June 14, 2024

4 No-Nonsense, Uncomplicated, Common Sense Content Marketing Tips

Content is the future. Heck, content is the now.

Here’s a SHORT list of content ideas:

2. Special reports
3. Audio programs
4. Webinars
5. Powerpoint presentations
6. Online videos
7. Podcasts
8. White papers
9. Blogs
10. Email courses
11. eBooks

Your content can create sales. It’s your valuable information that creates trust. But if you’re like most, when you look at that list, you immediately begin to feel overwhelmed.

I don’t believe you should sweat any of this. It’s NOT that complex, but it IS important if you want to have an Internet based business. You already know that though because you’re a buyer too. You understand how it works.

So with all that said, let’s dive into 4 No-Nonsense, Uncomplicated, Common Sense Content Marketing Tips.


Be Consistent

It matters most. Don’t concern yourself with being on every social network. More isn’t better. No matter what anyone says.

You don’t even have to blog if that’s not your cup of tea. (HINT: create a “team” blog and ask your team members to head up that project with your oversight and support).

The main point is that it’s FAR better to stick to what you’re good at consistently than to inconsistently be mediocre or downright pathetic at a lot of stuff.

You know the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

So, be consistent at something you can be good at and enjoy. Or enjoy doing what you can be good at, and become extremely good at it.


Don’t Be Dumb

Being dumb will hurt. In the Internet/social environment, your footsteps are public and they are LOUD. So use common sense.

That means avoid the traditional crap that insults intelligence even if it works. All you’re doing is pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Instead, use language that builds a bond with the consumer. How can you build that bond and trust with the consumer to the point where they say, “Wow, I like this person.” Or “I want to learn more about this company.” Or “I want to engage myself with this person some more.”

In other words, Be human. Be authentic.


Have A Plan. But Even Better, Have A Mission

Plan whatever your “strategy” is then stick with long enough to measure whether it works or not.

Avoid throwing yourself into something willy-nilly. Whether it’s a new blog, guest blogging, a new social network, video, whatever.

Doing so usually leads to any or all of the following feelings:

  • You will avoid it
  • You will hate it
  • You will do it badly
  • You will stop doing it

Since plans often change, develop a mission. This is a principled centered approach. When you have a mission, no matter how hard you’re rowing the boat (so to speak), the current is still going in the direction you want it to.


You Might Want To Hire A Writer

Content is still king, and will always be so. Whether it’s evergreen blog posts, content for other sites, ebooks, etc (see list above), you’re going to be in content creation mode.

Most normal network marketing people are not that good at content creation yet. Consider hiring a content specialist writer with experience in marketing and blogging who can help you plan, create, and produce your content.

You want to find someone who does what I do. Prices will vary. Find a person who be able to help you take your ideas, and some of your rough content, and make it better.

This is not a matter of “outsourcing.”

You want to develop a relationship with your content creator who will authentically listen to your voice. It’s almost an act of translation.

That said, you don’t need a communications department for this either. Budget appropriately. Moreso, I just want to get in thinking about how the web works, and how you can prepare to further yourself forward in the future.

This goes for technical work too.


Last Words

Having a business that’s partly or fully online today is both powerful and intimidating. But every business is different, and presumably, YOU know yours best.

So be consistent and focused, use your common sense (don’t be dumb), communicate what matters with your content, and surround yourself with people who know more than you, and can help you achieve your overall goals.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Eric,

    As always another great post! Excellent advice for those of us still learning in this arena. I find the area of content creation to be a personal dichotomy. I generally don’t like writing, but I truly enjoy writing for my blog. I get a great sense of achievement when writing posts for my blog. I think part of that is due to me focusing on topics that I’m passionate about. Another part comes from the achievement of seeing material I’ve created appearing online, and then having others find it valuable enough to share to the people who know and trust them. Very rewarding!! Thanks again for sharing such valuable content!!

    ~ Barry

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