May 25, 2024

Autoresponders In A Nutshell

We are going to take a quick look at autoresponder systems. Specifically the AWeber system. Be sure to watch the five minute video tutorial at the bottom of this blog post.
Autoresponders in a nutshell copy
Before we do, it is important to know WHY we even care about Autoresponders…

Why Email Marketing

In one sentence:

Email marketing to your list of subscribers is where you make most of your sales.


Autoresponders In A Nutshell

70% of your sales are done through your list. So says Dr. Ben Adkins.

Dr. Ben Adkins is often quoted as saying that at least 70% of your online sales come from emails that you send to your list. The other 30% come from online sales where leads respond to some type of ad directly. Obviously you are giving up 70% of your potential sales if you do not develop a list and market to it.

Your List Makes You Money EVERY Month

If you study Internet marketing and email marketing in particular you will hear the following number confirmed by different marketers over and over:

“You can expect to make $1/month per subscriber on your list.”

So, 10,000 subscribers could and should result in $10,000 per month in income. Not everyone will buy everything, but “on the average” enough will buy each month to average out to $1 per subscriber.

Just Having A List Is Not Enough

That brings us to a few caveats.

You most develop a trusting relationship with your list. Your subscribers must “know, like and trust you.” This is accomplished by providing valuable information to your subscribers.

Your subscriber list must have a common interest and that interest must match what you are marketing to them. Sending bridal gown information to a group of backpackers won’t work.

YOU must be front and center in your marketing. People can’t get to know you if you hide behind a faceless website.

You MUST use a reputable autoresponder company. I’ll cover the reasons why in the short video below.

Why Look At The AWeber Autoresponder System?

AWeber has been around for over 15 years. They are friendly to the Make Money Online and Network Marketing industries. Even if they weren’t that popular, you can learn something from looking at one of the autoresponder systems since they all do basically the same thing.


What You Need To Know

An autoresponder is a necessary tool for almost all Internet Marketers. Building our list of subscribers is behind the vast majority of what we do online.

If you’d like to know more about what to write in your email autoresponder sequence, or more in-depth information about Aweber, click to learn more about our Daily Marketing Coach program.

About Hale Pringle

With degrees in psychology and counseling and a doctorate in Ed. Administration and Research, Hale has a long history bf loving to teach and help. His background includes working for School Districts, Social Service Agencies, Universities and several small businesses. He has been involved in thousands of research projects and for the last forty years has been a software development systems analysts and project director. He has always been a teacher He loves helping people and learning new things. His current passion is network marketing and Internet marketing. For a Free eBook on AWeber and to Learn more about working with Hale click the "Blog" link below.


  1. Thanks for the article Hale and Ann.

    I am going to be teaching about this very subject on my weekly training series tonight…Had it planned already so this was very timely…..

    Thanks again….

  2. Great explanation and tutorial about Aweber and setting up autoresponders. Thanks Hale!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial about Aweber and setting up auto responders, Hale. Definitely excellent info and you make it look so easy!

  4. As Carla mention above, your explanation and tutorial are great.. Your book on aweber is fantastic as well as all your tutorials, you make things look a lot easier and interesting. Thanks

  5. Dr. Hale is a great instructor and very thorough – plus patent with us that are less tech savvy – thanks Hale – Hale yes.

  6. Many thank you’s, great article and very useful.

  7. Anyone who can look at Aweber and break down it’s complexities for us plain folk is truly a talent. Thanks Hale for diving deep and helping us all out!

  8. Great article Hale! Email marketing and auto responders can be a little intimidating when first getting started…your info. helps folks get a clear picture of what it’s all about!

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