the point of this blog post:


Start with all your fear. It’s not going away.

If you want to be making $10K a month tomorrow, I hope you started two years ago.

Start an account somewhere/anywhere that lets you tell the story you want to tell, in the way you want to tell it. Your story is – dare I say it – more important than what you sell.

Why? Because you’ll sell a lot of different things in the span of your business. I guarantee you that what you’re selling now will change in a year, two years, three years from now.

Number One Piece Of Advice: Start An Account ANYWHERE

Start anywhere & GO!

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc.

Of course, we recommend a self-hosted blog, but if that’s too much for you, then grow into that. Use what’s free and fast.

You like taking pictures and sharing them? I love Instagram for that.

You want to make videos that show the behind-the-scenes of your great company? Get a YouTube account.

Part of “presence” is being somewhere that you can have a voice. Grow your voice. Tell your story. Then hustle like hell to help others. Those “others” are your target market, or the group of people you deem to be your perfect customer.

If this little ditty was helpful, share the heck out of it.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Ah Eric, you did it again! You have a way of getting to the bottom of our/my psyche in your posts. Yes, it is risky. Yes, I thought I had it nailed….guess what….re-doing my USP again!

    Why do we have such a hard time just ‘being’?

    I think it’s because we are afraid that it is not ‘enough’. All our lives we hear do more, do better, win and we decide that we can never do enough to BE enough…so we hide.

    • Rachel,

      I think we have a hard time “being” because we’ve been told “how to be” since we were born. We were told how to be in school. We were told how to be during our careers. We were told by society how to be a parent, and what car to buy and what house to own. That was the industrial revolution for you. But that is crumbling now. Anyone can be somebody because of the tools that are at our disposal. But for many, when they give it a try, they just don’t know who they are; don’t know who their supposed to be, etc. etc. It’s quite a process of self discovery.

  2. Tell it like it is Eric! No smooth sailing and not short cuts, but ever so rewarding when it starts to pay off! Let it be ugly in the beginning, otherwise you have nothing to improve on.

  3. Thanks Eric. Bare it all, lay it on the line. The online component of your business is work like any other part of your business. But it makes you more transparent, more vulnerable and ultimately more human I believe. Thanks for this again Eric.

  4. HI, Eric, Most Excellent post. This is the 1st time I’ve seen this aspect of business building address. And I thank you because now I better understand that what I feel at times is normal. I feel like I hold back expressing what I want to say on my posts. Maybe it’s because for the years that I’ve been in Network Marketing there’s so much celebration of what could be accomplished that the real blood, sweast & tears are never talked about. The emotional up & downs are normal. Am I making sense?

  5. I wish I had learned this early on. I was so afraid of being myself and possibly turning some people off – the exact people who are not my best prospects! LOL.

    Love the jacket.

    Blessings, Amy

  6. Definitely rocking the denim jacket.
    I’m in the THICK of this right now.
    There is no way around it, it’s all about the hustle.
    Re-reading this another 3 times, then sharing.


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