May 25, 2024

Blogging Simplified Live Review

Blogging Simplified LiveBlogging Simplified Live is a new course launched by Marsha Godwin.  It is a 6 Week Live Webinar Course that provides a foundation for your online business: WordPress Blog, Compelling Offer, Autoresponder Set Up, Landing Page and more.

The Course includes a combination of LIVE webinars, recorded webinars, personal coaching calls, Q&A webinars, weekly assignments, videos and Bonuses!   Marsha provides step by step directions, resources and support that will shorten your learning curve and assist you in getting your business online faster.

Penny – YOU ARE AWESOME and I am LOVING the Blogging Simplified Live Course!  You’ve really helped me move my blog and my business forward by taking blogging, simplifying it, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way.  You and Blogging Simplified Live took all of the mystery out of it, broke it down into manageable pieces, and got me confident enough to publish my blog and start driving traffic to my site.  Thanks again!

Cinda – I am thrilled to be a member of the first group to participate in Blogging Simplified Live. I’ve been trying to develop a presence online with a blog for more than two years. After working with Marsha for just two weeks, I now understand the blueprint of blogging and I have the tools to move forward.  I have now completed the Course and people are taking notice and opting in to reserve a copy of my first eBook that will be published this week.

Blogging Simplified Live 6 Week Webinar Course

(Watch Video)

Blogging Simplified Live


Blogging Simplified Live 6 Week Webinar Course Includes

  • 6 Live 90 minute Webinars that step you through the process of setting up your online business  with a WordPress Blog.
  • The 6 Webinars will be recorded & added to the ‘Members Only’ area for you to watch at your convenience.
  • Weekly Assignments to keep you on track.
  • 2 Q&A Webinars to get you moving forward.
  • 60 minutes One on One Personal Coaching with Marsha.


Blogging Simplified Live Bonuses

Blogging Simplified Live 6 week Webinar Course includes but is not limited to the following Bonuses:

  • Recommended Tools and Resources From Marsha
  • Introduction and Planning Webinar
  • Market and Keyword Research Videos
  • Creating Your Compelling Offer Video
  • Premium Theme From iThemes
  • Autoresponder Set Up Video
  • Landing Page Video
  • 2 Blog Critiques Live Webinar
  • Get Started Online With WordPress eBook by Marsha
  • Additional Coaching at reduced rate

Patsy – “Best live teaching experience I’ve had in YEARS! Marsha is highly qualified and expertly prepared to teach on blogging and everything associated with it from setup through marketing. I can’t stop telling people about her and Blogging Simplified Live. Tremendous value at any price. This class is a must for taking your business forward in particular for a beginner like me! Thanks Marsha for your time and personal attention to all of us.”

Tara – Marsha is amazing. I learned so much from her. She really knows her stuff. Her teaching style is personal and easy to follow. The Blogging Simplified Live Course was well worth it. Thank you so much Marsha!

Blogging Simplified Live ‘Members Only’

This is a peek at the ‘Members Only’ area of Blogging Simplified Live.  Members of the Course have access to all the recorded webinars, videos, resources, support materials and more in their ‘Members Only’ area.  This allows each Member to take things at their own pace or to review the Course whenever they want.


Blogging Simplified Live

Carol – Just got off Marsha Godwin’s Blogging Simplified Live training course. Even if you already have your blog set-up, purchase this course. I repeat. Purchase this course. Marsha is a superb, reassuring teacher. Her course gently slides you into blog ACTION!

Leslie – Attended Marsha Godwin’s simply sublime Blogging Simplified Live class – I REFUSE to be held back any longer by my techno-toddler tendencies (and, besides, Marsha’s a GREAT & patient teacher)

Blogging Simplified Live Gives Credit To Daily Marketing Coach

I had struggled for years trying to create a business online.  I invested countless hours and a small fortune and chased every program and guru that offered a promise only to find no success. Fortunately, I became a Founding Member of Daily Marketing Coach and Inner Circle.  I followed Ann Sieg’s teachings and I incorporated the direction and guidance I received from one on one Coaching with Curt Johnson. Coach Curt helped me define what I wanted to accomplish and then develop a road map to make it happen.   Plus, I received training and support from all the members of 80/20 Marketing: Eric Walker, Candace Hogan, Isaiah Sieg and Justin Gehring.

Today, I’m a blogger, trainer, speaker, coach, product creator and a Certified Trainer with Daily Marketing Coach. I now monetize what I’ve learned and I teach it to others.  Daily Marketing Coach and Inner Circle gave me what I needed to create a successful online business.  I give credit to Daily Marketing Coach, the 80/20 Marketing Team, the educational platform and the community they created for the launch of Blogging Simplified Live, my other products and all the components of my online business.

Daily Marketing Coach is an educational platform for teaching you how to market, advertise, promote and generate your own leads.  It does not compete with any other business you are working but instead shows you how to build that business more effectively.   It is a community of like minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take their business online and to the next level.   To learn about Daily Marketing Coach and how you and your business can benefit join us on a Thursday Night Webinar:  Daily Marketing Coach

Jane – Listened to Class One of Marsha Godwin Blogging Simplified Live. I am SO glad I signed up for this class. It is not too late for you to sign up.

Lorraine – Marsha has the rare ability to impart that knowledge to those of us who are rank beginners, in language that is easy to understand and follow. I have just completed the first class in Marsha’s course, “Blogging Simplified Live,” and am so excited about learning how to build a website, hands on, from the ground up under her tutelage.

Blogging Simplified Live Information

To Become An Affiliate: 

Use this link to sign up to be an affiliate of Blogging Simplified Live via Daily Marketing Coach:  Blogging Simplified Live Affiliate

Once you have become an affiliate then add your ID# to the back office of DMC.  Receive commission if someone you bring into Daily Marketing Coach signs up for the Course via DMC (if you have become an affiliate and added your link in DMC).   Log in to DMC > My Account > Back End URLs > Additional Training > Add your affiliate URL or ID#

We encourage you if you decide to become a Member and purchase the Course to do so via the DMC so your sponsor earns the commission.

Next Course: 

A new Course has just started.   It is not too late to become a Member!  Blogging Simplified Live is a simple step by step approach.  You might want to consider the course if you are new to the online world or your are technically challenged.      To learn more about the course click here: Blogging Simplified Live    To become an Blogging Simplified Live Affiliate via Daily Marketing Coach click here:  Affiliate

Jan Blogging Simplified Live came just when I needed it!

About Marsha Godwin

Marsha is a coach, trainer, blogger, author, product creator and Certified Trainer for the Daily Marketing Coach. After having spent years in the corporate world, Marsha’s entrepreneurial spirit took over! Today, she loves to assist others in finding their own online business success.


  1. Hi Marsha I was searching for someone to teach me how to blog for an online business when I ran across your video. However the offer of a 6 week coarse for $197 was expired. Are you offering any coarses at the present time?
    thank you Carrie

    • Hi Carrie….

      Thank you for your interest in the Blogging Simplified Live Course. The next Course starts Saturday, March 23rd at 3:00 pm EST. The price on the Course is $495 BUT I am offering it at a SPECIAL PRICE of $197.00. The link in this blog post reflects the Special Price on the Sales Page. I hope to see you as a Member of the Course. ~ Marsha


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