May 25, 2024

“The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” Revisited

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

If you are like many, this free report was your first introduction to Ann Sieg.


I met Ann in February of 2007, just before the release of this industry changing report.

I was seeking answers to the big question,

“Isn’t there a better, smarter, less-offensive way to do this Network Marketing thing?”

Fast-forward several years to 2011.

After taking the industry by storm in 2007, over fifteen hundred copies of this book are still being downloaded month after month.

Are The “7 Great Lies” Still The Same Today

As They Were Four Years Ago


Well let’s take a look and you tell me.

Lie #1 – Everyone Is Your Prospect

For me personally, I can recall thinking “Ah Ha!  I have found the PERFECT business to be in…

This company has something for everyone.

So everyone that even looks my way -and even those who don’t- will be instantly qualified as my prospect.”

The truth of the matter though, is they weren’t.  No matter what my MLM Company was about, some people were simply NOT a qualified prospect.

Lie #2 – This Really Isn’t Sales. We just share the products with people.

You honestly don’t want to know how much money I spent on samples in order to ‘just share the product.’


I was working on a wing and a prayer… knowing if I could just get the sample into the right hands, they would fall in love with it and be my Superstar.  I would be on the road to success.

Ever been there?


YES!  This is sales.

But hey, when I want to go on a specific vacation with my hubby, I have to put on my salesmanship hat…

Same when I want my kids to clean their room…

Practically anything I do involves selling someone on an idea.  Truth be told – life is one sales meeting after another.

Lie #3 – Anyone Can Do This.

Really?  Anyone?

My bet is if you are reading this post, at some point in time you told yourself

“Why am I even trying?  I just can’t do this.”

So, what do you think now?  Can ANYONE do this?

Lie #4 – We’ll Build Your Business For You

Has anyone ever told you that?  I’ve sure heard it a time or two.

I have one question…Why?

Why would someone else spend their precious time making your paycheck? And at the end of the day, this checks out to be a lie.

Lie #5 – We Have The Best Product Ever

Do I really have to cover this one?

EVERY company, MLM or otherwise, strives to deliver the best product ever.

Have you ever heard the term, ‘Build a Better Mousetrap?’

Just because it’s the BEST doesn’t give you any guarantees. Marketing is still the name of the game. Besides, someone will eventually come along and build a better product that is highly competitive.

So, what’s your opinion?

Is your product alone going to ensure your success?

I think not.

Lie #6 – You Just Don’t Have Enough Belief

Having worked with Ann for the previous four years, I have literally spoken with hundreds of Network Marketers who have plenty of belief.

This is a proven industry.  You know that and I know that.  We all believe in this industry.

And we should all believe in ourselves.  Personally, I think it takes a very confident person to sign on that dotted line and venture out as an entrepreneur.  We are a take-charge group of people.  Strong-willed and determined to believe in ourselves when those around us don’t.

It can feel insulting to be told we don’t have enough belief!  Hmpf!

Got Belief?  Check.

Lie #7 – The Proven System

Oh Boy!

Here in 2011, I think there are more ‘proven systems’ than ever before.  All anyone has to do is hit Google looking for their sure-fire system, and they are bound to be overwhelmed with all the options.

There’s tens of thousands of websites out there boasting that they have your ‘proven system.’  So, who are you going to believe?  And who’s gonna get your hard-earned money?

Now, let’s revisit my question again,


Are the “7 Great Lies” still the same today as they were four years ago?


The answer is a resounding YES!

But I don’t want you to agree with me just because I say so.

Take a minute to pull out your copy of Ann’s report (or download it again if you can’t remember where you filed it) and see what she has to say about all of these ‘lies.’

Then, come back to this post and let’s discuss your own personal experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Revisit The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

Click the ‘7 Great Lies’ image below to download this groundbreaking free report.


About Cyndi Williams

Cyndi Williams is an in-demand Marketing Consultant. She has been marketing online since 1999, and has studied at the hands of many of today’s recognized internet marketing masters. She understands the industry, and has helped both brick & mortar businesses and online businesses improve their pay-per-click campaign profitability. Cyndi's role at 80/20 includes wearing many hats, with her primary focus on PPC and Social Media marketing.


  1. I tried downloading The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, but the link sent to my email gives me access to the Network Marketer’s Manifesto. Twice! I already have that on my computer. Thanks. Can you help me receive the correct info?

  2. Ann,
    How do you download a copy. the link doesn’t work.

  3. Michael, it should be working now.

    Would you mind testing again?


  4. I’m so glad I read t his book along with Ann Sieg’s 2 other great books. I found them to be a very refreshing and realistic look at network marketing and what it takes to succeed. As I continue to follow Ann Sieg online here at the Renegade blog, on Facebook and through her Renegade Team, I am amazed at how many doors are opening for me businesswise. Whe’s the “real deal” and a great resource for anyone wanting to build a home based business or Internet presence.

  5. Great post Cyndi!

    And the 7 Great Lies are as relevant today as they were when I first wrote my book five years ago. It’s really more about going to the lowest common denominator of what makes up a complete business and marketing model.

    As a result the teachings get a bit dumbed down so as to offset any fear that this might actually take some true skill building. The message has been packaged that “everybody can do this.” The reality is “no” not everyone can do this.

    You’re going to have to learn a lot of skills, especially sales and marketing. But if they packaged it that way they wouldn’t get converts.

    So the problems compounds itself when people get into business (albeit a weakened business model) and find out there’s a whole lot more to it.

    The people who excel either had strong attributes that they brought to the table or they were willing to develop them.

    Thanks again!


  6. The download for 7 Great Lies is now available and working properly. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  7. I have been in the MLM for long time, many times I wanted to quit but, still hoping that I will find the right company. Right now I am interested in this media company.
    I would like to learn more from your own experiences.
    How do I get 8 people after I talk to them about more business.
    Please send me the info

  8. i do not know why $48 has been deducted from my comission today

  9. This ‘7 Great Lies of Network Marketing’ free report speaks to the pain and frustration that I experienced as a warm market marketer for my MLM. The techniques of Attraction Marketing are so very relevant for our industry! Ann and her team are inspiring leaders in the market space!


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