May 25, 2024

An Insider’s Look At Ann Sieg’s New Evergreen “Mini-Launch” System

Here is a brutal reality…

If you truly want to become a force in this industry and a top MLM earner, you’re going to need to work on your presentation skills.

More presentations = more money in your pocket in the form of sponsoring more people into your business.

Presentations = sponsorship.

I speak with Ann near daily, and contribute to her business in a myriad of ways (not just social media). What your about to read is, up til now, considered “Inside Stuff” that hasn’t been shared yet.

Please take 5 minutes to read this…

Or if you’re in a rush…

Don’t Leave Empty Handed!

See, Ann is going to be sharing this amazing downline building strategy that has allowed not only us, but also members of Ann’s team – some with very limited marketing experience – how to close ONE out of every TWO prospects into their primary business, thus creating massive growth and duplication.

Would you like to learn what this is all about so you can apply it to your business?

Because you’ll only be able to access this material in one place.

It’s Andrew Cass’s “CASH CONTROL For Networkers” “One-Time-Only” LIVE Event (webinar) on January 16th.

Ann will be giving more details on our new system then, but you have to register for this live event webinar now.

Get registered here, and Andrew will fill you in on a few more details…

Here’s the thing though…

She’s not necessarily going to have enough time to share EVERYTHING with you on that webinar, so we’re going to be sharing some “meaty” emails and/or blog posts (like this one) with you to give you some necessary background info.

Let’s get started right now with some of this content…

Behind The Scenes With Ann Sieg

Since Ann began building a network marketing team again last year, specifically for the purpose of testing new techniques in the field, she’s given more presentations than ever – at least one per week, but more often than not, it’s several per week.

Like I mentioned the other day, we’re likely keeping away from product launches for awhile (plus we’re having way too much fun building a team again).

Thing about product launches… it’s not a business model.

Here are the cons of product launches:

  • They’re taxing – they tax Ann; tax her team, and they force us to operate on “urgent” mode.

Not good.

We want to operate on “important” mode. Meaning nothing becomes urgent. Because if we’re always working on “urgent” things, then that means we’re not working “important” things until they become urgent.

  • Launches often bring too many new customers at once, and that taxes our resources.

See, it’s hard to keep up with from a customer service standpoint.

If customers get upset because we have too many of them coming through the pipeline at once and can’t properly service them then they won’t remain customers very long will they? We want customers for life (because we genuinely care, and that is good for business).

Candace Hogan (above), is our customer care representative. She’s been with Ann’s 80/20 Marketing Business for six years. She is, hands down, the best in the biz. But that should also indicate Ann’s commitment to customer care – we’ve had a person solely dedicated to this position for a long time. We don’t outsource that stuff or change hands every three months.

    • It’s an all or nothing, go for broke model. ‘Nuf said. We’re not gamblers, and we don’t have a lotto mentality. Ann’s down home Midwest values permeate the culture of this team.


  • It usually requires that we have coordinated with all of our affiliates to promote at the same time, and that can be difficult. Every top marketer has a packed schedule. One “off” day can result losing that marketer from promoting the launch.

Now again, there is definitely a place for a launch. We’re not saying it’s “bad.”

What we’re really saying is there’s a better way to sell your products, and/or services and/or business opportunity.

It’s with presentations via webinars.

We use a software called GoTo Webinar where you can host as many as 1,000 people at a time on a webinar. There is other webinar software available too.

Here Are The Pros Of Hosting Your Own Webinars:

    • You market to your prospect at a time when you have a captive audience. In other words, it’s not an ad or an email that sends them to a sales video. Often that sales video provides no indication how long it is, and you can’t “forward” or “reverse.” The prospect has no idea and no control. Not customer friendly at all.


    • With webinar presentations, the attendees schedule their time and willingly arrive – often times ready with pen and paper in hand. In this scenario, time is suspended. Your stuff is all that matters.


    • You can indoctrinate your prospect prior to the webinar. Sort of like I’m doing here, I’m educating you on an important aspect you will need to make an informed decision.


  • And this next point might be the best thing about webinar presentations…

You teach them good content, and by doing so, you’re super charging your prospect to do what you want them to do faster and better with your product or service. It’s totally win-win.

    • Even non-buyers leave happy, which is great for your reputation and brand. The perception is that you’re giving content not selling.


    • Buyers understand what they’re getting. This means they’re happier, more loyal and you’ll have less refunds.


  • Webinars often employ auditory, visual and even kinesthetic aspects of presenting which have the highest conversion of any method with the exception of speaking from stage.


So, Putting A Webinar Presentation Into Your Arsenal Is What You Should Be Doing, But

…there are definitely some drawbacks to hosting webinar presentations:

    • They can be tiring. Try doing a webinar every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and you’ll feel it. Equally not fun for folks who have a young family.


    • They’re not scripted. This is good and bad, but often the “wing it” power point slide approach is flawed in the sense that you’ll forget something. With marketing, the aim is predictability. If your presentation is different each time -even slightly- so will the results.


  • The time slot isn’t good for international folks (like if you do a 9 p.m. webinar USA EST the folks in the UK can’t make it unless they stay up until 2 a.m.)

Well, we’ve come up with a solution to these problems…

And this is what Ann will be outlining …

This new evergreen “mini-launch” system is something we’ve been testing over the past few months to build teams at record speeds.

This novel alternative has produced over $340k in gross team sales for just one product line… our conversion rate for high ticket items has been over 51% using this model…

but most importantly…

it’s consistent and predictable and it’s rinse and repeat, unlike the massive amount of energy that goes into a one-time product launch or even a one-off webinar presentation.

This is what Ann will be bringing to this All Star round table of 7 figure earning marketers via the Cash Control for Networkers webinar.

It all gets started on Monday’s webinar. Sign up now.

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