May 25, 2024

11 Copywriting Tips For The Do-It Yourself “Kitchen Table” Business Owner (part 3)

Write To One Person

I met a friend for a slice of pizza and a beverage a few weeks ago. He knew I was involved with Internet marketing and social media, but he wasn’t clear on what I did – exactly.

My friend is an acupuncturist. He has an Internet start up project in mind that revolves around developing healthy lifestyle habits. He wanted to pick my brain about the marketing for this project.

If you think I tailored the type of work I do online to match and make relevant to his goals, ambitions and questions, you’re exactly correct. And that my friends, is copywriting.

I just spoke in plain language to my friend, and made what I do applicable to what he wants to do.

I’ll say that once more in a slightly different way: Make what you do applicable for what one person wants to do.

This is what you should be doing in all of your content and copywriting.

Don’t make it more difficult than that. It mostly requires that you’re speaking to one person.

Although thousands of visitors (if not millions over time) will come to your web pages, they’ll be filing in one-at-a-time. Don’t try to talk to all of them. Instead, imagine you’re having a one-on-one conversation with your best prospect or customer and write as you’d talk to her.

Make it personal like I did with my acupuncture friend for pizza and a beverage. You can actually practice your copywriting by doing what I did.

Here’s Your Assignment:

Invite your perfect prospect or customer to coffee. Get into this practice. Can you explain what you do, and make it sound appealing to that person?

The people who are most like your best prospect should respond to these messages. These will be the people most likely to buy, subscribe, or join with you.

It starts with the practice of talking to one person – literally. Once you do that a few times, sitting down and typing the right words for your web pages, emails and capture pages will be a snap.

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