March 1, 2024

Interview With Marsha Godwin – Certified DMC Trainer Spotlight

Marsha Godine and Ann Sieg at the first Renegade Action Workshop event

Please check out a super meaty interview I had with one of the founding members of the Daily Marketing Coach and who is a Daily Marketing Coach certified trainer.

Marsha helped create the foundation of what would become a very thorough comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring platform that teaches people how to market their business online.

Marsha understood the importance of having been invited personally by me to be part of a very special project I was creating. We’ve since gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs market their products and services online.

Listen to my interview with Marsha Godwin

Meet Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer Stacia Hopkins

Ann and Stacia

Stacia Hopkins is our youngest Daily Markteing Coach Certified Trainer. This is pretty cool because she’s also never held an “official” job. She’s been an entrepreneur from day one. That means she alone has been responsible for writing her paychecks. Nobody else. That’s pretty impressive considering most people struggle leaving the safety net of having a job. She understands that it is only through her hard work and perseverance that she can earn an income.

DMC Star Of The Week – Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline is DMC’s “star of the week.” Learn more about Lisa and watch her video interview with Ann Sieg.

Learn How 23 Year Old Computer Science Major Gabriel Both Is Building His First Online Business Through The Daily Marketing Coach


Stop everything you’re doing and listen to this heart warming interview with Gabriel Both. He’s one of the youngest members of our Daily Marketing Coach community. And in some ways that makes him a really big breath of fresh air. No, not just because he’s young but because he’s got so much wisdom.

Our “Black Friday” DMC sale has turned into a “Cyber Monday” DMC sale

To reiterate our offer expires at 11:59 PM CST tonight. Then the Daily Marketing Coach will return to its regular price, and if you didn’t take action you won’t be able to receive 1 full year of the Daily Marketing Coach for $297.00 (as opposed to $599.40)

That’s an over 50% savings compared to paying monthly!

Plus, the $900+ bonuses would no longer be included with this special offer either.

Daily Marketing Coach “Black Friday” Sale Ends December 2

Ann Sieg

Until 11:59 PM CST Monday, Dec. 2nd you can get the Daily Marketing Coach for HALF OFF! You get 1 year of the Daily Marketing Coach for $599.40 $297.00. That’s an over 50% savings compared to paying monthly!

Ann Sieg’s Thanksgiving Message 2013


Thanksgiving to me is not just a once a year kind of event.

For me it’s about a lifestyle of ongoing gratitude and thanks – yes, even during the tough challenging times of life.

It’s in the hard times when our character is best tested and forged. Counting one’s blessings is a good daily success habit. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Listen to my video to learn about a special gift I bought myself for my birthday. It’s a framed picture I bought titled “The Woman Who Wanted It All”.

It has special significance to me. You’ll learn why plus you may very likely relate to this picture as well. Even you gentlemen readers.

Go ahead and listen to my Thanksgiving Day message and also a special gift I have for you this Thanksgiving.

Thankful For The MLM Life – A Better Way to Live

Coach Curt

Many chastise our industry because so many join and don’t make a profit. Many quit because they think it is easy and they don’t make money quickly. That is a narrow and warped view of the MLM world. Many people stick around a company a long time without making any money? Many MLMers stick and keep coming back to this industry even after promising themselves they never would.

Why? In this short audio, you will hear my take on that. . .

If You Liked Ann’s Renegade ebook, You’ll Like This Better

Ann Sieg’s words never left you. They always rang true. Ann’s words stuck because they were founded by strong marketing principles. Read more about what we have for you inside of the Daily Marketing Coach.

Beautiful Website, But It Wasn’t Attracting Clients


Exactly two years ago Jory joined the Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) with the same offer you’ll receive during our special Black Friday offer.

Except you’ll get a thousand times more value than Jory did.

Back Story:

Jory was an attorney and law professor who wanted to pursue her life-long passion of helping people find, follow, and fulfill their life purpose.

So she set off to become a life and career coach.

And she laid out tens of thousands of dollars to learn her new craft, get the proper coaching credentials behind her name, and create a beautiful website.

Sadly,she ended up with the nightmare you hear about all the time.


Read the rest of the story to learn how Jory “made good” with the help of DMC here.

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