August 12, 2020

Why People Don’t Want What You’re Selling

lack of understanding client

So you’ve got this great product (or service) that would be just perfect to help someone with (fill in the problem). Your heart’s in the right place, but I’ve got news for you: People Don’t Want What You’re Selling. (What the heck! Did she just say that?)   Marketing isn’t about what you think people […]

Thankful For The MLM Life – A Better Way to Live

Coach Curt

Many chastise our industry because so many join and don’t make a profit. Many quit because they think it is easy and they don’t make money quickly. That is a narrow and warped view of the MLM world. Many people stick around a company a long time without making any money? Many MLMers stick and keep coming back to this industry even after promising themselves they never would.

Why? In this short audio, you will hear my take on that. . .

Have You Been Vaccinated?

Coach Curt Johnson

We hope you were warned about the #1 reason those who love and trust you want nothing to do with your MLM pitch.

Unfortunately most of the trainers in the network marketing industry do not warn new people to the “Vaccination Effect” that is very strong in our society.

Knowledge is power, and this 2 minute nugget will save you much frustration as you grow your business.

Are you talking to EVERYONE about your MLM company?

Coach Curt Johnson

The real problem is those MLM’ers who don’t try or acknowledge tech changes exist, and continue to market their opportunity with extremely outdated mindsets. Please sit with me for 3 minutes while I confront this issue.

Coach Curt’s Comments: It’s Your Fault They Say, “No”

Coach Curt Johnson

Here’s how to change your NO’s to YES’s, listen to this quick story that if you grasp the moral of the story, can change your business dramatically.

Coach Curt’s Comments: The MLMer’s 4 Letter Word

Here's Coach Curt, our Director of Coaching here at Daily Marketing Coach

Here’s the #1 key to success in network marketing that is rarely emphasized in the industry.

Meet Coach Curt Johnson, Director Of Coaching For Daily Marketing Coach

From left to right: Curt Johnson, Ann Sieg, Isaiah Sieg circa 2005

I was struggling in a big way to find more qualified prospects into my business until I met Coach Curt Johnson. Here’s the details on Coach Curt Johnson and how he’s helping to serve you on a weekly basis at this blog.

A Sad Christmas, A New Marketing Strategy, and a Box Made of Gold (My Business Breakthrough Story)

Sometimes wanting something really badly isn’t enough. You have to get it yourself. This is my story about how I created a little breakthrough for myself with the help of Ann Sieg and her online marketing and education program.

The Smart Beginners Checklist For Getting Traffic and Leads in Your First 90 Days

Here’s a story not all that uncommon: Two network marketers of equal intelligence, equal ambition, and equal ability sign-up with the same MLM business. The first one sets-up a “plain Jane” WordPress blog site that starts getting a trickle of traffic and leads in less than 90 days. Best yet, he’s noticed. He’s in the […]

11 Copywriting Tips For The Do-It Yourself “Kitchen Table” Business Owner (part 5)

How To Write Descriptive Page Titles With Complementary, Keyword-Rich Headlines and How To Use Your Keywords In Your Anchor Text.

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