June 20, 2024

Welcome to Ann Sieg’s Leaders’ Circle

In a poll we conducted in the early summer of 2010, 89% of Ann Sieg’s audience responded “Yes” for leadership training from her. Ever since, she’s led the charge to fulfill that request.

In this spirit, and on behalf of Ann Sieg and the 80/20 Marketing Team, we’d like to introduce The Leaders’ Circle.

The Leaders’ Circle is going to help you captain your own ship, and steer yourself to the shores where you wish them to disembark.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide you more information about The Leaders’ Circle. We want you to understand what our intention is, how you can participate, and how you can benefit.

This part of Leaders’ Circle costs no money. Our intent is to lead you into action. We want to help you build your skills.

But even an education that’s completely free is expensive in time and effort.

Inclusion is active, not passive. We like to joke around amongst our 80/20 Marketing Team here, and say, “We’re not going to let you spend a dime until you take a little action.”

Read the short excerpts below then follow the links to learn more about The Leaders’ Circle.

We want you to understand our intention to facilitate a rich community that will provide value, meaning and support your efforts to build a successful online business.

How to Make Your Online Education Pay Off with The Leaders’ Circle

This post explains What The Leaders’ Circle is, Why we’ve formed The Leaders’ Circle and How you can use it to help you be successful with your online business. We delve deep into the philosophy and process of self-education, and why your success depends on mastering fundamental skills by practicing them in the real world. *Be sure to watch Ann’s video.

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The Leaders’ Circle Will Provide a Place to “Practice” and Develop Your Talent

The Leaders’ Circle will ignite you to take action, then help you feel safe to practice, and THAT is what helps people build their business. It creates momentum, and momentum is a good gauge of success. We use Glenn Arcaro and Didi Alcheva and their newly formed “talent hot bed” called Social Media Buzz with Video as a perfect example. We document their community, and our collaboration with them, as a case study -and a model- for you to learn from. *Video included.

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The Leaders’ Circle Challenge

Implementation (execution) is a series of many, many little things. You mustn’t neglect little things because you’re looking for big results. And that is the premise behind The Leaders’ Circle Challenge which you can participate in starting today. This is your opportunity to take the necessary action to build your business and receive feedback — all free of charge. *Be sure to watch the video to get Leaders’ Circle Challenge details.

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The Leaders’ Circle on Facebook

We’ve also created The Leaders’ Circle Facebook page. This page will be a great way for all of us to get to know each other. We’ll discuss these topics, brainstorm and mastermind around them in our discussion area.

Ann and myself (and our entire team) will come up with creative ways for us to engage and get to know each other.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself by posting a comment on the Leaders’ Circle page after you’ve finished learning about The Leaders’ Circle.

Keep an eye on your inbox. We will be posting regular updates and sending you occasional emails that prompt you to take the right actions that will help you build your business.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Ooooh yes I need this! I have been working on this internet MLM track for nearly three months and still waiting for the payoff. My uplines are old Army buddies I flew with in the Viet Nam era and they can’t seem to understand why I am spending so much time on Renegade, SEO Networking and MLM Blog secrets since they are being trained in the old “Soap Seller-Three Foot Rule” methods.

    My most pressing needs is to get specific “nuts & bolts” instruction on how to set up affiliate links on my site so I can start monetizing it.

    • Hi Johnnie U,

      Is that a nickname with reference to the all time great quarterback Johnny Unitas?

      Okay, so if I’m reading what you’ve written correctly, I understand that you are in Network Marketing, and you’re focused on internet network marketing, as opposed to -as you call it- “Soap Seller-Three Foot Rule” methods…. and you’re using The Renegade ebook, SEO Networker (or Traffic Cipher?) and MLM Blog Secrets as your prime education materials…You need specific instruction on how to set up affiliate links on your blog.

      John, I’m actually going to attempt to contact you and get further clarification. We’re glad to help.

  2. Hello – I’m a real newbie – especially to social networking. I would like to put my biz page on Facebook; landing page, etc. but haven’t the fainest idea how to start. My fellow upliners aren’t very knowledgeable either and aren’t very keen on learning. So I’m on a quest to learn all I can and build my business along with helping folks optimize their health and change their shopping habits. I believe in this business – just need to learn how to market. I am very impressed with the mindset and ideas of Renegade. So glad I joined! Thanks for listening

    • Hi Joanna,

      Welcome! Thanks for sharing a bit of who you are and what your needs are. That’s the best way for us to know how we can better serve people.

      Where you’re at reminds me so much of me six years ago when I came stumbling online desperate to get help. My upline and MLM company had no real solutions for me. All they could say was, “Try again.” I did that and it didn’t get me any where.

      Now six years later I’ve learned real entrepreneurial skill sets that will last and serve me a life time.

      You’ll find the same true for yourself.

      Lots more to come to help advance you in your business needs.

      To Your Success,


  3. I share Lithuanian ethnic heritage with the famous “Johnny U” but my convoluted last name was and is difficult for many to pronounce. I was first branded “Johnnie U” in kindergarten when we first learned to sign our work with our nickname and last initial. (1946 before the other JU became famous) The nickname had a life of its own. Although I generally introduced myself as “John ‘Ull-bin-ski’ “, someone would invariably call me “Johnnie U”. About twenty years ago, I decided to stop fighting it and adopt it as my own. Today I choose it as my personal brand for marketing.
    Now in my 70th year my health is good and I am very active physically and socially. I retired after nearly fifty years as a professional pilot, a job that let me particiapate in nearly every fun avocation known to man. I wrote and self-published a novel about the airline business in the early days of deregulation. Today my main gigs are surfing Florida in the fall and winter, playing hockey with my Olde Tymer pals in Colorado and singing in my Catholic choirs. After taking voice lessons from an operatic soprano, l lately branched out to singing for weddings and funerals.
    I became involved in MLM to make some money after the market crash made mincemeat of my retirement and made it impossible to downsize by selling off real estate holdings. I am a distributer with a company, call it company “X”, that markets products made from tropical juices. My blog is centered on the concept that I enjoy my active lifestyle by maintaining my physical and financial health through exercise, diet and supplements and by protecting my capital, and supplementing my income through MLM. My future goals are to market Brand “X” products through a linked website, to monetize my site with links to Amazon, Renegade and to link to my own book marketing site for my novel and to link in with my son-in-laws internet auto sales site which I will administer.
    Sorry for the lengthy bio, but yes, I have subscribed to MLM Blog Secrets, Renegade Network Marketing and Traffic Cipher. As you can see, my plate is completely full right now and there is no time for this new Video Challenge, although like most of Ann Sieg’s programs, this one looks like another winner.

    Yes, my number one goal, a fundamental one, is to monetize my website, http://JohnnieUHealthWealth.com by linking to Amazon and Renegade. I haven’t done more with it to this point because I don’t want to make a mistake and not get credit for the contacts. Yes I need the help and I am willing to pay for it.
    John U

    • You tell your story very well. Compliments. I appreciate your focus and commitment to your blog. My only suggestion to you is with regard to what you wrote here…

      You wrote, “I haven’t done more with it to this point because I don’t want to make a mistake and not get credit for the contacts.”

      It’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, it’s preferred. If you don’t “do more with it” that means you won’t learn of the mistakes that you might make. When you make the mistakes, you’re creating an opportunity to learn. That creates forward movement.

      I did receive your email too, and either myself or a member of our 80/20 Marketing Team will follow up. We’re very interested in learning more about how to help our community, and specifically, the people that take little actions like commenting here. So I thank you for doing so today.

      Enjoy the waves!

    • Coach Curt says:

      Hi Johnny U! Loved your bio. I attended the USAFA from 79 – 81 – many of my professors were Nam vet – pilots.

      Eric passed along your information to me – I’ll be getting a hold of you.

      We both work for and with Ann Sieg. Ann & I have worked together for many years, and am now serving her and 8020 as Director of Coaching.

      Looking forward to talking with you.

  4. Hi Eric,
    John U says “Yes I need the help and I am willing to pay for it.” I second that and I can add that I have been paying for it for some time now and will continue to do so because I signed up for a couple of the courses where I could not afford the lump sum payment so I chose monthly payments. My background: I am a 75 year old great grandpa, unemployed mechanical engineer (3 years without work). We have basically used up our savings and trying to get by on our social security, which will not work more than a few more months.
    Over 6 months ago I made the decision to try to make extra income with network marketing. I have spent thousands of dollars and many hundreds of hours trying to make this decision pay off. So far, NO success.

    Some of the books and videos I’ve purchased from Ann and her partners have been really great and those I have on my (Ty Tribble) blog: http://www.WillBarkley.com My worst decision was to buy into EVG because that was a sizable chunk of money and I am beginning to see that this group is for people who have already made their fortune(s) and are looking for ways to preserve it through the coming collapse. I’m definitely have not made my fortune and would just like to make a couple thousand a month to pay our bills. So, this group is way, way out of my league.

    At first I was just trying to develop some leads for my legal services network marketing business. No success with friends, relatives and neighbors and several training courses costing many hundreds of dollars. Then I tried buying leads (1500). So far, I have not sponsored (recruited) a single person for my network marketing business other than my son and daughter, who just felt sorry for me. My blog has not produced a single opt in or email contact.

    I read an ebook by another blogger who recommended writing an ebook. It took me a couple of months but I assembled an ebook entitled “Why?…So Our Children May Know Freedom”. I made hard copies and sent them to a dozen friends and acquaintances asking for suggestions, testimonials or feedback of any sort. I even mailed a copy to Ann. The only person who has responded was the owner of the engineering company that I used to work for. Originally I thought, gee, I should be able to sell a hundred of these per month at $19.13 each. (1913 was the year the Federal Reserve was created) So far, this project is going like everything else, nowhere.

    After watching Didi on a couple of Facebook training videos I decided that I need to use Facebook as my primary marketing tool. I also decided to make the ebook and the Freedom 101 Project my primary focus for generating income because the subject matter is my passion. At least, if I don’t make any money I will be working on something that I am passionate about. It’s really difficult to keep working day after day, week after week, month after month on trying to generate an income with only negative results. Making my passion my work should enable me to continue through the disappointments and exasperation of not making any money. At this point, there is a considerable sense of being overwhelmed with the amount of learning that I have to get through. It’s made 100 times worse when I encounter technical difficulties with things like getting Mozilla Firefox to download stuff properly or getting access to some of the training programs I’ve purchased from Ann because I have an “invalid user name or password”.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

    • HI William,

      First off thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

      Yes, I have your book. I have to admit I had to scramble around to find it and I found it in my favorite reading place. I love the topic and I know it’s a hot one. You’ve hit one of my passions as I’m guessing you may already be aware of.

      Curt and Eric are both outstanding coaches and a great resource to you. Curt is pretty much taking on all our coaching clients because, well, I’ve got Eric quite busy on noncoaching related topics for the time being. Like this blog for one :-)

      That said. Here’s what I think just from your book and passion. Start reaching out to people who share this same interest. They are all over the place on Facebook and you could find scads of like minded people through a Google search as well.

      Because here’s what you need to know. It is a bit challenging to do internet marketing on your own. My story? I partnered up with my son. Didi’s story? She partnered up with Glenn.

      I’m not saying it’s a cake walk to find the right partner. But partnering up is where it’s at. The reason is that there are so many skill sets to learn and there’s only so much time. Add to that is you need to find your strengths and then play off those and find someone who will compliment your strengths. That is key to growth.

      I am constantly re-evaluating myself and my team in that light. I work for full optimization of our respective skill sets and talents. We are not suited for all tasks. We’re just not. Better to accept that early on and look for someone to work with.

      So that’s my general sense of what you’ve got going on.

      Not quite sure how that will fit in with your legal services company. I think I know which one it is :-) But I like to look at things in a really Big Picture of what has to happen to get the job done. Your passion, your skills, your needs… every bit of it needs to be considered.

      I will do my best to review your book. I just received yet another book yesterday someone wants me to read and get back with them on. It is fairly ongoing all while trying to run and manage my business. So I’ll do my best.

      Have an awesome day William. We’re here to serve you in your journey.


  5. Coach Curt says:

    Hi William:

    Want to commend you for your perseverance. This is Coach Curt, Director of Coaching for Ann Sieg’s 8020 Marketing team.

    I know you are old enough to remember the days you had to get off the sofa and actually turn the channel knob – AND mess with the “fine” tuning knob to get a picture to come in. I’ve worked with hundreds of marketers and sometimes they are on the wrong channel (niche, message, etc.) other times though, it is just a relatively minor adjustment to the fine tuning in getting things moving forward.

    Don’t give up! You know your passion and have a “message” to share – which is one of the key factors to success. So – I think your channel is probably OK, just some fine tuning and you’ll start generating some leads.

    • That’s great advice Coach Curt.

      William, I followed you back to your blog, and took a look.

      First impression: I’m not 100% clear what you are doing, or why you are doing it. Start there. Visualize what you want people to see when they land on http://willbarkley.com/

      Second impression: You look way younger than 75. Nice picture!

      One important tip: It will be worth the time, effort and even a little money to acquire a “tech guy.” Even if you didn’t acquire a “tech guy,” give yourself the exercise of preparing for him. In other words, if you have a dedicated person to help you with technical stuff like wordpress, etc, what would you have that person do?

      What would you tell him to make stuff look like? While you prepare for that, find as many examples as you can of marketers already doing what you’re trying to do. Save or bookmark those examples to reference regularly.

      We will help you move forward William.

  6. Well, I have great respect for what Ann Sieg has done. Bought the Renegade N M book some time ago Recently started mlm blog secrets.
    Have 29 posts so far. Ready to start making some serious money yesterday.
    Any comments on my posts???


    George Mills 6-17
    Orlando, Fl

  7. Hi There, I’m a newbie and would like your help and support to getting started on the net. Some of the purchases from Anne over the years has been great and has inspired me to continue on my journey to this day. Could I seek your help with some tech and e-marketing support /advise and willing to pay for it. Thanks,

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