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A Short Story About How to Find Suitable Partners and Joint Venture Opportunities

I’ve made a lot of awesome facebook friends and the best ones have been people I’ve already met.

Nancy Burke Barr interviewing me at Mark's Leadership Branding event ~ April, 2010

When these friends invite me into an event it feels natural because we’ve already got an established relationship. Nothing pitchy.

Just recently I was invited via Facebook to attend a webinar being hosted by my good friend Nancy Burke Barr. I met Nancy for the first time out at Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding event last April.

The webinar Nancy invited me to did happen to be of interest to me and even more so was the fact that the presenter was someone else I had also met at Mark’s event.

Serendipity? I’m not so sure…

Meet Noel Wu

Noel Wu

Noel Wu has been an accomplished Couture Wardrobe Connoisseur & Fashion designer for over two decades. His one determination is to touch and help one million lives in ten years or less, and re-connect people with a more positive and powerful self-image.

In his career as a successful Wardrobe Connoisseur & Fashion Designer, he’s helped countless professionals from all walks of life and industry — (many of whom had no sense of style to start with) — gain the power of a positive self-image they’ve needed to feel to match their outward success.

Remember the Mark Hoverson event?

Well  Noel was good friends with a friend of Mark’s.  This friend of Mark’s told Noel, “You’ve got to see the success Mark has made for himself. Check out this recent video of his.” Noel was impressed. Very impressed (so was I by the way :-).  It’s what led me to do several projects with Mark.)

What impressed Noel so much was number one the amazing transformation Mark had made but also a very classy promotional video that made it clear he was going some where big.

That’s exactly what Noel wanted for himself. He’s had a monster vision to fulfill and knew using the leverging power of the internet was the only way to get it done.  He had no time to develop internet marketing skills, let alone all the technical stuff.

Mark’s event meant one main thing to Noel.

Find Talent.

Enter Jodi Barnhart

Jodi Barnhart

Jodi started as a Renegade Breakthrough Business System student of mine a year earlier. But we didn’t get a chance to meet in person until at a Renegade Professional Live event. I was there presenting on the importance of collaboration.  Turns out Jodi’s college business major never even touched on this vital business skill.  Her mind was quickly opened up to a new way of thinking.

At the Portland Live event, Mark Hoverson offered Leadership Branding for Direct Response at an amazing discount. Jodi bought Leadership Branding in Portland, and also attended Mark’s event in Vegas. While at the event, Jodi met Nancy Burke Barr. They quickly became friends.  All it took was Nancy asking Jodi to do her a favor and hold the camera for her.

As a result of that one small favor (and being in the right place at the right time) Jodi has since partnered up with  Noel to service him as his Director of Operations.

Some would see it all as random chance… I see it as the real power of attending a live event.

I met up with Noel and Jodi on the phone to discuss the power of networking and their unique meet up and success.

Click here to listen

How to Find Suitable Partners and Joint Venture Opportunities

But first, there are two very important points to make here

First point-

She was able to use her accumulated Internet Marketing knowledge -knowledge which was gained by investing in products like my Renegade Breakthrough Business System and Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding for Direct Response- to assist and partner with a successful offline business person, and create an exciting business in a narrow niche.

This is happening ALL the time at an unprecedented rate. Now is the time to continue learning how to use the technology of the Internet to market yourself and your own business assets.

Second point-

Integrate what you’re learning, and who you’re meeting in the online world with the offline world. There is no better way to do that than by attending Live Networking Events, Conferences, Workshops and Summits.

The bottom line is, every successful leader in this and every industry has this single thing in common. They all form alliances with other successful people.

The Power of Networking, and Attending Live Networking Events

Noel and Jodi partnered up to create And just a week or so ago, I bought their $497 product. (Talk about full-circle)

To me, that’s an amazing testament to the power of networking, and in particular, attending live networking events.

So with all the awesome stuff you’ll learn at our incredible Great Wealth Transfer Conference aside, there’s another good reason I think you should consider attending …

It’s so you can meet and network with other like-minded, successful people.

I say this because most of the lucrative deals and/or relationships I’ve made over the years have happened before or after attending a live event.

Sometimes over dinner, in-between keynote presentations, or even in the hallways outside.

Needless to say, I encourage you to not miss our Great Wealth Transfer Conference for the world.

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Ann,

    It is so much fun to hear you re-tell this amazing story. I have made wonderful connections at live events, including my friendship with you! The opportunity at live events to connect with major teachers and leaders who will inspire you to reach for more is unprecedented.

    I will be at The Great Wealth Transfer Conference, , with my boots on and ready to kick it! I plan to learn amazing things, strengthen existing relationships, and connect with new people. I met two of my four partners at live events. . . so there you have it!

    I am most excited about going line dancing with you…so start practicing! 😉


    Mentor Mama

  2. Hi Mentor Mamma!

    Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I can’t wait to see you at the Great Wealth Transfer Conference!

    It will be a completely different experience from when we first met at Mark’s event last April.

    As for line dancing… hmmm… it has been a long time since I’ve done that. I can just see myself clunking around on the floor right now. :-)

    Nancy, you are one savvy networker and people would do well to follow your example. Be prepared. Have a flip video camera in hand and have lots of fun.

    See you soon!


  3. It seems strange to me that some people aren’t quite sure of the value of networking at a live event.. maybe its because there have been so many that have gone to too many what I call “rah rah” events.. and come away with a rush that goes away in a day or so when they get home and they realize they had “fun” but didn’t learn anything.

    Ive been there too. I believe that you can form relationships online.. to some degree, and maybe with the way the world has become so webified (new word) where everything is online dating, online shopping, online meetings, online networking it makes some sense that there would be some hesitancy I guess.

    But, and perhaps Im giving away my age a bit, I cant really recall when I have felt complete and utter connection with another PERSON as when I have met them. Talked with them, had fun and told jokes, struggled through a learning process, been able to bounce ideas around or meet someone new. (Ive never been to a virtual dance or a virtual chamber of commerce meeting.. maybe Im missing something :) )

    Don’t get me wrong.. “meeting” online has value.. tons, but exclusive online interaction is just missing something.

    I worked with the 80/20 team for over a year before I met them.. I talked to them on the phone at length and nearly every day but nothing solidified it more than when we were able to meet at a live event… you just cant get the nuances of a person without meeting them in my opinion.

    I think its hard when money is tight to validate to yourself if it will be worth it, but I ask myself this. Of all the connections with people I have made online and never met, how many of them would I work with, or would work with me right now? Do they know me well enough, or do I know them?

    How could I change that? Will THIS event with THESE people with all their talents and skills possibly have one person that would compliment what Im trying to do besides all of the education that is being offered?

    For me the worst case scenario ( I always play devils advocate) is that I will learn something I need to do then I will have to do it. Best case scenario is that I will learn something, find others that are going to need to do it too and form friendships and business partners to do it with.


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  2. […] A Short Story About How to Find Suitable Partners and Joint Venture Opportunities. […]

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