April 21, 2024

Are you starting from ground zero?

Curt Johnson, Ann Sieg & Isaiah Sieg - August, 2006

In this video I connect up with my good friend Curt Johnson whom I met in May of 2004 via the internet and good phone follow up.

Curt’s responsible for helping to bring the Renegade Network Marketer to the world — ME. :-)

You’ll find out more about that story inside our interview.  But more importantly you’ll hear how a successful network marketer who’s built multiple huge downlines is starting all over from scratch.

Literally penniless.

He gave it all up to pursue his dream of serving in the mission fields and had the extreme misfortune of having his full time network marketing income taken right out from underneath him days after getting on to the mission fields.

Here’s how he dealt with that along with why he feels network marketing is still the best industry out there for the average person — doing it the Renegade way, of course!

Curt also shares how he is apply the learning lessons of The Elevation Group and as a poor man is still able to participate in the great wealth transfer going on right now.  Lots of people feel like they don’t have a fighting chance to capitalize on this but that’s just not so.

You’ll be encouraged if you’re starting from ground zer0 or even if you’re in the hole.
Here’s a way out!

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. What a story of inspiration and I am so pleased to be part of Curts team and helping build from ground zero. We are part of that new wave of awareness that is developing. It is vitally important to have silver, but it is also vitally important to have food reserves. Thank you for making me aware of this great opportunity and coaching me as I start at ground zero with Curt. Anne, thank you for publishing this discussion between the two of you. I suspect that there are many at ground zero that may be interested in joining in and building it together in a collaborative Renegade fashion.

  2. As much as I admire what you teach about multiple steams of income and the Renegade marketing, etc. I have to tell you… Curt, Ann… “Ground 0″, does not involve a 800+ credit score and buying silver. That might be ground level, but NOT ground 0. Saying that is like the preacher on Sunday morning delivering a sermon that he just put together on Saturday night. There is no weight to it, no power in what is being said. Ground 0 involves destruction, ruins, disaster, an absolute pile of rubble! Rebuild from that and they will come.

    BTW, not meant as an attack, just an observation from a man who is TRULY in rebuild mode.

  3. Hi Mark and Mav,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Curt and I experienced together having our full time income pulled out from under us from a particular MLM. Curt’s situation was a bit different than mine because he had spent three years or better to build up his MLM income to then serve in the mission field. He didn’t want to rely on church offerings. He wanted to build the money supply in advance first.

    Because he operates on principle, when asked to deny Ann Sieg and The Renegade he soundly said “No!” even though he was threatened to have his income pulled out from underneath him. He was living in a hut at the time.

    So Mav, definitely not the rubble and devastation you’re referring to as in Japan’s recent tsunami. More so is that he put principle before money and had to essentially walk away from a full time income he had earned through thousands of hours of hard work.

    The point is not to make a hero out of Curt. The point is to say that some people may feel a disconnect from some of the teachings inside The Elevation Group and quite frankly nothing could be further from the truth. Victim mentality never serves anyone. Self-education and little bit of “boot strapping” as Cameron Herold (our February Leaders’ Circle presenter) described it goes a long way to moving one’s self along.

    Our country was founded on such people. Are there people who legitimately need a hand up? Absolutely! But those with a smidgen of intelligence and a “can- do” attitude will go a long way.

    My question for folks struggling along would be to ask you if you watched the recent webinar with me and Eric Walker? http://therenegadeblog.com/topsecretreplay.php

    People were given ample time to watch. And then “IF” you watched it did you apply it? This was free education provided via the 80/20 Marketing team with roughly two weeks full time prep into it. Was there cost to us? You bet! But we did what was needed to help generate more sales to our upcoming live event.

    Overall we know the people who attended the webinar loved it and were very well served with high quality over-the-top information.

    Thanks again Curt for your optimistic message and for leading by example!


  4. Ground Zero means many things to many people..

    Some have attained a level of comfort in their lives and want to keep it.
    Some have been in the corporate worlds, retired and had it all taken away.
    Some were making ends meet and now are not because of personal circumstance, a death, a job loss, a divorce or the growth of their family through births or taking care of aging parents.
    Some are just starting out in life with high goals and even higher student loan debt.
    and some, just don’t want to rely on anyone else to achieve their idea of a dream..

    It doesn’t matter what anyone’s ground zero is.. because zero, is zero and the opportunity/choice is to go up or stay put.
    The one thing that we are all graced with is a brain and the chance to learn and take what we learn and put it to good use. The choice is up to every person to help themselves, help someone else, or ask for help and then use those things to make life better.

    Not everything is about money.. money allows us to eat, have homes, and take care of our loved ones more comfortably and while we cannot live without it .. learning is free.

    I can be an optimist, or a pessimist.. I choose optimism with education and action. Today I may not be able to spend like I would like, but I can plan so that given the opportunity I can be financially better off, and I can learn and if what I learn doesn’t help me maybe I can share that with someone it will help. I believe in the strength, fortitude and intelligence in people.. I just do.

    I believe every day is ground zero and its not based on money.. its based on what I want to get done in this one day that will make my life better tomorrow, or the live of someone else better tomorrow.

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