April 25, 2024

7 Quick Content Ideas That Will Get You Started Today

Not making time to create content on a regular basis?

Big mistake!

Creating content is a marketing strategy. If you’re not making time to create content, then I hope you’re able to determine HOW you are going to market your business.

Ask yourself,

“Are the strategies you are currently using more effective than the numerous marketing benefits you can get from creating content?”

I’m willing to bet… in almost ALL situations, if you create content on a consistent basis you can get way more for your “dollar” than what you’re currently doing (or perhaps not doing). You can’t afford to not create content.

Struggling with content creation?

No worries. Here are 7 quick content ideas that you can get started with today. Watch this short video for those 7 quick ideas.

7 Quick Content Ideas

1. Educate, Train, Teach

2. Ask questions and answer them

3. Do a review: products, training courses, tools, etc.

4. Tell a story

5. Talk about your case studies and results

6. Debunk Myths

7. Take your viewers behind the scenes


Perspectives About Content Creation

Once you get into the habit of consistent content creation, you’re going to want to create different tiers of content.

Here’s what I mean by that…

People equate different types of content with different levels of knowledge and expertise. Once you’ve gotten started with content creation, there are two ways to predictably and systematically increase your “credibility rank.” With that increase, comes an increase in your income.

Here are the two ways to do that:

1. Create more content.
2. Create more advanced levels of content.

You learned that content creation is what makes the Internet go around, and if you hope to participate in the Internet economy, you need to be creating content. You were provided with 7 content ideas that you can implement today to begin publishing content tomorrow. And finally, once you get in the habit of creating content, you learned that to boost your credibility, you can create different levels of content. Doing so will increase your income.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Thank you I am working on the blog at the moment I need to get into a habbit of creating sth everyday

  2. Eric, you gave me some great ideas for content. I’ve done review articles, education articles, but I haven’t done a behind the scene piece. Once you have the content it can also be used in many other ways. Great ideas as usual.

  3. Grat stuff thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing Eric, I now feel ready to go and create more content for my blog. It is sometimes hard to get over the blank page syndrome and I have found that setting aside specific times has helped me. I force myself to sit down and think about what I could write, I also make list of good catchy titles. What came out at first were not my best blog posts but I soon realized that it was getting much easier over time.

    PS: I would not recommend to make a video while driving! 😉

  5. Driving and brainstorming, I love it!

  6. Great ideas Eric, thanks for the post. I like the idea of creating content from different perspectives. I know for myself I get comfortable with my own style and sometimes get stuck for ideas. By changing the format and perspective it opens up whole new avenue of ideas. Thanks

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