July 17, 2024

If You’re Not Content Marketing, You’re Not Marketing

The most important thing you can do as a marketer is to position yourself as a trusted expert, or value contributor for your prospects, leads and customers.

And the best way to do that is to create valuable, relevant and compelling content on a consistent basis like a publisher would traditionally do.

Start seeing yourself as a publisher.

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Social Media Isn’t Your Problem

Often times, people point at social media as the problem or issue. Social media isn’t giving you struggles. It’s your lack of content content creation.

Think of social media as an “envelope” (metaphorically speaking). It’s a “container” holding a message inside that gets delivered to a specific destination (your target audience).

Let’s take Facebook for example…

Facebook is FULL of content. There are pictures, text updates, videos and links. That’s all content. And the links lead toward … you guessed it … more content.

Twitter is the same. YouTube is the same. LinkedIn? No different.

Of course your blog is full of content. It should be anyway. Your articles drive traffic toward capture pages (yes, that’s content too), and the content on your lead capture page leads to even better content in exchange for an email address.

Then the emails that you send is content.

Often when you receive an email, there will be a link that directs toward some variety of a sales pages – whether it be video or text. Either way, that’s all content.

Creating Higher Levels Of Content

When you pay $247 for an information product. Guess what? It’s still content – just a higher level of content.

The best marketers have learned to sequence their content so that it stacks in an organized way that leads toward higher levels of content. They have learned how to share their content with the masses of people.

“The easiest, fastest and most guaranteed way to become the top distributor in any program (even if you’re struggling right now) is to produce more advanced levels of content and offer your product/service to people after they’ve consumed your content and become bonded with you.”
-Ann Sieg from Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto

If you’re not a content producer you’re not going to succeed.

So don’t think for a moment that your lack of success has anything to do with you not understanding the social media platforms. Most of you can figure out how to use social media.

What you maybe haven’t figured out is that you’re a content marketer. If you’re not creating content to serve as your marketing, then you’re not really marketing at all.

Just don’t think that it’s a social media issue. It’s not. It’s a content creation issue.

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