May 25, 2024

And the winner is…

Hi everyone,


Technically, there was only one “winning” answer
in this particular contest, but as Anna Williams and
a few others pointed out in their comments:

What an incredible list of teachers and mentors to
learn from!

If nothing else, you may want to take a minute to
browse though all the comments on my last blog
post (over 400 at the time I’m writing this):

You’ll walk away with an exhaustive list of
business and wealth building material to study that’s
worth its weight in gold!

But as for the winner…

There were a number of people who correctly
guessed who my third mentor was.

But the FIRST person to post their guess was…

<drumroll please>

Dianna Humphries!

(comment #23)

Congratulations to you and I have no doubt you will
get a tremendous amount of value from your new
Traffic Secrets 2.0 course! (I think John is really
going to outdo himself on this one)

As Dianna correctly guessed, my third most influential
mentor was the legendary Gary Halbert, who passed
away last year.

Being the creator of the most successful direct
mail promotion AND the two most successful
newspaper ads in history – promotions that forced him
to hire 40 full time employees alone just to handle
all the bank deposits – it was pretty hard to argue with
his claim of “the greatest copywriter who ever lived.”

More importantly, he had an ability to break things
down and explain them in a way like no other.

He had a very distinct “style” of his own, to say the
least, but if you haven’t yet studied Gary Halbert,
you’re really missing out on some of the most priceless
marketing wisdom you’ll ever find.

So congratulations again Dianna and thank you to
everyone else for participating!

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

P.S. – John Reese just posted a THIRD free training
video where he talks in detail about the method he
used to get one of his sites ranked in the top 500 most
popular websites in the world.

This traffic generation technique IS a little more
advanced than others, but if you’re willing to go the
extra mile, the payoff could be huge.

He gives examples of different industries this technique
works for and I think you’ll agree, the network marketing
industry couldn’t be more perfect for it.

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Thank you Ann. I can never learn enough or read enough about this subject. I am really looking forward to pouring over the new material. Thank you for the contest and the opportunity to be able to receive such a wonderful gift by another leader in the field.

    Mr. Halbert must have been an extraordinary man. From what I have read, it is no wonder he was one of your top three mentors. I will, no doubt, be reading everything I can about Mr. Halbert in the days ahead. I was so sorry to hear of his passing last year.

    As Ann said, congratulations to all of those who contributed to the list. What a wonderful resource to now have and be inspired by some of the phenomenal leaders!

    Thank you, again, Ann and I look forward to learning everything Mr. Reese has to teach in his new Traffic Secrets 2.0.

    Dianne Humphries

  2. Congradulations to Dianna Humphries!!!

    Ann, this contest was a great idea! There may have only been one winner of the Traffic Secrets 2.0 but I think we all gained something from the tremendous list of Mentors that was created in this contest. Obviously, each name represented has contributed valuable information to this industry that made their names worth mentioning.

    Personally, I saw some names that were new to me and I will be making an effort to look into the works of those Mentors.

    Success is having the ability to never close the door to learning something new.

    The names provided through this contest is a prize in and of itself!

    Thanks Ann!

    Tina Williams

  3. Thanks Ann,

    Congratulations Dianna!

    It was a fun contest and a great way to learn. I look forward to 10 years from now when I can have my own contest, and ask “who is my most favorite and influential mentor?” and the answer is: Ann Sieg!

    Have a great day.


  4. Thanks Ann! Congrats Dianna! I found this great interview! Hope you enjoy!


  5. Congratulations Dianne! I found a lot of really great information and names out there just from searching around to the answer to this contest. As much as I learn, there’s always much more out there I NEED to learn!


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