June 14, 2024

7 Step Weekly Planning Process Guide To Get The Important Stuff Done

We all want to get more done, but often times trying to get more done leads us down rabbit holes that lead toward the opposite direction of our big goals. Other times we just sort of lose ourselves and our cannot find our way back. By the time we do, weeks even months have passed.

This blog post represents a solution for those problems. What you have here is a weekly planning process that will keep you connected to yourself, keep you productive, and keep you making adequate progress towards the big goals that you have for your life.


Connect and Visualize the Big Picture Stuff

Take a few minutes to visualize your 3+ year goals and outcomes. Write it down.


Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Write down everything from the past week you’re proud of. Big or small, anything goes. What did you do that you can count as a win?


Write Down Your Lessons Learned

This is key. Write down your “learnings” from the last week. Consider major lessons that you might have made, meaningful quotes you might have read, new technologies you learned to use, things that inspire you, or lessons learned from connections and meet ups.


What Didn’t Happen Last Week?

Be honest with yourself here. List the big things that didn’t happen and what you can improve for next week (or this week).


Clarify Your Desired Outcomes and Make a Commitment

Decide on the most important outcomes you will accomplish. This doesn’t have to just be business. Make this related to all areas of your life.


Schedule Everything

Every task takes time. We SO OFTEN think we can do more than what we can really do. Everything takes time to accomplish. Therefore, become a task master and place it on your calendar.

Look at your weekly outcomes (STEP 5). Decide what will need to happen to accomplish these. Spread these out throughout the week. I’ve yet to meet a person who can accomplish more than 1-3 meaningful things in a day.

Now pick 1-3 “most important tasks” related to your outcomes, and schedule them throughout the week.


Fill The Gaps

Look at what’s left on your to do list. Now look at your calendar. Is there any room for the little things? Schedule these too. Try to not have any stray to-do lists or tasks.

For business, especially network marketers, ask “Who else can I help this week?” and make a list of 1-10 people you want to make it a point to touch bases with, or offer your leadership.

Likewise, maybe you could use some assistance with things. Who can help you with it? List 1-3 people.

Review your expenses, and your spending from the last week. Where is your money coming from and going to? Any thoughts?

Other Notable Things To Keep In Mind

I already said this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. . . Everything takes longer than we think. Not admitting or realizing that causes frustration and overwhelm. If you think it’s going to take an hour to create a video, then schedule an hour and a half.

You’ll need buffer time as well as down time. Be sure to NOT fill every second of every day. Unexpected things come up. Give your time for improvisation and spontaneity.

You won’t get everything done – even with great planning. Be at peace with leaving something for next week.

Front-weight your most important tasks so that no matter what comes up, at least a few of them will get done. Schedule the most important things early in the week.

If you don’t ever think you have enough time for what’s important to you, you’re doing it wrong. With the right process, you will always have time for what matters. Hopefully this guide will work for you. Give it a try and let me know.

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