February 27, 2021

What Is Daily Marketing Coach (and why it’s not called “Daily” for nothing) [DMC FAQ #1]

We’re creating a series of videos that address the frequently asked questions we receive about our Daily Marketing Coach program. Here is the first video in the series. After you watch the video be sure to learn more about Daily Marketing Coach here.


Q: What Is The Daily Marketing Coach (DMC)?

An online training, coaching and mentoring platform that helps and supports those people that are wanting to market their products and services online.

As part of Daily Marketing Coach, we also have biannual marketing workshops (we call them Renegade Action Workshops). These marketing workshops are just one more touchpoint to ensure we give our students the absolute best learning experience, which means our students get maximum results in their business.

Again, Daily Marketing Coach is a training, coaching and mentorshop program that supports those people wanting to market their products and services online.

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Q: Why Is It Called The Daily Marketing Coach (DMC)?

The emphasis is on DAILY.

“Daily” means we are supporting you on a daily basis.

There are two primary ways we do this, along with many many supplemental ways, but here are the two foremost ways we offer daily support:
1. Private Facebook Group Page
… is exclusive to our Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) members. People interact there all day long answering one anothers’ questions and helping people get through sticky points.

Ann and her 80/20 Marketing Team and certified trainers along with the entire DMC community are active at this private, member only Facebook Group Page.
2. We host daily Small Group Support Calls.
Our highest level mentorship students provide these calls. This is yet another way people can get their questions answered, their frustrations resolved and feedback on their marketing pieces too.
These two primary touch points are the cornerstone of Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) and crucial to the process of learning how to successfully marketing your business online.

Learn more about DMC here now.

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