May 25, 2024

10 Ways To Promote A Blog Post

Spread Your Wings
I’m willing to bet that you’ll have a lot more success in promoting individual posts than your blog’s home page.

Have you been making this mistake.

I see a lot of bloggers making in their attempts to find new readers promoting their blog as a whole. Don’t do that.

Don’t make your blog promotion all about driving traffic to your blog’s home page.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, I’ve had and continue to have more success in promoting individual posts than my blog’s front page. That’s just what it takes in the early goings of building up a readership.

That’s what we’re going to do today. Once you hit publish on your post, don’t just leave it to chance that your post will be read. Be proactive and spend a little time giving it some nudges to help it on its way.

Let’s find some ways to promote your post.

Ask another blogger to consider linking to your post.

Here’s a phenomenal article about how to do that here.

Social networking

Which social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, do you use?

Use them to promote your post. The key is not to incessantly spam your followers and friends with your links. Instead, use your network to seed the link and let your followers spread the word for you. This won’t happen every time but as your network grows, it can become more and more powerful. Also, share other peoples’ good work.

Internal links

Rather than just promote your post on other sites, think about where you can link to it from within your own site. Perhaps you’ve written on a particular topic before, and add a link within a post for further reading (to another post). Maybe adding a section on your sidebar for “Latest posts” could work. Internal linking won’t drive heaps of new traffic to your posts, but it can help with SEO, and increase page views as well as time on site.


If you have an email newsletter list, shoot out an email about your latest post. Aweber has a feature called “Blog Broadcast” that works well for this. Of course, you have to build a list first.

Other blogs’ comments sections and forums

This is super hustle work.

You gotta love the grind to do this.

Leaving helpful and insightful comments on forums or other blogs can be great at driving traffic if your comment is genuine, relevant and sensitive to the discussion. Leaving a link is sometimes appropriate provided it ishighly relevant.

Email signatures

Including links to your blog in your outgoing emails is fairly commonplace, but include links to recent posts instead of just your blog’s home page URL.

Follow-up posts

Write a new post on your blog that picks up where your last one left off. This builds momentum and if you interlink the posts, drives more page views.

Advertise your post

For posts that you’re particularly proud of, and that have been well received by readers, you might even consider a mini ad campaign with a small budget using a Facebook or YouTube or evenStumbleUpon.

Guest posting

What blog already has a healthy sized readership of people you want as customers?

For me, it’s

You better believe I’ll be submitting a guest post to them in the near future.

Find a handful of blogs that you relate to and submit a guest post.

Ask other marketers/bloggers what they’re doing

Sounds obvious, right?

Then why aren’t you doing it? I asked Chris Brogan, the patron saint of all bloggers, about his “recipe” for promoting his posts on the social network, Google Plus.

Here’s his response:

Time On Google+ Per Day: 20-60 minutes

Primary Goals Of Usage: Engagement with readers, testing ideas, building brand, driving traffic

Number Of Google+ Original Posts Per Day: 3-4

Number Of Shared Posts Per Day: 3-4

Number Of Comments Per Day: 20-30

Links To His Blog Or Projects Per Day: 1-2

Number Of Off Topic Posts Per Day: 3-4

That’s a nice little daily recipe that over time will generate a good amount of traffic IF he’s consistent with it (which he is). Note: Chris uses Google+, but you could use Facebook, or YouTube or Twitter or LinkedIn.

We have training on all those platforms inside our Daily Marketing Coach program.

Your task – develop your own “recipe card” for how you’ll promote your blog.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. Great article Eric. Thanks for all the great ideas on promoting blog posts.

  2. Great tips, Eric. I have submitted four guest posts over the past four months – one a month. Now I am working on November! Not for copyblogger though – at least not yet.

  3. I stopped reading, went and put my latest blog link below my email signature instead of just my home page. Then I came back and finished reading this blog. Great tips and good article. Thanks.

  4. A friend who is a marketing genius said the key to being popular on the Interent is persistence and presence. In other words, keep at it (persistence) and build a brand (presence.)

    Love the suggestions. Some I currenlty do, others I need to do more. Guest bloggers and interviews are two of the goals I have for 2014.

  5. Hello Eric, valuable ideas.

    I am able to generate good amount of leads from facebook and twitter, but on google+ i’m totally novice.
    So thank you for your “cheet sheet”.. After some time in internet marketing world, i know that these simple steps are crucial..

    • Nice Jan. Good on ya for generating leads from FB and Twitter. That as you well know is an accomplishment. If you venture in G+ drop back by and tell us how it goes.

  6. So, I was “ahead” this time. 😉

    I always promote my posts, and I do it right away. FB, G+, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. A also come back now and then to posts I like and promote them again. People forget and most of all the majority never saw my first, second or even third attempt.

    Thanks for god tips, several I can get much better at!

  7. Thanks Eric for these valuable tips!

  8. The best way of getting traffic to your blog as everybody knows is to comment on other peoples blogs by stating your opinion on what you have learned about it. Then share it with others so that they can do what you just did and have them share with their friends and they in turn repeat the products.

    Lets say you do it with five new people a day. Then THEY will do what you just did!

    And it goes on!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  9. The internal links point is a much underused one in my opinion and many people don’t realise the true power of these internal links when done correctly.

    Great post Eric – nice work.

  10. Great post. Consistency is a must.

  11. Thanks for this I was wondering what the proactive move was after a blog post. Nice!


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