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Who is your target audience, and what do they want?

(vital question for your marketing, and the ideal starting point for making your marketing effective)

13,878 people saw that update status on on my Facebook page on September 6 at 3:13pm.

Not one comment.

It was the second most seen status update all week, yet NO ONE commented.

I might be making an assumptions here, but I don’t think I’m going to far out on the limb by saying this,

I feel that this is a question you haven’t thought about enough.

We’re going to walk you through an exercise that will help you give you the “Who is your target audience, and what do they want?” question the proper attention it deserves.

It starts with asking and then answering the right questions:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What are they thinking about?
  • What are they talking about?
  • What problems are they facing that you can solve?

To make this even more real a scenario, let’s pretend we’re selling a nutritional shake that is designed to help people lose weight. And our goal is to sell as much of this product as possible, not necessarily sign up distributors (but we’ll get to that as you continue reading).

In order to be successful with this, we have to know who we’re talking to.

It has to be ultra specific.

Let’s call this a campaign because we can create multiple campaigns that target different audiences. There are always several audiences we can consider. We just have to choose ONE and start.

Here are three SPECIFIC examples for two DIFFERENT audiences we could consider targeting:

    • Post pregnancy woman who would like to lose the remaining pregnancy weight that they’re still carrying 6+ months after having given birth.


    • Woman who want their husbands to lose weight, be healthier, have more energy and have a quick replacement for lazy fast food decisions when they’re in a hurry.


    • People who have purchased weight loss products before, but are always frustrated with the results.

Do you see how you’ll “speak” to these audiences differently?

Do you see that for each group you will relate differently to their pain?

It’s significantly different for each of the target audiences.

There isn’t really anything complicated about this, but it does require effort.

Your message has to be tailored to each of these audiences.

That means your capture pages, your emails, your blog posts, your Facebook updates, your webinar presenations, your offline presentations, YOUR ADS, even your conversations … must zero in on this specific audience.

Let’s take a closer look at the first example from above…

We’re going to targetpost pregnancy woman who would like to lose the remaining pregnancy weight that they’re still carrying 6+ months after having given birth.

Let’s think about this even closer. We have to if we hope to reach any audience.

Here are the deeper thinking characteristics of this audience:

    • They’re nursing. Therefore they burn a lot of calories and get extremely hungry — fast.


    • They’re consciously mindful to eat healthy. It’s an emotional value.


    • So they read books and magazines popular for good health, preparation of healthy “green” recipes. Take the spinach smoothie recipe for example. They like it. It’s so healthy it feels healthy. But whenever they do drink them, it doesn’t fill them up enough. They quickly get hungry again, and it’s this perpetual hunger that is both an annoying frustration as well as culprit for not being able to lose those nagging last few pounds (or more).


    • They don’t work. They are stay at home moms.


    • They arrange play dates with other like-minded moms that have kids near or at the same age.


    • This audience has their own social network both offline and online (primarily Facebook). It’s the offline activity that feeds the online social activity that initiates more offline activity – unique cycle. This creates a lot of word of mouth social proof about any number of things – weight control is one of them.


    • Money IS an issue for most of this audience. They have influence on all major family purchases, but hold absolute dominion over smaller purchases including food.


    • They justify purchases with logic. Not prone to emotional purchases – most of the time they’re not anyway.


    • If they were to purchase and sustain using the health related weight loss product, and if they received results, they’d become active evangelist, and spread the word to their peers.


  • This potentially makes them great referrers, and even perfect candidates for business builders once they’ve reached the 60-90 day mark.

Do you see how deep we’ve gone here? Do you see what I’ve done here?

If not, please reread the paragraph section above. It’s a perfect example of plunging deep to understand a target audience.

So…it’s hard for me to believe that …

13,878 people specifically saw that update status which asked “Who is your target audience, and what do they want?”

… and it was the second most “seen” update status all week.

Yet not one single comment.

That tells me one of two things, but likely both…

You either didn’t want to take the time to answer it because it felt heavy to you and you didn’t want to deal with the necessity of such a task, or you just don’t know.

Probably both.

It feels heavy because you don’t know.

Please get out a pencil and paper and do this exercise now. Take the time to find out.

Thought Leadership Is What Inspires People To Change.

Thought leadership is what inspires people to change. It’s not a series of facts and regurgitated information. People want context more than anything.

“How does that fit in with me and my life and why should I do anything about it?”

This is what transformational leadership is about and YES, marketing (when done properly) is leadership.

Folks, that’s what I’m giving you at my Facebook page, and the context is everything I teach inside The Renegade Network Marketer i.e. how to be a Renegade Network Marketer.

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  1. Great post! Very timely for me. And I am sure this is a question I haven’t thought about enough. About a week ago I created a new blog and posted it without putting nearly enough thought into this very question. I wrote 2 posts and the blog had been up for about a week and I woke up on Saturday morning and it suddenly hit me that I was payng a subcontactor to create some artwork for me for my FB page that would tie into the blog. And it suddenly occurred to me – – What is my niche? What am I doing? I was in such a hurry to get something going that I forgot to do the research! I punched my current kewords into Google and it yielded 21 milliion results! 21 million! What was I thinking? Clearly I had not been thinking at all? The artwork was supposed to be finalized by Friday and it was now Saturday. I had to move fast! It then occured to me that by changing just one word in the title of the blog, I’d be targeting a completely different niche market.. So I tried it and the search yielded 2 million. Quite a difference – – Now maybe my niche is too small. – – But I decided just to roll with it for now. Perhaps I will be able to tweak it a bit over time, as things begin to unfold.

    Ann, coincidentally you posted this on the same day I had my little epiphany – – (no niche market). But I did not see the post until the following day – – Quite refreshing indeed! Reinforcing that yes, we need a niche, we need a target market!

    Please keep these posts coming and I’ll keep coming back to The Renegade Blog! :-)

  2. Larry Craig says:

    I’ve thought previously about trying to narrow to a target market instead of just anyone.
    I’m in an MLM where I market cell phones and cell phone service. The phones go from very expensive to free. The service goes from $60/month unlimited everything to $20/month for 200 minutes. I feel like this covers most everyone since most everyone has a cell phone today. The only thought I’ve had is finding people who want the ability to change. We have no contract so a person can change if they don’t like what they have. They’re not locked into a 2 year contract. Thank you for any help.

    Last night’s webinar with Natasha Nassar was great.

  3. Great post, many do miss this tiny fact, yet its the one that should start your whole marketing campaign. Critical.

  4. Ann,
    Great Post! As a newbie I found that most people don’t think about the target. I have done nothing but think about the target and the niche. Not that it has helped any. LOL I do a lot of reading but still struggle with my target and my niche. I hope I have a revelation soon.
    Thanks for all your posts they keep me going.

  5. Good post indeed.

    My target market is the professional business person or late stage entrepreneur. They are someone who have achieved a lot and are trading time for effort which is well rewarded as a result of experience earned. However, due to the demands on their experience and in exchange for their generous salary, they have little time for themselves or their family. Their spouse either works because he/she may as well do something or their kids are growing up without their hard-working parent(s).

    Business might be good for the entrepreneur but some of the zing has disappeared from when it was a new venture. Often, entrepreneurs have good databases and can also do with the extra cash from an additional income stream.

    Having clarified my target, my reticular activating system (that subconscious recognition program in our brains) alerts me when I meet someone who fits my requirements, keeping my prospecting top of mind. I also proactively go the places and events that my target market inhabits. I go to networking functions, business chamber events and those our Government organizes for small business, banks often have small business coaching courses (for free) which pull in 20-30 or more small business owners. The list is endless once you know who you are canvassing.

    I also use the same method to evaluate my own short-comings and refine specific personality traits in my business professional target. I know that the 3 Personality on the Enneagram scale is an out-there, confident, stylish and often capable and successful type who complements my more analytical, scientific approach. It is this type of candidate that I am particularly seeking in my business at the moment.

    If you fit the above, please click my name and contact me.


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