July 18, 2024

A Story of Collaboration, Perfect Example of How to Create a Talent

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I’ll be sending specific, concrete steps you can take to get into action with the The Leaders’ Circle this week. The Leaders’ Circle is a place for you to practice. I’m going to really push you to take action. More about that tomorrow, or Saturday.

Today, I want to let you know that The Leaders’ Circle isn’t the only place that will seek to develop these hot beds of talent. There are others out there, and part of our mission is to find them, and in some cases collaborate with them.

Glenn Arcaro and Didi Alcheva from Social Media Buzz with Video are a perfect example. I’ve been impressed with what they are doing, and how they’ve inspired dozens to create video – some for the very first time ever.

They are igniting people to take action, then helping them feel safe to practice, and in turn, that creates momentum for those who participate under their instruction. And that is what it’s a all about.

We’ve decided to collaborate with Glenn and Didi which you’ll be learning more about today and tomorrow.

Today, I’m using their community, and our collaboration with them, as a case study -and a model- for you to learn from. We’ve created this video that explains everything. Watch the video, and leave a comment below with your thoughts and questions.

A Story of Collaboration, Perfect Example of How to Create a Talent


As a result of watching this video, and reading this post, my hope is that it prompts you to think deeply about the following:

  • The kind of groups you might want to be affiliated with, and why.
  • Raising awareness that who you spend your time with influences how you think and act, and knowing that, if you want to spend more or less time with them.
  • How you can spend more time with people you want to become more like over time.

How will you know when you’re successful?

I’ve always felt that the best measurement of success is momentum. Momentum is something you can track. Spending time with those you deem successful is a stepping stone toward success because they indicate that you’re on the right track, and momentum is building.

Tomorrow I’m going to issue a challenge. This is going to get you into action here at The Leaders’ Circle. I’m excited about this because I’m going to walk the talk and take the challenge as well. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ann,
    I have been thinking deeply about this subject, and the kind of people and groups that I want to collaborate with. It is a very serious thing, and not to be taken lightly. We are swayed so easily through our senses, that it is easy to “Pull” every time our bobber starts to bounce, rather than waiting for the “Big Fish” that is lurking down deep.
    What I mean by that is this. Collaborations (in my opion) are not a quick and easy way to make money, but rather a long term vision, bigger than myself, that requires working with others to see it come to pass.
    if I jump at a chance to make some money, but get stuck working with someone that has different values than I, or someone that will not see the project all the way through…then it very well could end in disaster.
    So, I see two important Key Stones that need to be in place before a successful collaboration can be built.
    1. “Count the Cost” Do we have sufficient material, and energy to see this thing through to completion.
    2. Is this person or group someone that I see myself able to work with for the next 5 years without disaster or clash of values. etc.

    So, those are just some of my thoughts on this…I really like this post, and found those thoughts on “What determines Success” to be interesting as well.

    Thank you

    PS. Looking forward to the Challenge.

    • Hi Martin,

      That’s a very mature perspective. One that seems to come to you naturally, and has come to you quickly (quicker than what I see it come to others who have comparative “time online” as you).

      It’s tough. Because most unsuspecting newbies learn the hard way on this one. Here’s the thing, most decide to come online because of a need they have to make money. There is an immediate need for money, but for most, making the decision to come online is not an immediate solution to making money. An immediate solution to making money is getting a second part time job at Lowes, or the nearest pub.

      Making money online as a respected and creative professional takes time, and it takes time to make it to the other side of the learning curve, and then it takes a bit longer to iron out a real business and marketing plan. Along the way, much flexibility is required. It’s refreshing to hear your perspective.

    • Excellent thoughts there Martin. I’d definitely like to add my perspective to it. I feel collaboration is so important to long term business success that I purposely positioned it as the first session of my Renegade Breakthrough Business System.

      I agree with both your considerations. I’d like to scale it back a bit so it doesn’t seem so intimidating. I learned this from Eben Pagan at his Get Altitude business conference back in October of 2007. I decided to attend that conference for the main reason of wanting to become a better team builder.

      He said (regarding hiring an employee) you always want to start with a small pitch and see how that goes first before you move someone up to bigger responsibilities and projects. Well having employees and a team is really one and the same with collaborations. My first team member was my youngest son who was in 7th grade at the time. Collaboration begins anywhere and everywhere, including your family.

      So rather than thinking of it as an all out big win or lose scenario just see it as a small test. Really that’s pretty much the foundation of business and marketing. I have an idea. Let me test it. And that idea can be testing what it’s like to work with someone. Because until you actually get into a project with someone you really don’t know. You make your best educated guess and then you “give it a whirl” as they say.

      If you listen to Glenn and Didi’s story you’ll hear how they’re first phone conversation led to them creating a product. Apparently it went well enough and off they ran to the next level. What if that first project had bombed? Probably not a really big deal. I’m sure (rather, I’m certain) this has happened to each of them prior to their meet up. And that is the nature of business. It’s the stepping out and trying that counts.

      My recommendation is to be willing to do small collaborations and learn as you grow. I think you’re already doing some of that without realizing it. :-)

      Most of all Martin you are in a big ignition phase of your business development. Keep your eyes wide open, seek counsel (like you’re doing right here) and stay focused on what you’re wanting to accomplish. You’re developing multiple skill sets right now that are putting you on the right path to success.

      I enjoy having you here!


  2. Ann,
    Collaborating in business has always been a very powerful strategy. The power of the collective mind is always much more powerful than the power of the individual mind. I come from 35+ years in the brick and mortar world. In that world it is relatively easy to find people with similar interests and goals. People like myself who are relative newbies to this world struggle to find groups with the same interests and needs and more than that maybe that “one person” to chase/share their dreams and goals/vision with. It can be
    a very frustrating search. I look forward to your thoughts and information here in the future.


    • Thanks Charlie. Glad to have you here. I hear you on the frustration of finding people to partner up with when it comes to the online world. It seems what is most important are finding those communities that you feel confortable being a part of and then getting engaged with it.

      From there people will get a sense and feel of who you are and correspondingly for you as well. I have seen many many collaboration unfold in this way. The story of Glenn Arcaro and Didi Alcheva was simply Didi seeing a video Glenn had created, Friending him on Facebook and then reaching out through a phone call.

      I think engagement is really what it comes down to. We’ve got a lot of ways for people to do that here in my Renegade System community. It’s here at The Renegade Blog. It’s over on my Leaders’ Circle Facebook page and then every Sunday night I have a Twitter Chat.

      It truly is pretty unbelievable how quickly friendships form in this way. Oh, and I would add to that live events. For example, Nancy Burke Barr did a video interview with me at Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding event in Vegas.

      Since that time Nancy and I have connected a few times both through Facebook and on the phone. A couple nights ago I attended a teleseminar she was hosting and I ended up buying an affiliate product from her. It was actually of someone else I met out in Vegas last Spring.

      And so it is. It goes around and around. Just about anything can happen for collaboration and partnering.

      It makes me think I should do a training on this soon. I actually did one a couple years ago because I felt it was so important.

      Glad to have you here Charlie!



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