June 14, 2024

We’re giving you permission to STEAL our blog posts

A few weeks ago, Alan contacted me, and he had a lot of questions. He had read The Renegade Network Marketer, and wanted to introduce it to his team. Along with MLM Blog Secrets too.

He had already built a decent sized organization – enough that he was earning a full time “teacher’s salary.”

But he was doing it the old way, and his feeling was that doing it the “old way” works, but continually getting more difficult without an online presence to support it.

You see, Alan had broken in a few pairs of sneakers by following a strict regimen of…

  • *posting 15 classified ads per week,
  • *hanging 25 pole signs per week,
  • *and passing out 500 business cards per day

Alan told me that one day when he was speaking to a lead on the phone. His lead said she wanted to learn more about him, but when she “Googled” his name, found nothing.

Ultimately he lost the sale. (Moral: An online presence creates trust. No presence = no trust)

That experience led him to The Renegade Network Marketer, and from there, he invested into MLM Blog Secrets.

He spent nearly three months learning and applying the concepts he learned from these products. “A little every day,” he said. He was very happy with the material, and making good progress.

He was ready to introduce his team to Ann’s material.

Yet before introducing these products to his team “willy-nilly-cold-turkey” he wanted to warm them up with free content.

During this time Alan also began reading The Renegade Blog on a regular basis. He subscribed to our RSS feed and new posts got delivered right to his email inbox.


Thing is, Alan didn’t want to just email his downline and tell them to buy The Renegade and then buy MLM Blog Secrets. He wanted to work with them, and move them forward at a pace that didn’t cause overwhelm.

And speaking frankly, he wanted them to continue marketing the “old way” that he had taught while implementing “Renegade Network Marketing” part time.

So this is what Alan did. . .

He sent them his affiliate coded Renegade Blog posts that corresponded with either The Renegade Network Marketer, or MLM Blog Secrets.

He used our blog posts as an email follow-up series, and warmed his downline up to the idea of Renegade Network Marketing slowly, and over the course of time.

What he did was pretty slick, and didn’t even take much time. Instead of writing the emails himself, he just copy/pasted a portion of our blog post into an email, and linked to the original post he copy/pasted from with his affiliate link.

Here’s an example of an email he sent:

What’s Better… WordPress Blog or SBI Website?

Hey Team,

A few of you have asked whether you should have a
website or a blog.

What is it… WordPress Blog or SBI Website?

I recommend blogging with WordPress.

Although SBI is still a quality platform to build your
online business, it’s no longer recommend as your FIRST

Here’s a short article that explains in detail:



Alan told me that that email -alone- produced 3 MLM Blog Secret sales. At a $38.80 commission for each person who purchased MLM Blog Secrets, he earned $116.

Plus one person “upgraded” to purchase MLM Blog Code (the further in-depth instructional webinar series) so he made an ADDITIONAL $78.00 for a total of $194.

Didn’t Ann say “education sells?”

There are two things I want to point out about this story:

  1. It’s obvious that when you send traffic with your affiliate link to The Renegade Blog in a mindful, education-based way, you are offering your leads and prospects value. And that value will convert to earn you commissions that we pay bi-weekly via The Renegade System.

  3. This is not so obvious, but a good reminder… What Alan is clearly doing correctly is being aware of his starting situation, and using all the tools at his immediate disposal to improve his chances of earning affiliate commissions with The Renegade System – without killing himself with a lot of work. That’s leverage at its best.

I want you to remember where you were when you first started because this should overlap your prospects current situation.

That’s all for today.

Log in to The Renegade System to view your reports and get access to 94 different Renegade Blog affiliate urls (and we’re constantly adding more as we continually add more great content to this blog i.e. like this post here) all set and ready for you to promote!


There’s a lot more than 94 posts on The Renegade Blog that you can link to of course, but this is a pretty massive list to get you started!

If you have questions about logging into The Renegade System to use it to earn commissions, email support@therenegadesystem.com. We’re happy to help you in all ways (just like we did with Alan).

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Eric, Thanks a million for helping so many
    of us that could never send valuable content
    to our list! What you and Ann Sieg put together
    for our success is just a “Marketer’s dream come true!

    Thanks again!

    Frank Osorio

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