May 25, 2024

How To Speak To The People You Really Want To Reach

Here is a common yet effective method for speaking to the people you really want to reach

If you’re going to communicate clearly with the audience for whatever it is you offer, you’ll need to understand the difference between features and benefits. Then you’ll need to be able to make your product mean something for your audience. Then you’ll need to be able to prove it. Once you understand these concepts, you’ll be able to really speak to the people you want to reach. In this blog post, we cover all of those things. Keep reading if you want to really speak to the people you want to reach.

If You’re Reeeeeaaaaally Reeeaaalllyyy Starting From Scratch

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The point of this blog is to invite you to take a look at loooooonnnnngggg time perspective.

What taking the long term perspective means is whatever transformation you’re seeking, accept that it will take at least a year if not multiple years. Make love and accept this idea. Loooooonnnnngggg time.

This is key because it will be the driving force behind your ability to maintain your consistency over time. Examples include dropping all that weight, making all that money, kicking an unhealthy habit, recovering from trauma, repairing a relationship, etc, etc.)

Watch Ann Sieg’s Videos On YouTube

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The purpose of this short blog is to draw your attention to Ann Sieg’s videos on Youtube. In particular, Ann has compiled several “Playlists,” which a nifty little function of YouTube where you can make it easy for viewers to lean back and watch multiple videos with minimal effort. Playlists can increase watch-time. Right now, Ann is focused on a playlist called “21 Success Suggestions.” We also have playlists on The Renegade Network Marketer, her attraction marketing “primer” book, as well as Frequently Asked Questions and Should Ask Questions about our Daily Marketing Coach program. See more about what Ann Sieg is doing with her YouTube channel.

Promote Yourself And Share What You Do

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On behalf of Ann Sieg, her in-house marketing team, her cadre of marketing experts, trainers and the entire Daily Marketing Coach community, we’d like to give everyone a “safe space” to promote themselves and share what they do with the community.

In the comments below…

Please introduce yourself. Let us know about yourself, your background, your credentials if you applicable, your philosophy, your passion and anything else people should know. Include ONE LINK of your choosing, more information about your own “make money” interests here on the web. How are you helpful and who can you help best?

Social Media Is Irrelevant, And So Are You If That’s All You Talk About


Here we are at the foot of 2014, and some of you are STILL pre-occupied with social media. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be using it, but if you’re trying to make a conversation around social media, I hold the opinion that you’re irrelevant and boring.

Are you?

Entrepreneurs and businesses need help with content creation, and that extends into social media, but in itself, social media is boring to talk about. The real discussion to have is about your content.

Here’s why: social media is only a tool to reach more people.

Our “Black Friday” DMC sale has turned into a “Cyber Monday” DMC sale

To reiterate our offer expires at 11:59 PM CST tonight. Then the Daily Marketing Coach will return to its regular price, and if you didn’t take action you won’t be able to receive 1 full year of the Daily Marketing Coach for $297.00 (as opposed to $599.40)

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Daily Marketing Coach “Black Friday” Sale Ends December 2

Ann Sieg

Until 11:59 PM CST Monday, Dec. 2nd you can get the Daily Marketing Coach for HALF OFF! You get 1 year of the Daily Marketing Coach for $599.40 $297.00. That’s an over 50% savings compared to paying monthly!

If You Liked Ann’s Renegade ebook, You’ll Like This Better

Ann Sieg’s words never left you. They always rang true. Ann’s words stuck because they were founded by strong marketing principles. Read more about what we have for you inside of the Daily Marketing Coach.

Here’s The DMC Black Friday Sale


As we approach 2014, we’re ready to promote the heck out of DMC. Why? you ask. Because we are proud of what we’ve accomplished here, what it DMC means to our customers, and the results they’re receiving. Would you like get results in your business? Would you like a responsive community to help you with your struggles, lingering questions and a growing sense of overwhelm? DMC could be that place for you. Curious? Click here.

How Blogging and Email Marketing Can Work Hand-In Glove

Eric Walker at Great Wealth Transfer Conference circa Dec. 2010

When I started to really focus my freelance writing work at the intersection between blogging and email marketing, and discovered all the ways they can work together harmoniously (actually, I now believe they MUST), I started teaching on this subject. This video (below) was taken at our Total Funnel Immersion workshop in St. Paul, MN.

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