July 17, 2024

Ann Sieg Weekly [September 19-23]

“What’s the ideal scenario for network marketers to build a business on the Internet?”

I hear this question ALL THE TIME.

Tho, it’s never articulated in this way. Yet that’s essentially what I’m repeatedly asked…

…It’s a valid question.

Until recently I’ve had difficulty answering it.

Not anymore. It’s clear to me now.

This post solves that question,

This post provides insight that will put your struggles as far behind you as possible – and fast? You’ll get my opinion about what I feel is the BEST way to learn marketing, and have a legitimate opportunity to build a full-time income business. 

First, let me ask you if I’m talking to the correct person…

For the most part, you have a strong dislike for the “old” methods of network marketing (don’t blame you there). You not only “want” to learn this new model of attraction marketing, you feel you “must” in order to save your network marketing business.

You’ll likely quit, run out of money, or just blur into obscurity if you don’t successfully make this shift.

So you’re shifting. Because you remain flexible, and eager to learn.

You may have already grasped the concepts of leverage with attraction marketing, but you have no results to show for it.

What you need now is to actually see how the model is applied, how the pieces fit, and contribute toward a successfully running funnel system within a team context.

You feel there is urgency to do this, as if time is running out.

Your business is either failing or going nowhere. You’re trying to do most or all of the work (which seems endless). Yet you know no other way. You’re not enjoying yourself.

Frankly, I think going alone is difficult without leveraging proven funnel systems and processes that are already in place. Especially if you’re new, I recommend that you leverage an existing system.

This provides you the necessary focus needed to learn traffic generation.

Once you learn just ONE method to generate traffic, little by little, you can replace the system you’re leveraging with your own – gradually – and within a team context.

Bottom line…

Most of you have used old methods and have painful experiences. You love the idea of attracting people to you … but you don’t know how because you’ve never seen it accomplished, or been a part of a team that has.

I will get to the part where you can fix this  😀

The Problem

The big problem for you is that you don’t know how it all fits together.

You don’t understand the overall model, or how to apply it. I’m talking about a truly effective leveraged marketing funnel.

It’s not a part of your existing reality.

Instead you get a million different people telling you the same thing…

That they can help you build your business, attract leads, get sales and sign ups, blah.

Everyone has the secrets these days.


But here’s the thing about that…

This is a big problem for everyone, and it has to be addressed because that’s the conversation going on inside your head.

People think…  that to combat frustration as a result of information overload they ought to take an “us vs them” mentality.

How many of you have seen more and more marketers take this “anti-guru” angle?

How many of you have held the same attitude within yourself?

You’ve had it, right?

You woke up one day and told yourself, “Enough is enough.” You’re suddenly done with all the “gurus.”

Sound correct?

We’ve both seen the headlines.

They read like this,

“Are You Sick Of Being Pitched Products By Gurus?!”

I can assure you the “us vs them” angle will get old. It won’t get anyone very far either. You will still be left sucking wind with a failing business. It doesn’t take much creativity to play that angle, and really… that’s NOT the issue.

I Recommend A Better Route

Here goes:

Taking into consideration the maturing stage of our audience and our industry, I would really like to edify all the trainers; all the products; all the coaching and other “stuff” that is out there.

There really IS a lot of value to gleaned from all this. It’s quite remarkable actually.

But here’s the thing…

Success is no longer a matter of simply having access to the right information; the right techniques; the right strategies and tactics.

That stuff is everywhere. Good stuff too. I’m shocked actually.

I see free downloads today that could have sold for $997 in 2007.

Not kidding.

The bar keeps rising.

Furthermore, I see “guru” products being sold today for a wimpy $497 (ball park) that have taken me 24 years to understand and implement.

And you can get this stuff for just $497 (ball park).


at this phase in our industry, none of that matters.


Here’s What Matters, and Here’s What You Need To Know

The most important factor for your success RIGHT NOW is the learning ENVIRONMENT — the way the information is delivered, rather than the information itself. As an educator myself, and a child of parents who were educators, I’ve always known this.

Your learning environment is paramount!

My advice…

Find the best learning environment for you.

Find the best learning environment that is based on “Team” not “Individual.”

Find the best learning environment that will not only provide access to the information you need to have, but also help you make sense of it all.

Find a place that will give you the opportunity to learn and implement attraction marketing in a team context.

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Excellent post, Ann! So many of us have pieces of knowledge and great
    resources, but fail to see how they can all work together. The leverage
    of being a part of your team brings so much clarity as to the whole process
    and the big picture of what we want to accomplish – and how we can benefit
    others. Kudos to you!

    • Thank you, Lisa. Appreciate your feedback. I’ve carried a couple of seeds with me primarily from Think and Grow Rich.

      You need a mastermind and secondly I’ve latched on strong and heavy to the Henry Ford model of having experts on my team. I can’t be whiz bang at everything but what I like to be great at is pulling together the resources of a team.

      Here is what one gal told me, “Your team, of course, is phenomenal, Candace, Curt, Blaine, Justin, Eric and everyone else in the group. You have the best team in all of internet marketing, maybe in any business!”

      We aim to please.


  2. Hi Anne

    I have been following you for some time now and have found your information quite intriguing. I have started the research for more info wrt MLM. To cut a long story short I want to use the material so far gathered to market other products that do not require MLM team structures. I think the material has potential to generate leads in other areas! would you agree?

    • Hi Anthony,

      You’re dead on. My material is not exclusive to network marketers. I have people in every imaginable business use it for marketing their respective businesses. Everything from plumbers, to realtors, to surgeons, to financial planners. The principles are universal and applicable to any business that wants to learn how to attract business to them.

      Keep me posted on your progress!


  3. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you
    make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do
    it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design
    my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks

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