April 25, 2024

Here’s Why Attending No Excuses 3 Summit Is A Rite of Passage For Home Business Owners

One aspect of doing business is access. Think about that for a moment, and what it might mean for you and your business if you had access

Then ask yourself this question:

Who can you reach and at what level have they surrendered their borders to you?

Here’s what might be a 7 step “access continuum:”

  1. They’ve seen your “stuff”– they visited your website.

  3. Social network connectivity – you’ve conversed some on the social web, or maybe you replied to one of their emails and they wrote back.

  5. Shake hands at an event – this means you’ve attended a live event to meet, and have been introduced.

  7. Email – you can shoot them a quick question via email and get a response.

  9. Text or phone level – you might text, “Will be in your town tomorrow night… meet up?”

  11. Private meeting – something of a mastermind group, or personal one on one brainstorm/connect up.

  13. Stop by the house – to hang out and eat a sandwich. 😉


How To Earn Access

This kind of access gets earned. Sometimes, we earn it over time. Other times, we earn it because of a perceived exchange of value.

Now look back at that list. Take a look at step #3. Big step. You can’t skip #3 and move onto #4. It doesn’t work that way.

Step #3 requires that you actually attend the event where the person you want more access to will also be attending.

Building access is every bit as important as learning
and/or earning with your business.

Relationships aren’t a check-box.

Successful people invest in relationships.

For our industry, none is more important than No Excuses 3 Summit. When you attend, you’ll be fulfilling step #3.

It’s an important step toward earning access to the “big guys” and the “up and comers” and the newbies too who prob’ly need you more than you think.

Get your tickets to the No Excuses 3 Summit

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com

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