May 25, 2024

Ask Ann Sieg Vol. 1

I’m now taking questions.

I get a lot of questions from motivated, eager and ambitious networkers. Many of them are newbies (or as my Eric likes to call them “Smart Beginners”), but some are veterans who are having success too.

My Point

I like and WANT to answer your questions the best I can. My team and I are currently developing out a new content calendar and we’d like to incorporate YOUR questions.

Ask Your Question In Comments Below

Comment with an informed, well thought question and we’ll put it into the queue. It’s likely I won’t respond immediately, but WILL be publishing my understandings (notice I said “understandings” not “answers”) this blog.

Let’s get started…

I received these very thoughtful questions from friend, colleague and teammate, Bob Andolina.


Ann, do you believe that the day of building a home business by one leader teaching another which builds into a group of builders and other leaders is over, such as how a MLM business is built?


I absolutely do not believe those days are over. I am a perfect case in point. Now this goes back seven years ago but nonetheless it’s the principle here that I want to reinforce. All it takes is someone with a really strong desire to develop their core skill sets. That was me when I put myself under my team leader’s mentorship and teachings. I soaked everything up like a sponge but more importantly I was in massive action mode. This same mindset is what works in today’s team setting.


What I mean is, to copy what you are doing, which I think is what most of us here would like to do, would this require us to hire people to work for us like what you have done, having them on our payroll to take control of the many different things an Internet marketer needs to do in order to be successful on the Internet these days?


This is a great question and a further distinction from your question above. Essentially it comes down to building out an economy. In my instance I was simply utilizing the resources I had at my disposal. The first person I trained and hired into my business was my youngest son who was in 7th grade at the time. All I wanted to do was offset what I felt was a fairly mundane task (processing and managing my leads) on to someone else so I could do tasks that only I could do.

This is known as outsourcing.

This type of resourcefulness continued as I eventually brought my entire family into my business. My middle son became my shipping manager, my husband helped manage calls and overseeing the financials and my eldest son jumped into help with my marketing. That is the simplest evolution of my business.

Now to what level you scale and outsource is a whole different matter.

Here is what you need to consider very carefully.

The more you scale and outsource the more your internal expenses go up. This is a very weighty matter, especially as you have people come to rely on that income source as either your direct employee or independent contractor.

I can tell you for my husband he takes great pride as a business owner in being able to provide jobs to people. It is a very big motivator for him. On the other hand there are risks to consider for this as well. You know have to make certain you bring in a level of income to sustain a bigger team. That is for each person to consider.

At the very least I do recommend once a person is in profitable to do two things.

  • One is to buy more advertising to continue to scale your business and
  • Secondly, is to offset the minutia related tasks of your business. As the CEO of your company you owe that to yourself. You should move more and more towards working “on” your business and less and less “in” your business.

I believe with all the power of automation and resources of the internet a staff of 2-3 people would be the maximum that you need.

I have a bigger staff largely in part because I have an entire affiliate system that I’ve put together.


Or, do you also believe one can still build the MLM way in which one leader builds other leaders who do the same?



In my business today, I do all the web building, coaching, customer relations, social marketing, fixing computer issues, business paper work, etc. Should we be thinking of hiring people to work for us as you have done to do all these things, or is that just your style and what works for you?

Personally, yes, I would recommend you outsource some of these activities. It is not a good use of your time. Put your focus on your highest value/income producing activities. You owe that to your company.


I know of some leaders who do well on their own, but just wanted to pick your brain on this topic. I think it is a good question others may want to get your input on as well. What have you been seeing in the Internet Marketing world these days?


This is a very broad question. I will say one major observation is that no one should be a solo marketer. There are simply too many changes going on. The need for being a part of a network cannot be overemphasized.

You can learn more about my story, and how I’ve used attraction marketing to become an 8 figure earner by downloading a free copy of my Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto

If you have a question, or thoughts about how I answered some of the questions above, comment below.

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. I am just starting out building my network marketing business and realise that I have a lot of work to put in especially during the first six months. I am OK with that because I am not really in a position to outsource at the moment, but, once I have some significant income coming in then I will be outsourcing what I can and scaling up with the paid advertising.

    It’s not get rich quick but more like get rich in eighteen months, providing of course we all put the work in.


  2. I have only done network marketing twice, this being the second time. I did very well in the first one years ago but stopped due to my upline breaking away from me too quickly and lost everything. I signed with this new company because I see so much potential but only started 12 weeks ago. I quickly realized I had to do something different as I saw a great opportunity but a horrible way to do it … hate one on one sales, loathe it. I googled “leads for network marketers” and came upon your site. I’ve read the books numerous times, am using ty tribble’s site to create my blog but still feel a lot of this is so confusing and way above me. What is an approximate length of time the average person would need to totally understand this to implement it. I am still very confused! I am very hard on myself and set unrealistic time limits on how long something should take to learn. I am willing to give it as much time as I need but it would be helpful to know, if you have NO marketing experience but are bright, energetic and willing to learn and be coached, how long it should take to at least start. THANK YOU ANN … this will be my road to a free life! Ellen

  3. I like the company i am with and the people are great too. However their methods of prospecting and recruiting doesn’t fit my personality, even though I have gone through my warm market and still have yet to the results I was looking for. My question is how do I get the mindset to see the greater benefits of attraction marketing over the seeming success of my up-line and those around me.


    • Hi Tommie,

      It comes down to what you surround yourself with. Get around those who are teaching and mastering attraction marketing. If all you do is hang around your upline and what they’re doing you’re going to have an uphill battle.

      I would make that a top priority. For example, right here within the Renegade Blog is a massive amount of training you can go through and it’s 100% free. Just set up some kind of a learning schedule and dive right in.

      If you have questions feel free to send an email to and my head coach (Curt Johnson) can provide a complimentary informational webinar for you. They’re super valuable.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tommie.


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